Jul 28, 2020

Angela and her new opportunity


Traffic accidents and cardiovascular disease account for 80% of the amputations that we attend in Mahavir Kmina. An alarming figure that leads us to stories like Angela’.

On October 23, 2016, at 6:47 AM, Angela’s life changed forever. “I will never forget it,” she said to me. “I was driving my motorbike and my sister was with me. We were going to do a diligence Then I saw a car at the distance coming towards us at high speed. I didn’t have time to react.” The vehicle knock against them head-on and both were shot in the air.

Days later, Angela woke up in the hospital room. “At that moment I didn’t know what had happened to me,” she said, but then images were coming to her memory about the accident. “My sister!” she thought. “What happened to my sister?” Her sister got several broken bones and some scratches. However, Angela had lost a leg.

She bravely assumed it. “Since the first moment, I made the decision not to let this overthrow me. Because despite everything, we survived." Ninety long days and multiple visits to the operating room were not enough to break her spirit. “I didn’t know I was that strong,” she said proudly. “Everything I thought was important before the accident didn’t seem to have the same value. I found out that my priorities were already others.”

Apr 6, 2020

Johennys, a miracle of life

Many thanks to all the donors that are contributing to our project “Give prosthetics to low limbs amputees in Colombia” of the Mahavir Kmina Corporation.


This time, we want to share the story of Johennys. A miracle of life.


Johennys was only ten months old, she was sleeping pleasantly under her mother’s arms when the bus lost its brakes and it fell off the cliff on a tight curve. ‘We were spinning in the air, and the only thought I had was my baby in my arms, so I held her tightly”. Said Kelly. The bus rolled up to a wooded area, where trees made it stop.


When everything was calm, Kelly wasn’t feeling any pain because of the adrenaline, so she couldn’t think about her injuries until she checked all the girl’s body. Whilst checking Johennys, she found that one of her legs wasn’t there.


The accident happened close to town, where she managed to arrive by herself with the baby to the hospital. ‘Such a serious injury on a baby can be deadly. If she didn’t bleed to death it is because the cut wasn’t produced with a sharp object and the wound was sealed immediately after it occurred”, explained the doctor to Kelly. There a medical team realized the first of three reconstructive surgeries on the stump.


Today, Johennys is three years old and she has never feel unmotivated about it. “I haven’t met another girl as happy as she is. Her happiness gives me the strength to move on. She learned how to walk with a walker and afterward with a prosthesis donated by the Red Cross. At the Kinder garden, she showed her prosthesis proudly to the other kids, and she never felt upset. They appreciated her positive attitude. Nobody has taught me the meaning of happiness and perseverance as her”.


Kelly, her husband, and the baby, like many others, scaped of the social reality in Venezuela. Now they are living in Colombia looking for a promising future to Johennys.


When the first prosthesis started to be small for her, Kelly searched online and she found Mahavir Kmina. This is how Johennys was going to become a beneficiary of the institution that has already given free prosthesis to more than 4500 people in the continent.


Kelly can be sure that her baby will continue being a beneficiary of this institution, as long as she needs it because in Mahavir Kmina didn’t receive just a prosthesis, she also got an opportunity to start over.    

Jan 24, 2020

The first steps of Saira

Hello dear donor, this is a new report of the project “Give prosthetics to low limbs amputees in Colombia” of the Mahavir Kmina Corporation.

But first of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support we received from you in 2019 and to wish you a happy and prosperous 2020 from the entire Mahavir Kmina team.

Our efforts are paying off: several ongoing research projects, expansion of our technological offer, new opportunities for cooperation and, most importantly, more than 4,500 people who have walked again thanks to the prostheses we have donated together.

On this occasion, I want to share with you a story about one of the most adorable girls that Mahavir Kmina has supported. We are talking about Saira, a two years old little girl who was born with a strange deformity in one of her legs.

Saira's left leg has a notable shortening, so she could never have walked if it were not for the prosthesis that the Corporation made especially for her.

Saira smiled when she saw her prosthetic leg for the first time, she loved the faces of kittens that are printed on her. However, the little girl felt very bad when we attached it to her, a foreign object attached to the body may be something to worry about. She cried and tried to take it off, but Mom's super powers managed to reassure her.

Another change of mood occurred later, when Saira did not even seem to remember her new prosthesis. Her mother began to encourage her to walk, but Saira was just crawling up to her. Then, Mom lifted her by taking her from her hands, put her on her feet and then released her. Saira fell, but mom tried again. Saira fell again. Mom did not give up. After several attempts, Saira managed to stand for something like three seconds.

After a while, the baby was already taking a few steps, just a couple of them before falling, but it was a good start. Each time, Mom and Mahavir Kmina's team encouraged her, to which Saira responded with a big smile, she knew she was doing something very good.

Saira will return to the Corporation soon. Being so small, her prosthesis will be small pretty quickly. Luckily, Mahavir Kmina will always have its doors open for her.

This history of overcoming has been possible thanks to the support you give us with your contributions to our cause. Mahavir Kmina provides prostheses at no cost to anyone who needs them to walk again. Today, we face the complicated situation of helping more than 600 people who are waiting to receive theirs, so we invite you to consider becoming a recurring donor of our cause through Globalgivin’s platform.

Together, we can give more children like Saira an opportunity to start over.

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