Oct 20, 2021


On Wednesday 13th of June 2021, Olive Community Development Initiative carried out a sensitization on the importance of digital literacy on career choice and vocations with female students from Government Day Secondary School, Airport, Ilorin, Kwara State.

The program manager of Olive Community Development Initiative kick started the program by introducing participants to the various social media platforms available such as youtube, whatsapp, lindln, facebook, instagram, etc.

After enquiring from participants what they wish to become in life, the following professions were mentioned Singing, medcine,Designing, Farming and Dancing. The Program manager went further to enlighten particpants that no matter what they aspire to become in life, the use of social media handles will enable them to be well know all over the nation and the world as a whole.

A pratcical session was carried out with participants to ensure they understand and know how to access the various social media handles available to them.
In addition to the above, participants were also introduced to graphic design, by listing and explaining the importance of the basic elements of graphic design, a session which was very interactive as pupils picked interest and some wanted to even become graphic designers in the near future.

After the sessions, the pupils were asked to enlist what they have learnt so far, the following were the response gotten;

Idris Junior Secondary School 3 (13 years old)
I thought there was a cloud Some where ,which enable graphic designer to do so well, that i was afraid it’s something I Could never do on my own .
But after the session on creativity i feel relieved of all worries knowing that the beauty of designing is in the brain of the designer.

Mary Junior Secondary School 3 (16 years old)
I usually see different designs on my way from school but it never crossed my mind that design has elements but after the program today, when i see any design, i will be able to identify the basic elements of graphic design on it.

Opeyemi Junior Secondary School 3 (14 years old)
From my childhood, i never had the idea that a woman/traders of food items like pepper, tomotoes and groundnut could make use of social media handles but now am well equiped with the knowledgethat i can even become an expert in selling goods online.

Nafisat Junior Secondary School 3 (15 years old)
I aspire to become a singer and before this training, i never imagined i could do recordings and poston social media handles like; facebook, youtube, and instagram myself. As a result of the training, am so excited with the knowledge that i can become a star with just posting my recordings myself on social media handles.

Jul 13, 2021




1. Ramata is a mother of four children, whose business (production of soya bean cheese, and Soya milk) folded up during the covid 19 pandemic. Her partner left her with the children and he only returns every three weeks to give her 300 naira for feeding the whole family. This started making her to have suicidal thoughts as she was helpless.

Ramata was given financial support from the funds raised through GlobalGiving, to revive her business and obtain training on financial literacy skills. She also received psychosocial support from OCDI, which stopped her from having suicidal thoughts and restored her self -esteem.

The business has been revived and she can now produce soya bean cheese (beske), soya milk and sells the residues to those rearing goats. Ramata and her children can eat three meals conveniently now and she is working hard to expand her business.


2. Halimat has three children that she is taking care of all by herself alone. She has fashion designing skills but does not have a complete sewing machine. She goes to share with a friend somewhere else and her proceeds is normally divided into three parts between her the owner of the sewing machine.

During covid-19 pandemic, the sewing business became epileptic and she had little or nothing to do. Her partner abandoned her and the children without a means of livelihood.

With the support from GlobalGiving, OCDI bought her a new sewing machine head, since she has an old foot pedal at home. Now, she sews in her room with her own sewing machine and does not have to share her proceeds with anyone. She is happy now that she can take care of her children conveniently.







Jun 27, 2021


Sulaimon explaining sources of information
Sulaimon explaining sources of information



On Wednesday 23th of June 2021, Olive Community Development Initiative carried out a training on 21st century skills with pupils from ISOBAT Nursery and Primary School.


The facilitator, a staff from OCDI commenced by highlighting the various means of communications such as use of pebbles, stones, pictures, marks on woods, writing on walls as means of communication used in the olden days comparing it to the modern methods used in the 21st century such as radio stations, television stations, use of phones, laptop etc and how media bias has influenced the attitudes, behaviors, beliefs of people.


Furthermore, detailed explanation was given by the facilitator on Information (sources, how to access information efficiently and how to analyze information), communication (how information flows from one person/place to another- using oral, written or non-verbal language), technology (how to use digital and communication tools such as web-based resources, e-mail, blogs, chat, video appropriately).


During the session, the facilitator asked the pupils to list some devices used for communication and how they can be used to pass information from one person to another. Sulaimon a 15-year-old boy in primary 5 said phone can be used to make calls, send messages from one person to another.


Aishat an 11-year-old girl in primary 4 added that laptops can be used for video calls, sending of e-mails to family members.


In addition to the listed points, Rofiat a primary 5 girl said phone can be used to send messages through WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


After the session, what is the difference between Attitude and Behavior? asked Aishat a 10-year-old girl in primary 3. The facilitator answering said attitude is a feeling or belief or opinion towards something, while behavior is an action or reaction towards something.

Students are excited as they were told that they will be able to use phones and laptops to access web-based resource, emails, in their next session.

Group photograph of participants
Group photograph of participants
Aishat explaining what media literacy is.
Aishat explaining what media literacy is.
cross section of participants
cross section of participants
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