Jun 13, 2019

A massive milestone and where we go from here

Informal School Kids singing and dancing
Informal School Kids singing and dancing

Dear friends,

We at the Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre are so excited to share with you that we have reached a huge milestone - we are now within $1000 of our fundraising target for this project. 

This will be our final quarterly update to you - our generous donors - for this project. Can you help us make a final push and achieve our goal? In the coming month, we will share a new project and objective through Global Giving and hope that you can continue to help us to empower the impoverished youth from the slums in Nyeri County, Kenya. 

You may recall that we are a very small grassroots charity, founded when a local grandmother opened the doors to her home to give local kids reprieve from the streets. We rely entirely on the donations of friends and supporters but accomplish a lot. With Global Giving-raised funding, we have:

  • offered many rounds of job skills training in high demand trades like tailoring, welding and masonry
  • rebuilt our drop-in centre to make it structurally sound and keep the doors open to youth
  • installed 2 flush toilets in a community where up to 30 people shared each pit-latrine
  • built a computer lab
  • offered ongoing soccer, Scouting and music and theatre programming to give youth an outlet and confidence
  • provided ongoing reproductive health education to prevent high rates of teen pregnancy, STDs and violence against girls.
  • Started an informal school to help give little kids who cannot afford to attend school a shot at an education.

We hope you feel proud - because we do!

As we wrap up this project, we take we'd like to share a few highlights from this past quarter:

Health Education:

  • Together with Nyeri Scouts Association, we organized 3 health education workshops focused on reproductive health, STDs, HIV and drug use, attended by 270 youth age 18 to 30 years. 
  • We collaborated with CITAM Church in March to offer a free medical checkup and treatment for the people of Shauri Yako and beyond. We'd love to make this an annual event - so if you are or know of a a doctor or can donate to support us, please reply to this email.

Skills training:

  • 4 youth who recently completed our six-month masonry course and internship secured jobs with the China Road Construction Company. By helping us reaching our final fundraising goal, you will help us cover the cost of travel allowances for participants and workman’s complementation insurance. 

Informal school:

  • The school continues to run at capacity with 48 children attending. We are grateful to the members of our community who have donationed used books, chairs and sports equipment and time to teach the children.

We thank you and bless you for all that you do to help give the kids we support a better chance.

Kind wishes,

Joe Mwai

Cooking for a community event
Cooking for a community event
Local kids at the centre
Local kids at the centre
Mar 15, 2019

Highlights of how you are impacting kid's lives in Shauri Yako

Dear friends,

Many thanks for continuing to support the Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre's (SYSC) work. 

Through your generosity, we served over 2,500 marginalized youth and children in 2018, who benefited though our informal school, skills training, sports, health education and scouts programs. 


With your support, we're proud:

  • To run an informal school that is now serving 48 underprivileged children and has hit capacity
  • To have 45 youth between 12 and 15 year as active members of our Scouts program, who are engaged in civic action and learning leadership skills
  • That we've introduced a Tile Fitting training, internship and certification program in collaboration with industry partners, an in-demand trade skill in Kenya's construction industry (see photo)
  • To be offering a Medical Camp event (in collaboration with a local church) on March 30, 2019 that will provide a free checkup and treatment for the whole community.

Doing what we do requires an incredible amount of generosity, from Friends of Shauri Yako who donate used books, chairs and sports equipment to our school, to teachers and doctors who volunteers at our school and clinics and with our Scouts troop, to you - our financial supporters.  We cannot do this with out your help!

Have a question about our organization or programs or life in Nyeri's informal settlements? Click reply to this report to send it to us, and we'll share the answer with everyone in our next quarter report.

Have some extra change in your pocket this month? Our Scouts are struggling to cover the cost of uniforms, which is preventing participation for some.  Let us know if you can help. 

Have some extra time on your hands? We'd love it if you'd tell a friend or your social media networks about SYSC's efforts to help kids lift themselves from poverty. 

Thank you again for the remarkable difference you help to make here.


Kind regards,

Joe Mwai


Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre

Dec 17, 2018

What You Did to Change Lives This Year

Dear Friends,

This year, you were busy. You:

  • Provided a provide informal school program for 48 underprivileged children who live in the Shauri Yako slum in Nyeri, Kenya.
  • You hired a teacher and bought books for those kids.
  • You provided meaningful learning and sports activities to at-risk youth.
  • You provided resources and counselling to youth about their reproductive health.
  • You supported a Scouts program that helps kids the skills and confidence to become leaders withinn their communities.
  • You kept the doors open to the Shauri Yako Community Youth Support Centre (SYSC).

You did all of this through the generosity of your donations to SYSC, a very small, grassroots Kenyan charity that support and empowers the kids and youth in the Shauri Yako informal settlement so they may lift themselves from poverty. 

If you'd like a little more detail, please read on. Otherwise, please know that, without your support, we would not have been able to do tis work. As we count our blessings this Christmas, you are on our minds. 


Informal school:

When we started informal school in Shauri Yako community in 2017, we did not anticipate the demand would be high - we just wanted to fill the gap in the community. Almost two years later and we find ourselves with 48 children attending the classes every week, one fulltime teacher and three volunteers. The need has grown because of the population of unemployed people settling in Shauri Yako community and the cost related to going to formal schools, which many cannot afford. We appreciate all the help that we get from donors, Friends of Shauri Yako and people of Nyeri town who have donated used books and chairs. We also highly appreciate the volunteers who give their time to teach the children. Every bit of help counts. 

Scouts program:

We are pleased that there will be opportunities for employment for SYSC scout program members. 

On November 2018, the President of Kenya HE. Uhuru Kenyatta announced that youth in scouts movement will be in future be given priority in government services and armed forces employment. This is good news for SYSC's longstanding Scout Group, which has 45 active members who have completed training.

Skills training:

SYSC is working with the government to provide skills training opportunities for youth.

The Government of Kenya has identified vocational training as one of the ways to create jobs for youth and to reduce poverty levels, while also modernizing and reforming the economy and boosting development. The government is planning to build vocational training institutes in every county, aimed at giving youth technical skills that will prepare them for employment or entrepreneurship. The student who will join the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) will be entitled to a 30,000 (Kenyan shilling) tuition loan. SYSC will work very closely with the government and you, our donors, to provide the support for youth to go to vocational training.

New project in 2019: Youth Life Skills and Livelihood Project

Based on the experience and the needs that we see in the youth, we have decided to have a new project that we believe will have a better impact on the beneficiaries. Youth Life Skills and Livelihood project purpose will be to help the youth to look in to factors that affect their life situations and develop strategies to deal effectively with the obstacles they face in order to become more active participants in the work place. We look forward to telling you more and hope we can count on you for your ongoing support.

Wishing you peace and happiness this holiday season.


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