Jul 16, 2014

What Life In A Family Can Do

Lu Lu
Lu Lu

Meet Lu Lu.* 

Lu Lu was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, and was placed into a foster family when he was 4 years old.  At first, he was very withdrawn. He had no interest in playing with toys and would rarely speak. However, after living with his family for over three years, Lu Lu's behaviour has transformed. 

As a result of Care for Children’s ongoing training in how to develop a successful family placement programme for the staff at the orphanage where Lu Lu used to live,  the staff have been able to provide resources and training for Lu Lu's foster family.  His foster mother has been guided through this initial period while Lu Lu adapts to life in a family. She has dedicated much time and effort to understanding Lu Lu and discerning his personality. Because of the genuine love and patience of his foster mother, Lu Lu has ceased his harmful behavior and is incredibly attached to his foster mother.

Lu Lu has realized confidence and security within his foster family. He knows he has their support. When he plays with other children and has disagreements, he is able to come home and find comfort from his foster mother. She tells him: “Don’t worry, Mum will back you up.” This fills Lu Lu with joy.

THANK YOU to all our supporters. Without you, stories like these would not be possible.

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*All names in Care for Children reports have been changed to protect the identities of the children and their families.  

Lu Lu
Lu Lu


Jun 25, 2014

A Sense of Belonging

The effect of Care for Children's training
The effect of Care for Children's training

As the Care for Children team trains on family placement across China, they have the incredible privilege of meeting with the families who have taken children into their homes, and the children whose lives have been transformed by being accepted into a family.

One such young man was Xiao. Xiao was placed into a family in China from one of the orphanages Care for Children trained when he was 5. He is now 17 and has been living with the same foster family for 12 years. 

When Xiao was first placed into this family, he had a bad temper, was very insecure and very controlling. He was violent to himself and towards his foster parents.  

His foster mother was amazingly committed and experienced. She would spend as much one-on-one time with Xiao as possible, giving him lots of attention and love to make him feel special and secure. 

Over time Xiao began to make progress. The acceptance and love his new family gave began to turn his life around. He started to trust and feel like he belonged.

Last year, with the encouragement and support of his foster family, Xiao successfully passed the entrance exam to a tecnnichal school to study, his self esteem positively enhanced by the love of a family. This was a huge acheivement.

This is Care for Children's vision, that a million children like Xiao can flourish in life as they know the love of a family.

Thank you for your ongoing support that enables Care for Children to train those working with vulnerable children in China  to provide the best thing for these children's futures - a good family. 

Jun 17, 2014

Receiving The Love They Deserve

Aran and Jaidee
Aran and Jaidee

Meet Aran and Jaidee. Supported by Care for Children, these two boys have been with their foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Boonliang, since April 2013. Mr. Boonliang, a school bus driver at a local school, first got to know the boys on his bus route, and from there he began the process of becoming their foster parent.

Although it has only been a year, the boys have settled well into their new home. Their new foster Mom and Dad say Aran and Jaidee are incredibly kind and respectful. They help out with the house chores when they can, and enjoy spending time together watching cartoons or listening to music.

The boys have also been a great help to the community. Recently, Aran saw a small fire burning in a neighbour’s house so he ran home to ask his foster mom to call the police. She told the Care for Children team and our Thai partners how proud she was. And Mr. Boonliang told our team:

“Living with us, we can help ensure these boys receive the love and care they deserve.”

Thank you for helping boys like Aran and Jaidee grow up loved in a family. 

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