Mar 4, 2020

Supporting one girl supports Men, Women and Community at large.

Nadia (alias) comes from the village of Dhulli in the District of Chakwal. Her family financially is not well off. She has seven sisters, none of which were able to complete their education. Nadia loves to study and even though she was taken out of school in 8th grade, Girls Educational International is happy to say that she is back in school, now in 10th grade. GEI covers her transportation costs to and from school, which is approximately $70.00 a year. 

Javeria (alias) is also from the same district, but a village a bit further out. She is 14 years old. Although she was set to get married, after expressing interest in her studies, we are happy to learn that her wedding was called off. She is currently in 9th grade. Girls Education International is delighted to cover the fees of enrolling her back in school.  Because of her village's proximity, her transportation costs are about $100 a year. 

These and similar stories are what keep our small team at Girls Education motivated and excited to have this opportunity in the first place, to reach young people in some of the most marginalized groups of society. 

It is our pleasure on this International Day of Women to highlight our partnership with Pakistan organization Bedari that facilitates our support of 60 young women from five different villages. If we, together with your help, couldn't provide help with their transportation to and from school from their remote villages, these and other young women would possibly have very different paths in life, usually picked out for them and often against their will. So, thank you!

We wish you, our supporters, a beautiful Women's Day this year. We hope it is filled with smart, creative, interesting and beautiful women in your personal lives. Women that have a choice to make their own decisions, good and the bad ones. Enjoy them, support them and love them. And please remember that you have touched lives of other young women who also appreciate you and are forever grateful for your kindness and your understanding that supporting one girl, supports men, women and the entire community we all live in, this beautiful yet fragile planet that we all call home. 

Thank you!




Feb 25, 2020

From Students to Teachers: Congrats Sada and Asia!

Asia Teaching Math
Asia Teaching Math

Greetings Girls Ed Supporters!

As we approach our celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) we have a lot to celebrate!

Enhancing our Social Media Presence 

In small news, we finally joined the masses on Instagram. Find us and Follow us: @girls_education_international

From School to Career, Students to Teachers – Congrats to Asia and Sada!

After completing secondary school and participating in several academic study camps, seven of the young women we support elected to pursue a certificate in Nursery School Education. In Fall 2019, they completed their studies. Between October and January, several of them have been hired as teachers in local schools! The first was Lois, and we reported on her through GlobalGiving and on our blog in November. You can read about her here.

Now we’d like to share updates about Asia and Sada. Both of these young women were hired by Rauf Islamic Pre- and Primary School, which is located in Ujiji, a town neighboring Kigoma. 

In the attached video, you’ll hear Sada responding to Lucas’s questions in an interview recorded in her classroom. The interview was conducted in Swahili. Here is a rough translation of Sada’s responses: 

Sada works at Rauf Islamic Primary School. She teaches nursery school. She also teaches standard 6 (grade 6). She is bringing home a salary of about 100,000 Tanzanian shillings ($43 USD) per month. With this money, she pays rent (for her room in Ujiji) and the rest she saves for her future studies. She wants to continue to study and pursue a diploma in Education. She really enjoys teaching and the children like her. Her parents are very happy that she has a job. She said they still can’t believe it. To supporters, she says thank you so much for the support and wishes you all a long life. She also requests continued support for all the young women so they can reach their goals (to pursue degrees). Her ultimate goal is to one day be a school administrator.

Asia also works at Rauf Islamic Primary School. She teaches a gardening class, reading and math. The photos and video show her working with young learners who are identifying and naming numbers in English. She is thrilled about her new job, as are her parents. Asia and Sada are also delighted to be working at the same school! 

These young women are a testament to the impact of education on life and community in Tanzania. In Tanzania, young women like Sada and Asia – who both come from villages surrounding Kigoma town – would likely be married and perhaps with children by this age. Thanks to the support of Girls Education International, they completed secondary school, they attended multiple academic study camps, they performed well on national exams, and successfully completed certificate programs to become nursery school teachers! Now they are happily employed, inspired, and motivated to keep learning and see how they can grow in their teacher roles. When they are ready to marry and become mothers, they will do so with a solid educational foundation that will inform the decisions they make as teachers, wives, mothers, and members of their society!

International Women's Day -- Girl Fund Campaign. Join Us!

Girls Education International is part of GlobalGiving’s Girl Fund Campaign. Please join us for a celebration of International Women’s Day as we strive to raise $9,000 – our annual budget for the work we do with our partner, Bedari, in Pakistan. Similar to our work in Tanzania, the work we support in Pakistan is creating the future teachers, nurses, and educated mothers of the country. The campaign runs from midnight on Friday March 6th through midnight on March 13th. To celebrate International Women’s Day, GlobalGiving is giving out $15,000 in bonus prizes during the first 24 hours of the campaign! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information! You can donate to our campaign here

Thank you for all you do to support Girls Ed so we can continue to support the young women of Pakistan and Tanzania! 

With gratitude, 

The Girls Ed Team

Sada Teaching in Primary School
Sada Teaching in Primary School
Asia with her reading books
Asia with her reading books
Asia teaching numbers in English
Asia teaching numbers in English


Feb 14, 2020

Another Cohort Embarks on High School!

Study Camp - June 2019
Study Camp - June 2019

Greetings Project Wezesha Supporters! 

In this update we have some great news about our recent Form IV graduates. Sadly, we'll also share news about the loss of one of our students.

First, the good news. In November, our last cohort of Form 4 students sat for their national examinations. In January, we received the results and we are pleased to announce the following:  

All seven of our young men passed their national examinations and will begin high school this year! They all joined us for their first study camps in 2016 and attended all 6 that were available to them (each December and June) during the course of their secondary studies (i.e., O-Levels). We are sure that these camps contributed greatly to their success on the demanding national exams.

In addition to their academic development, their parents, teachers and other community members have celebrated the ways in which these boys did in fact become men over the course of these past few years. They developed high levels of responsibility and accountability during the months that they lived on site for camp, alongside young female students with similar academic and professional aspirations and in the company of men and women teachers who served as their role models. When they weren't studying during the day, they were taking on many chores that their mothers and sisters would likely do for them at home, such as cooking and doing laundry. They really took pleasure in helping Mama Amina in the kitchen and bonded with the young women in the camp -- all becoming like family, watching out for one another, sharing stories, studying, and celebrating their respective religious events and holidays, such as Eid following Ramadan and Christmas.  

So, please join us in congratulating the following Project Wezesha future high school students:  Anzaruni, Elias, Felisiano, Lameck, Malick, Sospeter, and Yohana!! 

Malick finished with a Division I placement, meaning that he will be sent by the government to a top boarding high school. Anzaruni and Lameck finished with a Division II placement, which also guarantees a spot at a high performing, well-resourced school. We look forward to following them on this next phase of their academic and life journeys! 

Our great loss this past year was the passing of our exceptional student Waridi, who died in December very suddenly due to an undiagnosed illness. Waridi was a student with Project Wezesha since 2013. We selected him when he placed first in his standard 7 class at Bubango Primary School in Bubango Village. There was no doubt at that time that he would excel. We supported him through 4 years of secondary school, 2 years of high school, and were proud to see him start at Mbeya University of Science and Technology in October 2019. Waridi is survived by proud and loving parents, two younger siblings, and an entire community who were thrilled to watch him inch closer to his dreams of becoming an engineer.

In honor of Waridi, Project Wezesha has created the Waridi Dunia Scholarship Fund. All future support for post-secondary education provided through Project Wezesha will carry his name, and his legacy will live on in every student that comes after him. You can see young Waridi and hear about his goals in this brief video we recorded before he left for high school in 2017.

Waridi inspired many along the way. Like many of his Project Wezesha counterparts, he led with a pure heart and dedication to his family and community. He was grateful and humbled by the support that Project Wezesha supporters offered for years.

Waridi’s light shines on in others like him. Help us continue to impact communities, inspire youth to dream big, and lift young men and women out of poverty with education. Help us build up the Waridi Dunia Scholarship Fund by making your contribution today.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us for the 10+ years we’ve been working in Tanzania. Our students’ success is your success!

With full hearts,

Rai and Lucas
Project Wezesha
A Proud Partner of Girls Education International

Waridi in 2013
Waridi in 2013


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