Jul 6, 2020

Thanks to you, Lot 24 is safe!

Thanks to you, Lot 24 is on track for protection, forever!

Dear Rainforest Rescuer,

We wanted to let you know that Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road has been rescued and is now protected forever from development. In the context of the Daintree the importance of protecting this biodiverse habitat cannot be understated. Lot 24 will now help extend the reach of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor. This rescue will serve to provide protected habitat which supports the unique and endangered plants and animals of the Daintree Rainforest.

Together we are protecting the biodiversity of the largest rainforest in Australia and protecting a legacy that has been growing for 180 million years. The Daintree Rainforest needs our help - and you are answering its call.

Thank you so much for caring enough to do something to protect the Daintree, and thank for believing in Rainforest Rescue.

For the rainforests,

Branden and the Team at Rainforest Rescue


May 26, 2020

Lot 46 - A New Nature Reserve is being Created!

Lot 46 - Thriving - Martin Stringer Photography
Lot 46 - Thriving - Martin Stringer Photography

Lot 46 – A New Nature Reserve is being Created!

This beautiful land – almost 28 hectares – that you worked so hard to restore from its VERY messy time as an oil palm nursery is about to become a registered nature reserve. This means that Lot 46 has been restored significantly so that it qualifies for a nature refuge certification.

From the Department of Environment and Science of Queensland, “The Nature Refuges Program targets suitable properties and works with the landholders of those properties where there is a mutual conservation interest.

To determine whether an area of land may be suitable for targeting as a nature refuge, the Department of Environment and Science assesses the land's biodiversity values against the Nature Refuges Program objectives and conservation priorities. This assessment considers the significance of the potential nature refuge at a property, landscape and strategic level. Potential nature refuges are those that:

  • at a property level, contain significant conservation values that are of a sufficient size, condition and placement in the landscape to remain viable in the long-term;
  • at a landscape level, increase representation of the state's biodiversity and establish or maintain landscape linkages and corridors;”

-  you can read more about that here

Of course, we know that the land around it has tremendous conservation value, as under the Qld Government’s Regional Mapping Scheme the property is located within biodiversity precinct 3B Coopers Creek, one of the three highest priority precincts in the Daintree Lowlands. Lot 46 exhibits Regional Ecosystem 7.3.10 which is described as being ‘complex mesophyll vine forest’ which is listed as ‘endangered’ under the Qld Vegetation Management Act 1999.

So – it’s a good place for a strong restoration project in order to help provide greater habitat connectivity and support for biodiversity. The work that went into restoring the land also, and first, had to go into cleaning things up. 

“The areas that were farmed were covered in brambles or wild raspberry, and even the pigs and cassowaries couldn’t get through it it was that thick,” Joe Reichl, Rainforest Rescue’s Land Manager for many years, said. “There was lots and lots of rubbish.”

And now there isn’t. Now it’s gorgeous and you can find evidence of Cassowaries and Musky Rat-Kangaroos…and more. 

And it will be certified a Nature Reserve within the next month or so.

Not only will we let you know when it’s official – but it will also have a new official name to celebrate its return to nature!

Rainforest Rescue is grateful to all the hands, all the sweat, the hours…and the financial support that went into recovering this property. Soon we’ll be able to point to this new nature reserve with pride and call it by its new name.

Stay tuned!

An early restoration planting
An early restoration planting
Lot 46 from Above
Lot 46 from Above
May 8, 2020

Cassowaries Making Protected Rainforest their Home

Cassowary Image (c) Martin Stringer
Cassowary Image (c) Martin Stringer

Creating safe habitat for the Southern Cassowary and all of the Daintree’s flora and fauna – continues to be a high priority for Rainforest Rescue. And we can do this – thanks to YOU!

In fact, our next identified rescue presents a very unique and special opportunity to buy Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree lowlands.

This beautiful rainforest is near prior rescues and connects directly to the National Park. It is in close proximity to 10 properties protected by Rainforest Rescue that form the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and the Milky Pine Wildlife Refuge; its protection further enhances these areas.

Like our last rescue, rare and endangered species such as the Southern Cassowary and Bennett’s Tree-Kangaroo have been seen in this vicinity, and ancient primitive flowering plants abound.

And we hope we will get this property as we know our rescue and regeneration work does in fact work. Just the other day our Nursery Manager, Marine, was excited to see a Cassowary father on the edge of Rainforest Rescue protected properties and the Baralba Corridor Nature Refuge.

Dad was with his chick, almost at juvenile age. Dad did a massive jump over the gully!

These frequent sightings are important to give the Rainforest Rescue crew the confidence that the Cassowary habitat and populations are continuing to be protected.

It is always a thrill when Marine sees a Cassowary, and in her role as Nursery Manger, many of the seeds she propagates to become seedlings to regenerate damaged rainforest, are in fact seeds that the Cassowary can use as a food source.

Thank YOU for helping us look after the endangered Cassowaries on the Daintree lowlands; we truly could not do this without you.

Marine at RR's Native Nursery in the Daintree
Marine at RR's Native Nursery in the Daintree
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