May 4, 2021

Baby Mariz Journey of Life during COVID-19

It was at the height of the of the COVID-19 General Community Quarantine where some establishments, small clinics and diagnostic centers are still on lockdown when a baby was left alone with different strangers in the neighborhood without milk and, deprived of care by her mother.  That Baby was Mariz who is only weeks old at that time.

Baby Mariz was neglected by her biological mother who is a survivor of abuse and person with disability, a deaf and mute.  

The only relative she has is her grandmother who is also a deaf and mute, and undergoes treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and earns a living as a laundress. Baby Mariz grandmother sought help from the Municipal Social Welfare Office. In the absence of available facility and services in their locality about 50 miles away from Metro Manila, Philippines, Baby Mariz is only one month old when she was referred to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal Children’s Home. Tahanan provided to her the attachment, emotional needs, safety and comfort she needed as a baby. 

Baby Mariz was referred immediately to a Pediatrician surgeon due to Umbilical Granuloma that it healed naturally by just cleaning with 70% alcohol after a month. Baby Mariz has problem with her left ear and not producing sounds. She undergone several tests and completed the auditory test assisted and facilitated by the Center Nurse and Social Worker.

Baby Mariz now is physically healthy and lovable. As of now, Mariz can hear and reacts now sounds which is a good indicator of her growth and development as a child. 

Baby Mariz is just one among the 48 children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal provided with Vit. C, improved their health and maintain their nutritional status.

Together we can save the lives and ensure the future of our children.

Mar 23, 2021


The children’s father was 19 years old while their mother was 30 years old when she got pregnant to Vincent (not his real name). Both of them were jobless. The father abandoned them. The mother was unable to provide for the basic needs of the child so she placed him in a temporary shelter for security purposes.

After 2 years, the mother re-united again with her common law-husband. Later, she got pregnant again and that is, Julie (not her real name). However, Julie and her mother ended up on the street when she was 3 months old because their father abandoned them again for the second time. Julie was malnourished and had serious skin problem behind her ears.  

The mother sought assistance from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal to admit Julie for her to be with her elder brother Vincent and for the safety of the children. She was aware that being on the street hampered the growth and development of the child. However, through the love, care and support of the staff, Julie regained her normal health condition after 4 months.

Both Vincent and Julie, were healthy, happy, playful and cared each other. Vincent was enrolled in Kindergarten this year while Julie is attending daily tutorial to improve their skills.

While the children were in the shelter, their mother worked as a domestic worker locally. She visited the children regularly before COVID-19 Pandemic and attended monthly counseling focused on parent effectiveness and the importance of saving for their children.  

In 2019, their father worked in a hardware store and he searched for the mother of his children. In the same year, they reunited and living together again. They realized their responsibilities as parents to their children.  Their father became responsible, caring and promised to become a good father to their children. 

Their parents worked hard in preparation for their reunification to their children. They were able to pre-owned a semi-concrete house, bought a motorbike for the family use and save some of their monthly salary in the bank.

Their parents passed their Parental Capability Assessment conducted on February 2021 done by the social worker of City Social Welfare and Development Office. Hence, they were reunited on the first week of  March 2021. During the reunification, the staff witnessed the happiness both to the children and their parents.

Both the children and parents were so thankful also for giving them the chance to be together and live as a family.

Having somewhere to go is HOME, having someone to love is FAMILY, having both is a BLESSING… Together we can make a change in this world by helping children while working out or empowering them to become responsible parents.  

Feb 22, 2021


Gav was a new born baby placed in a small bag with small opening when he was found in a vacant lot. His family is unknown.  He was turned-over to the City Social Welfare and Development. He was approximately 10 days old when he was referred to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal on December 2020 since the City Government have no facility for babies like him.  Due to limited birth information, he was   referred and admitted in the hospital for medical treatment because of   suspected Sepsis, COVID-19 and physical jaundice. The child completely recovered and discharged from the hospital.

Gav gained weight and he is a well-baby. He likes to be cuddled most of the time. He is now attempting to roll-over side by side and responds when his name is being called. His developmental milestone is at par to his age of 3 months old. 

Together, we can contiously helping him to grow well and continue developing his potential as an individual. 

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