Jul 1, 2019

Annual Report of School Students

Grade 9 Annual Report
Grade 9 Annual Report

Vivekanand Higher Secondary School students gave their year-end examination in March-April. The students did well, and though there is certainly scope for improvement, the results demonstrate the effect the school has on the students’ performance.

As the attached spreadsheet demonstrates, the average performance of students in all the grades (except 10th - due to a very difficult board examination conducted across the state) has improved over their performance in the first term. The school admits 14-year-old students from nearby villages and these 9th-grade students take time to learn and understand the basics, which they are very weak in, mostly due to the lower quality of education provided in other public schools from where they do their primary education. This improvement is very visible in the students' performance and there are many subtle though visible improvements in their confidence and their skills.

Though it is difficult to retain and convince students of 10th grade to continue their education, Muni Seva Ashram is working towards it with increased interaction with parents and society. Even though quite a few students find it difficult to continue their higher secondary education, the teachers of Vivekanand School work very hard to help students pass their 12th grade. The performance of the students in grade 11th and 12th is also noticeably better in the annual exams over the first term exams.

With subjects like Agriculture and Dairy Science added to their curriculum, the students are given theoretical and practical knowledge along with hands-on experience in traditional practices and the upcoming technologies in both the agriculture and the dairy sectors. This is essential as it helps the students practice agriculture and dairying, after completing their education, with more efficiency and better yields, thus making them sustainable occupations. This process of taking students towards agriculture and allied activities reduces migration to cities in search of sustainable jobs, thus reducing urbanization, and providing the students with a better quality of life.

Grade 10 Annual Report
Grade 10 Annual Report
Grade 11 Annual Report
Grade 11 Annual Report
Grade 12 Annual Report
Grade 12 Annual Report


May 29, 2019

Success Stories of the girls

MSA-VTC has launched its 1st batch in July 2011 with Paramedical courses and since then, the centre has trained more than 1200 tribal students mainly in healthcare such as Dialysis, OT, Laboratory, pharmacy and Bed Side Assistant and 80% of the girls are placed.

MSA VTC has many success stories of these girl students who have not only completed their training but also working in reputed hospitals and clinics in cities with a good salary. They are not only helping their families but also they have become financially independent.

Here are the few wonderful examples of women empowerment!!

There were two sisters who were residents a small village in Chhota Udepur district of Gujarat (Most Tribal Area in Gujarat). The family of 5 lives in a single-room hut and the parents are doing farming in a government provided a small plot of land in the same area. Both sisters were school drop-out because of the financial condition of the family and father used to feel that these girls are extra responsibilities on them. 

The elder sister used to get seizure attacks for which doctor from their village condemned her to the life-long ailment. Unfazed by this severe verdict, girls decided to join Muni Seva Ashram Sanchalit Vocational Training Centre. While getting training as a General Duty Assistant at Muni Seva Ashram-Vocational Training Centre, She was also getting treatment for her seizure attacks with proper medications including hospitalization at Kailash Cancer Hospital & Reseach Centre (KCHRC) run by Muni Seva Ashram. Today after completing training successfully she is employed at the same hospital KCHRC  as Physician's assistant with the salary of 8000/- month and also while earning she has completed her higher secondary schooling.

Then a few months later,  her younger sister also decided to join the VTC and completed her training successfully at MSA-VTC. She was smarter than her sister and eager to learn. After completing training she decided to move to the city and joined a respectable doctor's clinic in Padra place near Vadodara.

23 yeard Girls, who came from a remote village named Moti Umbharvan, Panchmahal District. She lost her parents at a young age and then her grandparent started looking after her and took care of her. She used to visit the hospital at Muni Seva Ashram for her grandfather's cancer treatment. One day she came to VTC office and did inquiry whether she can join the course & become a nursing assistant.   

An Orphan girl who came from a farmer family having a very limited resource for the survival of life even with a basic requirements. It is very difficult but somehow she finished her high secondary education schooling at Government school. She got enrolled her self for the course at MSA – VTC. After completion of Training, she is employed at the Chemotherapy department at Kailash Cancer Hospital & Research Centre as Assistant OPD Nurse. She started earning 5000/- month. She not only has started supporting her grandmother but also became financially independent.


Apr 3, 2019

Activities at Vivekanand Vidhyalaya, Muni Seva Ashram

‘I am the Torch Bearer’
Selected students of grade 9, 10 and 11 of the Vivekanand Higher Secondary School were sent to the ‘Oasis’ centre, Chanod village for ‘I am the Torch Bearer (Jyotirdhar)’ camp from 27th December 2018 to 3rd January 2019. The camp focused on personality development and value-based education-oriented activities for the students. To inculcate the values of leadership, the students were given special tasks with different responsibilities. Students were given responsibilities for various activities like drama competition, singing competition, elocution competition, etc. as per their interests and talents and the students enthusiastically participated in those activities. These activities kept the students busy from morning to evening in the camp and helped them develop qualities like cooperation, coordination, self-discipline, leadership and commitment. The students, through this camp, understood the importance of collective good, collective sentiment and empathy.
Educational Tour to Rajasthan
An educational tour to Rajasthan had been organized for more than 150 students of the Vivekanand School from 8th January to 11th January 2019. The tour started at 6 a.m. on 8th January where three buses full of students were taken to Rajasthan. The students were taken to Mahisagar, Dakor, and then to Ambaji on the first day where they stayed the night at a guesthouse. On the second day, the students were taken to Haldi Ghati and the museum built there, followed by the beautiful vast Kumbalgarh fort where they saw traditional water storage systems which retained water year round and then to Shreenathji where they stayed overnight. On the third day, the students were taken to the Eklingji Temple and then to Chittorgarh Palace where they stayed overnight. The fourth day was spent touring the city of Udaipur where they visited the ‘Saheli ki Baadi’ garden and enjoyed the beautiful fountains there, visited the Folk Art Centre where the students enjoyed the museum and the various traditional performances. In the evening the group started its way back to Shamlaji where they visited the temple and had dinner, after which the group returned back to the school. The entire tour was highly educational and fully packed for fun for the students.
‘Netradaan (Eye-Donation)” Seminar
A seminar on eye donation was organized by the state government on 24th January 2019 at the Vivekanand School. The students of grade 9 to 12 were given free eye check-up by the Rustampura PHC in the seminar and the students with weak eyesight were advised to have their glasses with appropriate lenses made. Those students with excessive eye weakness were advised to go to the government hospital in Baroda and have their eyes treated.  
Republic Day Celebration
The celebration of the Republic Day at the Vivekanand School was done with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. In the morning, the students, teachers and the staff gathered on the grounds at 6:45 a.m. for the flag hoisting program. The entire program was managed by the students who also hoisted the flag. After this short program at the school, all the students and the staff of the school went to Muni Seva Ashram main campus for the flag hoisting in the presence of the Chairman of the organization. Students gave heart-touching patriotic speeches after which members of every department of the organization performed a dance on a patriotic theme. The audience consisted of all the residents of the Ashram and people form the nearby villages all of whom enjoyed the performance and the entire program.
State-level Science Fair
Krupaba and  Hinaben of grade 9 of the Vivekanand School participated in the State-level Science Fair held at the Bhuj, Kutchh from 25th to 27th January 2019 along with the agriculture teacher Chandrakantbhai. They prepared the project and the display on 24th in the space allotted and exhibited their project for the next three days. In the first part on Organic Farming, the students were supposed to make projects on simple economical and multi-purpose tools for farmers. The students of Vivekanand School worked on the project of a new machine from various parts of an old bicycle which could be used to do small agricultural tasks such as sowing, weeding, pesticide spraying, etc. 450 schools of the state participated in the fair and all the visitors and participants were given a simple explanation of the project by the students of the Vivekanand School. The students had an enriching experience and learnt a lot from various projects in the fair.
‘Discussion on Examination’ Program
Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the students of grade 10 and 12 through an interactive session named "Pariksha Par Charcha", also being dubbed as "Exam Ki Baat" at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium wherein lakhs of students from across the country participated. This students of the Vivekanand School also participated in the program on 29th January 2019 through a projector in the assembly hall where it was streamed lived. The Prime Minister gave very good advice to the students and their guardians and the students were inspired by his thoughts and his guidance to them to give their best. This event was also attended by all the teachers, school staff and the principal.
Yoga Camp
A five day yoga camp was organized at the Vivekanand School from 9th February 2019 to 13th February 2019 by the U.S. based well-wisher Mr Sudhir Parikh wherein all the students of the school were divided into groups and were trained in various yoga postures by Sudhirbhai’s wife Niruben. The students were given all the accurate information of the various yoga postures they were taught. The students were also taught Pranayam along with yoga. On the last day of the camp, the students were given certificates for completing the camp and were advised to adopt yoga and Pranayam in their daily lives and follow the routine regularly.
Blessings Program
A Blessings Program was held on 28th February 2019 at the Vivekanand Higher Secondary School for the students of grade 10 and 12. Since these students have board (state level) exams in March, a program was organized wherein the elders of the organization (trustees, teachers, etc.) can bless the students, give them tips and wish them luck for their examinations. All the students, teachers, staff and the trustees gathered in the assembly hall at 9 a.m. and started the program with prayers and devotional songs which was followed by the lighting of the lamps by the Chairman and the trustees of the organization. The Chairman and the trustees then blessed the students with small speeches and explained to them the importance of writing their examinations with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and especially with an honest conscience. One of the teachers then acknowledged everyone present for their time and efforts after which the program was concluded with the national anthem.


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