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Jun 12, 2019

More Good News for the Daintree's Cassowaries!

Earlier this month, during a tour of Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Rd, a 27-hectare (67 acre) property in the Daintree lowland rainforest that is now reclaimed and restored, we were lucky enough to stumble across some Cassowary Plums (Cerbera floribunda). Dr Robert Kooyman, Rainforest Rescue’s Scientific Advisor, led the tour and took the opportunity to educate the group about this amazing fruit & its relationship with the cassowary. Here's a short snippet of this video with Dr Kooyman:

Dr Kooyman went on to say that the cassowary’s role in dispersing fruits and, in particular, large fruits is significant as a major propagator in the rainforest. He also shared that in regards to the Daintree rainforest’s population of cassowaries, this area of Australia is ‘…one of the only areas where their population has increased.’

In fact, as we reported to you in our prior communication, for the first time in over forty years our Land Manager also saw a southern cassowary south of the Daintree river and near the NightWings property where we have – with your support – planted almost 70,000 trees back into Nature. Sightings normally of cassowaries are only found north of the River!

NightWings Rainforest is the ambitious project of re-establishing an ecosystem where there had once been rainforest. Over the last 60 years this land has been destroyed by farming and now we are recreating a functional and resilient natural ecosystem for the future. This was the site for the nearly 100 volunteers that came to help us plant close to 3,000 trees to restore this degraded rainforest. 

It’s really coming along beautifully – and now, our huge restoration work south of the Daintree river is also benefitting cassowary populations. We couldn’t do this without all of you. Thank you so much!

Volunteer Planting a Tree
Volunteer Planting a Tree
May 29, 2019

Lot 46 - the Land that Keeps Giving.

The reforested Lot 46 over time, from above
The reforested Lot 46 over time, from above

Everyone here at Rainforest Rescue doesn’t need any more proof that Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Rd, a 27 hectare (67 acres) property in the Daintree lowlands that is now reclaimed, restored and protected – thanks to YOU – is incredibly special.

However, it was quite wonderful to recently have a senior member of the Australian Government’s Department of Environment personally witness the comeback of this huge property at this year’s Tree Planting event in early May and comment on the tremendous success of this regeneration project. We removed so many tons of rubbish – from old cars and building materials to literally, rubbish – and put 50,000 trees in the ground to repair damaged rainforest. He said ‘everyone should be looking to this Project as a case study for regeneration…. it really is a remarkable contribution to the rainforest. More people should take your lead.’

We have pulled together the comparative images below to really highlight the impact that you have made – Thank You So Much! We are working to provide even more up to date aerial images, so we will be back in touch when we have them.

The images show the reforested area from above, over time and from the ground.

Just look at that rich, restored, thriving rainforest!

The support that you and others have provided for this project has been enormous, and year on year, we are so proud to show its progress to the world.

Recently attendees from the USA, from all across Australia and from the local community took a behind-the-scenes tour of Lot 46 with Rainforest Rescue’s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Robert Kooyman, as pictured below. Here Dr. Kooyman is pointing out different species within the restored property and as we toured the Land, Ulysses Butterflies fluttered through and there was abundant evidence of wildlife activity. Lot 46 is now home to many rare, endangered, vulnerable and threatened Daintree animals. And it is safe.

Thank you again for your support as we continue to foster the full restoration of this rainforest and achieve nature refuge status. Your ongoing support helps to make this possible.

We hope these progress reports make you feel great about the very real and tangible impacts you are having on protecting the unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest.

Warmest wishes for you and for the Rainforests,

The Rainforest Rescue Team

Lot 46
Lot 46's change from the ground
Dr Kooyman leading the tour on Lot 46
Dr Kooyman leading the tour on Lot 46
May 29, 2019


Photo: Dean Jewell
Photo: Dean Jewell

Thanks to Rainforest Rescuers who contributed to our December campaign, a 32nd Daintree Rainforest Property has been rescued! 

This property, Lot 15 Forest Creek, Daintree represents a remarkable win for biodiversity. Bordering Aboriginal Reserve Land - which in turn backs onto World Heritage Daintree National Park and Forest Creek, this rainforest was rich and ripe for rescue. In addition to its location and its scorecard rating for species and biodiversity, its relationship to the creek helps to maintain the quality of water that flows through and into the Daintree River, and ultimately depositing clear sediment free runoff onto the Great Barrier Reef. #rainforest2reef

The owner of this property approached us, knowing that this rainforest block was unique and special, and asked for our help to protect it, forever. Supporters from around the world came together to make this opportunity a success. Many supporters contributing adds up to great big totals - and because of the many donors contributing from a few dollars to many thousands, this property is going back to Nature. At almost 3 hectares this is a substantial contribution to the greater Daintree.

Let’s do it again - Another Rescue Opportunity!

Over the last 20 years, Rainforest Rescue has been making continual progress on establishing and expanding nature reserves and ecological corridors - stitching together high-conservation value properties to create viable corridors that support local flora and fauna, protecting biodiversity and securing essential habitat.

Very few people outside Australia know about its breathtaking and biodiverse rainforest regions. The Daintree is one of the oldest and precious rainforest habitats in the world.  In fact, David Attenborough calls it a worldwide treasure that should be protected at all costs. That’s why, with your help, we are focused on buying back and protecting it forever.

Now we have another opportunity to purchase, rescue and protect a critical piece of rainforest in the Daintree, Lot 30, Cape Tribulation Road. This property will eventually add to the lower Daintree’s Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor. We have just two properties left to rescue in order to fill out this corridor. Once complete, the access road will be closed off, replanted, and this magnificent section of the Daintree Rainforest will be protected forever. (see map below) That is a worthy contribution to Nature.

You can help save Lot 30, Cape Tribulation Road, an essential rainforest property, protecting it and extending this wildlife corridor by making your gift for Nature today.

Please give a gift to our Buyback and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest project today and help rescue Lot 30!

We believe that your commitment to conservation and to Nature is part of who you are and part of your legacy, just as it is ours.

Thank you for making this important work possible and for helping to Protect Rainforests Forever!

View from Lot 15, Forest Creek
View from Lot 15, Forest Creek
Map and Legend for Lot 30, Cape Tribulation Rd
Map and Legend for Lot 30, Cape Tribulation Rd


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