Jun 6, 2019

Isolated Kids Find Nourishment/Comfort from BTA

A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa (BTA) continues to succeed in funding school feeding programs in four locations throughout Sierra Leone. Today we want to share with you two brief stories of children who are benefiting from our program at the Ben Hirsch Child Care Centre in the Kenema District.

One:  A beautiful eight-year-old girl was burnt in a farm with her caregiver in their village, was brought to the Kenema police for help. The police sent her to our Ben Hirsch Child Care Canter but, because of the traumatic experience, she did not talk or eat for almost a month. She was withdrawn from everyone.

However, after much counselling, she began to eat the food provided by BTA and gradually moved from her shell and told us about the scar about which she was ashamed that she obtained from the burnt. After much treatment the scar is gradually going away and now, she is a happy girl. She approached the social worker and said my life has changed at Ben Hirsch. Thanks to BTA for touching her life in such a positive way.

Two: There is a 10-year old boy who used to beg or assist beggars in order to get some token that would make it possible for him to buy a little bit of food to eat. At some point, he was identified as an orphan and removed from the street. He was brought to Ben Hirsch where he now is getting educated and he is receiving breakfast and lunch every day because of the BTA program. We are proud to say he has, in this short period of time, learned to read and write the letters alphabet.  He comes to school regularly and has not gone back to beg in the streets again. He is also doing much better physically and recently came in first a 50-metre rally!

Mar 11, 2019

Young Boy: Strong and Happy From Your Nourishment


This is the story of an 8-year-old boy who is supported by A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa’s school feeding program in Moyamba, Sierra Leone.  He is a pupil of the primary school and is in class two, living with his father, mother, two sisters and one brother. His family has been very happy together.

He started his schooling in Children of the Nations - Mallory Jansen Memorial NurserySchool on the 7th of September 2015As a pupil, attending Mallory Jansen Memorial School, he walks two miles to school and back home each day, but with the joy that one day he will be great and help to impart others.

During lunch, “the BTA” is served; pupils from the nursey, primary and the secondary schools have been benefiting a lot from the BTA food as a meals. “The BTA” is what the students call the food that is provided by our organization.

The BTA food has been so helpful and well served on time each day.  He only needs to bring his plate and spoon to school, and he will receive his share.

He has enjoyed the BTA so very much and have being a source of inspiration to him; the BTA food has helped in nourishing his body and has also given him a greater strength to walk two miles every day to school and back home.

He thanks God for the BTA food as it has been helping him concentrate in school. Most times, he comes to school with an empty stomach and without a lunch being provided for him by hisparents. The BTA food in school makes him strong, healthy and focus in class work every day.

Dec 10, 2018

Great Spirit & Increased Activity at an Orphanage

A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa provides funding for four different school feeding programs, one of which is at an orphanage.  The Ben Hirsch Child Care Centre is a home and school for orphans in Kenema, Sierra Leone.  A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa has been funding a school feeding program at Ben Hirsch for a full year plus we were able to provide these children food and school supplies when it first opened during the post-Ebola crisis period.

The funding for the feeding program has had a very positive impact on the physical and mental growth of these children who now have assurance of two daily meals.   Their performance in school is improving remarkedly and their tests scores are going up.

During the holiday these children were still attend school which has never been done before. The children are eager to continue to learn and BTA has not just given these children food but has helped them in their social behaviors in life.

Additionally, they have developed an “Awards Program” at school where children can be recognized for things like “best behaved child’ and “best school performing child.”  These exercises have motivated the children in performing at school and bringing them great joy!   Thank you BTA donors!

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