Francis House, Inc.

Francis House is an interfaith center designed to respond with compassion and justice to the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical well being of individuals and families infected, affected or at risk for HIV/AIDS.
Apr 17, 2013

We grew a volunteer!

Many clients come to Francis House for different servcies.  Some come for the support groups, some for socialization, some for the meals we cook - but most every client that participates uses the food pantry.

The food pantry, for some, was the initial draw to Francis House.  Once inside receiving their emergency food box - they learned how to access the pantry weekly, even daily and started to participate in services.  That was the case for one such client!  He was referred for for a food box from another agency and became a participating client.  After a few months, he began to help out around the building.  He would take out the trash, mop the floors, help clean the kitchen after lunch.  He asked if he could help cook the meals.  We learned about his past experiences as a dessert chef and a line cook.  He began coming in 5 days a week and is now a full time volunteer cook for our facility.

His drug use diminished and he reports no use in over 6 months.  He states that he feels like he has purpose again. He makes amazing food to assist us in providing over 6,000 meals each year.

All... because of our food pantry.

Jan 29, 2013

The Little Pantry that Could

In 2007, when we started thinking about startinga food pantry, we were concerned.  Concerned that the space we had was too small to feed the few clients that we had.  Concerned we wouldn't have the manpower or money to keep it stocked. No matter the concerns, we forged ahead with a donation from the USPS Letter Carrier's Drive.  We recieved 10,000 pound of food.  With smiles on our faces, we sorted, stocked, organized and opened our pantry with the idea that this food would get us through until we could figure out how to raise enough money to keep it stocked.

Our idea was wrong.  10,000 pounds of food lasted a mere three weeks.  The need for food was more than we imagined.  It outweighed our supply.  Then, a miracle donor came to us out of the blue and offered to keep our pantry stocked!  $1,000 each month was more than enough to keep our clients fed!  Then... our economy took a hit as well as our miracle donor and their contribution was decreased to $500 each month. Clients began to flood in for services.  Not just food, but support, housing, case management.  Our small client base grew.  Our lunch program went from feeding 10 people a day to feeding 50 people a day.  10 people using our pantry daily grew to 30 and $500 is just not enough to keep it stocked.

We shop at our local Feeding America Food Bank in order to maximize the dollars we spend.  We acquire hygiene items from the local dollar store to keep costs down.  Through this past year, we have distributed a retail value over $100,000 worth of food and hygiene items.  We are proud of our little pantry that could and does keep on giving. Global Giving has enabled us to subsidize our monthly allotment and increase the amount of food we can stock.

We thank you for choosing us to donate your hard earned money to. We only wish you could meet the people that you have fed and see the smiles for yourself.  

Nov 14, 2012

Are you Hungry?

"The images of a child's bloated belly or of a mother searching through garbage trying to find food are ones that have long haunted our world and that must be erased immediately. Hunger and malnutrition affect a vast majority of the people in the planet and many die every day from these preventable causes. It is time not to just speak out against hunger but to do something about it." ~ Jose Hadathy

People will ask you time and time again - are you hungry?  We may say yes, we may say no and we may say we are starving.  The question got me to thinking - do we really know what hunger is?  We know the feeling in our bellys'  when we skip breakfast or lunch.  Some of us might know the feeling after our day has gotten away from us and we have "forgotten" to eat.  But do we really know about hunger?  Do we know what it feels like to skip three days worth of meals becasue we have no money to buy food?  Do we know what it feels like to skip a weeks worth of food so that others in our family can eat?  I'm not sure that we do.  I'm not sure any of us wants to take on that challenge.

The folks that Francis House serves may never have to experience those extreme hunger pains.  It has been through the generosity of our global giving supporters and our community that have helped us provide over 9,000 meals to those we serve.  We have also distributed over $100,000 worth of food and hygiene products since the inception of our pantry in 2007.

We thank you and hope for your continued support so that our clients can answer "No" when asked if they are hungry!


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