Mar 22, 2021

The work continues...

We have been diligently working the streets and beaches the past five months.  We have been able to rescue, rehab and ultimately transport 150 dogs in the past 5 months alone!!! One of our most extensively worked  recent rescue is Boris.

Boris was beaten on his back legs by someone wanting to rid the nighborhood of "vermin"... this resulted in two bone breaks on each leg. Being a young puppy he required four surgeries to repair his legs as he grew.  The surgeries were difficult and the healing was time consuming but he is now a happy, healthy boy living in his very own home! 

Oct 23, 2020

Continuing our work..

We have been very busy the past three months working with the hoarding case that was reported the last period. We have taken on some especially serious cases such as Chester, who was hit by a car and left alone, unable to walk or use his back legs after a fracture along his spine. 
The surgeon felt that with spinal surgery Chester had a good chance of retaining feeling in his legs but probably not walking well without the aid of a wheelchair. We are so happy to report that after surgery Chester is now walking..and even running, and has a family waiting in NY to adopt him when he is ready to travel! 
Our original goal was to rescue 200 dogs in the year 2020. To date we have rescued, transported and adopted 242 dogs and are on goal to finish the year at about 300. 
We could not do what we do without the support and donations from our MAD family and everyone who contributes. Your love is felt and it's what keeps us going. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Jun 24, 2020

115 Dogs & Puppies Rescued from Hoarder Vega Alta

In the beginnning of May we were notified of an extreme hoarding case in Vega Alta, involving 115 dogs and puppies living in filthy, inhumane conditions.  We have been working side by side with Animal Cruelty to relocate and get the veterinary care that these dogs so desperately needed.  There were old dogs, young dogs, mothers with newborn babies stuffed into cages that are too small to move. No water, no food...the hoarder admitted to only sporadic feeding and watering...1-2 times perweek in the blazing Puerto Rican temperatures.  Just barely enough to keep them alive and in many cases..not enough to prevent a suffering death.

It was so bad that it left the officers and our team in tears.

To date 12 of these dogs have recovered enough to fly to our NY shelter and have found homes!  Many are currently in our PR shelter gaining weight and learning to live again.  We have three extreme cases under veterinary "in-house" care with severely broken legs and one with a broken jaw.  To imagine that they lay suffering in flea, tick and fly ridden cages, in their own feses and urine, with no food or water, in the heat with no hope is almost too much to fathom.

We NEED DONATIONS!! This is the biggest case we have ever worked and we need money for food, vet bills, crates, boarding, etc etc! We are determined to help these dogs no matter the cost but we NEED YOU to help!

 At MINIMUM the cost will be $250 per dog. We have 115 dogs. It is a massive undertaking!!!
We are so grateful that we are working with Animal Cruelty investigators who want to see these poor animals get the care they need to eventually recuperate enough to find a home instead of euthanasia. They deserve a chance!!! Help us help them! 

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