Oct 21, 2020

Rescuing 929 Acres in the Daintree-It's Time to Grow!

Northern boundary of the Eastern portion of Lot 83
Northern boundary of the Eastern portion of Lot 83


Our partnership with Queensland Trust for Nature is strong and making great strides. Together we are rescuing Lot 83 Cape Tribulation Rd – a massive Daintree block. This is a huge 376-hectare (929 acres!) Daintree property which will now be protected forever.

Alongside other opportunities for restoration and extending the Daintree’s habitat footprint and continuing our restoration at NightWings, planting trees is the best strategy for mitigating climate change and providing the Daintree’s best chances for survival through the years ahead. Trees are the answer!

To accomplish this, we are scaling up our nursery operations by planning and building a new, high capacity nursery on Lot 83, taking our tree production up from 12,000+ trees per year to up to 150,000 trees per year. This is huge! And we’re partnering with Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation to staff and grow this initiative, as well as provide employment opportunities for the local community.

Lot 83 is a largely intact block with several distinct ecosystem types represented from the Daintree River on up to the rainforest-rich peak. Approximately 90 hectares need to be restored through tree planting and management. With our years of rescuing and regenerating the unprotected Daintree lowlands, Rainforest Rescue is perfectly placed to do this; to date, we have planted over 310,000 trees—and with a new nursery planned to be built on this property, we envision producing many hundreds of thousands more. With this new capacity we can begin to imagine when we can count the number of trees in the millions!




Rainforest Rescue’s mission is to protect rainforests forever. We do this through buy back and restoration of damaged rainforest land. and we undertake significant restoration to transform degraded properties and return them to lush rainforest habitats. Rainforest health is crucial and hundreds of species – many endemic species that are rare and many that are endangered – rely on resources in their established ecosystems for food and shelter. We’ve now saved thirty-five properties in the Daintree lowlands where they remain forever protected and out-of-reach of destructive activities.

Now we have a place that can support a large-scale nursery which, in turn, will support large-scale restoration. To ensure our success, we’ll also be relying on our partnership with Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation and the expertise and support of their rangers and growing ranger program.

There’s a tremendous amount to be done yet, from planning to raising the funds that will deliver a new nursery at the Gateway to the Daintree. The possibilities are very exciting – and the realities of being able to provide more Daintree-sourced, genetically-appropriate trees for restoration is core to our restoration program.

Rainforest Rescue will continue to buy back and protect land, and soon we’ll be able to restore more damaged Daintree rainforest than ever before. And of the 250 acres that have been lost to cattle on this block, that is prime rainforest restoration opportunity.

You’re going to be hearing more about this initiative and we’re very excited that you’re on this journey with us. In addition to this new initiative, we’re continuing to rescue unprotected rainforest in the Daintree. Together we are making a real and important difference in the Daintree and for Nature.

It’s time to grow!

Lot 83 boundaries
Lot 83 boundaries
Sep 21, 2020

Lot 46 On The Cusp of Nature Refuge Certification

Lot 46 by Martin Stringer
Lot 46 by Martin Stringer

Almost There!

Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road, a 28 hectare property that was purchased by Rainforest Rescue in August 2010, is ON THE CUSP of Nature Refuge Certification.

Unfortunately, the Queensland government is not moving fast on this. Whether this is due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is hard to say. Regardless, we are still on track and will be certified soon!

The new certification will open up a new phase for Lot 46. We have asked the local Traditional Owners to help us name the site appropriately and to help welcome Lot 46 back into country, officially - stay tuned for these inspiring developments.

An Exceptional Transformation

After nearly a decade of careful management, the forest is maturing and has formed a beautiful canopy. We are delighted to see the magic unfolding - our Daintree staff report regular sightings of adult cassowaries with their chicks frequenting the property ... a true and inspiring indicator that restorartion works.

Dr Robert Kooyman, Rainforest Rescue's Scientific Advisor and one of Australia's most foremost rainforest experts, has this to say about Lot 46:

"This project provides one of the best global examples, of full property restoration in a critically important area with very high biodiversity values, that I have ever seen. It is a stand-out in terms of taking degraded land back toward rainforest, and through time will continue to accumulate structure, diversity, and habitat features that will contribute to local and regional conservation outcomes."

Lot 46 is a world class example of how effective restoration can recreate a natural ecosystem. If you haven't seen them already, check out these special ABC reports:

ABC Far North - Growing a Rainforest. A story about how an oil palm plantation was replanted by hand and transformed into a lush rainforest on the edge of the World Heritage-listed Daintree National Park.

ABC Landline - Rainforest Rescue: Transforming a derelict farm into rainforest. A project that saw this derelict palm oil plantation restored into thriving rainforest.

We look forward to bringing you more inspiring news about Lot 46, stay tuned!

Lot 46, 1972 to 2019
Lot 46, 1972 to 2019
Dr. Robert Kooyman and Madeleine Faught
Dr. Robert Kooyman and Madeleine Faught
Cassowaries on Lot 46
Cassowaries on Lot 46
Sep 1, 2020

Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is Safe Forever!

Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is Safe Forever
Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is Safe Forever

Thanks to you – Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Rd is safe from development – forever!

Thanks to our community of Rainforest Rescuers & Rainforest Guardians who believe in the importance of nature over development, this beautiful rainforest property will be protected from development and will continue to provide essential habitat for the many local endemic and endangered species, like the Southern Cassowary. Together we are Protecting Rainforests Forever!

Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is strategically located to increase an established wildlife corridor and connect protected rainforest, this property connects to the Daintree National Park / World Heritage Area through prior rescues. The purchase and rescue has further extended the Rainforest Rescue Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor.

This beautiful rainforest is near prior rescues and connects directly to the National Park. It is in close proximity to 10 properties protected by Rainforest Rescue that form the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and the Milky Pine Wildlife Refuge; its protection further enhances these areas.

Rare and endangered species such as the Australian Southern Cassowary and Bennett’s Tree-Kangaroo are endemic to the area, and ancient primitive flowering plants abound.

Buying this property extends a priceless and important wildlife and biodiversity nature corridor, significantly building upon existing Rainforest Rescue protected areas. This buyback is of vital importance and prevents rainforest destructive development.

“Acquiring this property augments the integrity of the wildlife corridor we have already established through lots 27, 29, 30, 32 and 33. With a significantly high ecological score we recommend that Rainforest Rescue urgently acquire this property.” — Allen Sheather, Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree Ecological Advisor with Barbara Maslen.


Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road is the next piece of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor puzzle

This property is rich in endemic species of plants and animals. Plants like the beautifully scented Daintree Gardenia (Randia audasii) or the many species of primitive Laurels, relatives of avocados such as Sankey’s Walnut and animals such as Striped Possums and one of Australia’s most primitive Kangaroos, the Musky Rat Kangaroo. It directly connects to the Daintree National Park, and our field staff have assessed this property with a very high ecological score.

It is only through the support of incredible people like you, that this precious rainforest and habitat can be protected from development. Your support ensures that when we pool resources and target our efforts, we can protect and restore damaged habitat for the benefit of rainforest animals, plants, insects and fungi, and for future generations.

In the absence of greater legislative protections, we believe it’s incumbent on good people like you and I to protect and preserve what we love; that nature and rainforests such as the Daintree simply must be protected forever.

The Daintree is Australia’s crown jewel of biodiversity – it is nothing less than our honour to protect it—with your support and your commitment to nature, we will continue to do so.

Every rescue is essential, and we will keep rescuing rainforest, block by block, protecting it forever, but only with your help. Heroes like you are Protecting Rainforests Forever

We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support and belief in the work of Rainforest Rescue. Our 35th rescue in the Daintree World Heritage Area is only possible because people like you care enough to make the difference.



The Team at Rainforest Rescue

PS. Stay tuned for more good news.

Barbara and Allen Sheather in the Rainforest
Barbara and Allen Sheather in the Rainforest
Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road
Lot 24 Cape Tribulation Road
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