Apr 27, 2020

Corona Warriors on the Front!

Dear Friend!


I hope you are safe, healthy and motivated in this time of the pandemic.

In this time of uncertainty and pathetic COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is facing the most critical time ever with thousands of deaths and killing of hope, confidence and possibility.

India is one of the countries that is affected by the coronavirus. Everyone knows that as of now, there is not a single medicated treatment available for combating this coronavirus. Social distancing, health, hygiene and awareness are the practices most needed for saving yourself and your families during the COVID pandemic.

There are many institutions and authorities like governments, administration, Police, health experts, health workers and NGOs are dedicatedly working day and night to combat corona; in fact, all such bodies are warriors.
I am delighted to bestow with you that Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF) is a such NGO which is taking care of communities and populations where this NGO has a presence for the last 13 years.

Apart from immediately lockdown situations, there are numerous pressing issues like girls education, menstrual health, hygiene, and well being of adolescents girls and young women. Due to lockdown, everything is on suspension, and people living in these communities are out of money and struggling for survival.
These communities are passing through the day to day challenges, because of lack of financial resources, lack of necessary facilities, and looking forward to the support for surviving in this time of disasters.

In this time of crisis, IDF team is diligently working on the fields and running a "COVID-19 Relief Campaign" in the targeted slums of Agra with a target to support 5000 families in the five slums of Agra with immediate support delivery.

IDF team is providing grocery kits, health kits and dry milk supply to children to the targeted families. Apart from these supplies, IDF team members are also working on communication outreach and providing awareness on health and hygienic practices, and the consequence of social distancing in this time of the pandemic.

Our team members are also spreading awareness among girls and women towards their menstrual health, hygiene and WASh related education through IDF's women connect centre's toll-free helpline.

All such heroic stints are doing dedicatedly because of our committed team that include board members, staff and volunteers to take responsibility as warriors and be committed to serving the communities and spread humanity.

We are grateful for your continued support, trust and motivation that drive us forward to combat Covid-19.

Thank You


Apr 21, 2020

A Story From The Ground

Smiley Days
Smiley Days

"I feel proud that now I can provide the right information to the girls of my communities about their periods. I attend regular Smiley Days Awareness sessions and collect information which is very important for every girl". says Neeru (name changed)


The girl aged about 22, attained menarche when she was 14. Neeru (name changed) had some idea about Menstrual Cycle before the onset of her first period but she was unaware as to the biological reason for this natural process in a woman’s life. She felt shy and nervous to talk with anyone more about periods and there were lots of questions in her mind related to the menstrual cycle.

She came to know about the Indian Dreams Foundation from one of her neighbors and visited the IDF's Resource Center to seek assistance. She was ignorant about Menarche, Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) besides other important aspects before connecting with us. Our health counselor listened to all her issues regarding menstrual health. She conveyed irregular periods and other hygiene issues. Even consulting doctors didn’t yield any positive results. However, when we asked her to elaborate on the same, it came out to be normal which she thought of to be problematic. Her ignorance about the duration of the Menstrual Cycle was the cause which led her to conclude something normal as an issue. Counseling helped in making one more girl advance her knowledge to deviate from the ground of ignorance. Before such education, she was practicing unhygienic measures during periods like using cloth but after this aid, she started using sanitary napkins distributed under Smiley Days Project.

Thanks everyone, the changes and confidence have been build in many girls in the communities and they recognize as Change Agents. These all could be done with the help of your support and well- wishes.

 You can contribute to this project and your generous support will help us to provide sanitary napkins and hygiene material to the girls and women during COVID 19 pandemic.


You can support our COVID 19 Emergency Relief Project that helps to meet immediate needs for dry ration kits, food supply, health & hygiene kits supply to the poor families. Below is link;



Thank you so much for your support in advance,



Team IDF


Apr 17, 2020

Thank You Friends For You Continued Support!


Dear Friends,


 I hope you all are safe, healthy and motivated during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

On behalf of Indian Dreams Foundation, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your continued support and motivation to driving us to reach out to our goal in support for menstrual health for girls in India. 

We have reached out to thousands of girls and women in the last four years and raised them to understand their bodies, health and their human rights.

With your support, we have changed the mindsets of people, especially men towards the periods. Now, in our target communities, significant populations of girls and women started using sanitary napkins and gradually the taboo tag is now excluding. 

We have seen significant developments amongst school going girls belief, and their confidence level increased.

Earlier, before our intervention, the majority of girls were frightened during their periods because of lack of knowledge and apprehended this natural process as taboos, disease, and had very negative perception towards five days menstrual.

Most of the girls used to remain absent in the schools, and lock them in the shaded part of the homes.


But now, significant ration of our target beneficiaries are welcoming and sensing their periods in the most assertive approaches. 

This Empowerment has marked just because of all our collective endeavours and willingness to improve the society for good.

Due to COVID-19, We all understand that this time is very crucial, and patience, motivation and hope for the future are the virtues to manifest.

I am proudly saying that in this time of crisis, our team is continually serving on the fields with having goals in mind and supporting our beneficiaries either physically or through the organisation's helpline.

We care for your motivation and commitment. We apprehend that through your valuable donations, you have conferred trust, support and motivation to us to serve in the communities for the betterment of the society and meet with the desired outcomes.

So, I am ensuring that we are committed to giving the impact of your valuable donations and your trust on Indian Dreams Foudnation.

Thank you once again for the continued support.

Be Safe and Stay at Home!






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