Nov 25, 2011

Progress report

The beneficiaries fill the questionnaires.
The beneficiaries fill the questionnaires.

The aim of the project is to assist 12-17 year old 90 children in receiving basic education that are deprived of attending schools and give them psychological help and juridical knowledge.

For achieving the goals of the project we

  1. created an environment, where our beneficiaries (working children) get education with state plane
  2. conduct trainings on working rights and law of infant work in our country
  3. provided psychological assistance which has contributed to 32 working children back to school,     
  4. helped them learn their preferred specialization.

“Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” is ongoing project. We have progress in the implementation of this project. 

In the framework of the project we check out test of knowledge by means of tests 2 times a year. 2 types of tests are made on subject and human rights (work rights). 

In November the volunteers of our organization have made tests on different subjects and working rights for 12 beneficiaries of “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project. In the result the beneficiaries knowledge on the subjects have risen by 30% and 50% on working rights.  

We got this index comparing the initial tests results with the answers after the trainings. 

For providing the project process and implementing the works more effective 4 times a year the questionnaires are distributed to our beneficiaries. By means of these questionnaires we inform about their problems and find new solution. We also inform about their suggestions and involve them in the process of project implementation.   

The success of the project is: our beneficiaries get knowledge and specialization that give them chance to be socially sustainable.

Here is a short story about one of the beneficiaries of this project:

I am Samvel Hayrapetyan. I stop to attend to school when I was at 7th form. I have dreamed to learn at school and have good future. When my father died I left the school and began to work in order to help my mother to earn our living. I worked all the day and didn’t earn much money. One day my friend by name of Hayk informed me that he has participated in “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project implemented by Zartonk -89 NGO. That project gave him an opportunity to get knowledge and specialization, get in touch with the children at the same age. Listening my friend advice I also involved in this project. Now I am happy to participate in this project. In 5 months I should go to serve in an army. Thanks to this project I have enough knowledge, specialization which I use them in my life.

Oct 10, 2011

Hovakimyan Margarita's achievements

We would like to present you Margarita Hovakimyan who is one of the beneficiaries of “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project. She has come back to school and it is already 2 years that she has been studying on 11th form of arts high school in “Mkhitar  Sebastatsi” Educational Complex.

She studies advanced trainings on sewing and models, carpet and fabrics and the same time she is going in for sport. She is a handicap, but it is not disturb her to participate in swimming competition hold in Derjinsk city of Russia. She has great success in this sphere and makes joy to our organization and environment.

During the competitions she has won 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Let’s wish her success in her career and education, help her and our beneficiaries to find their place in the life.


May 19, 2011

Progress Report

We present child labor problem that there is in the world. These children cannot receive education because of mentioned problem; they work in small age, and do heavy works to earn their living. They are exploited as they don’t know about their labor rights.

We present you attention the importance of this problem solution.

During the implementation of “Providing education for 90 children in Armenia” project the results are:

  1. 12-14 years old 20 working children have came back to school. They receive qualified basic education and specialization.
  2.  Works are being done with 14-16 years old 22 teenagers as they can get basic education, obtain knowledge on their labor rights for reduction of labor exploitation.
  3. We have made arrangement with “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational complex in order to help working children do easy works (books digitization, collecting materials and other works) at school.

This success inspires us in order to implement this project more effectively.

Join our project, your donation will help our beneficiaries who are in bad social condition to get knowledge and specialization skills for providing their further life and living better.    

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