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The mission of Girls Education International is to expand and support educational opportunities for underserved females in remote and developing regions of the world. We work with existing non-governmental and nonprofit organizations in the regions we serve. These local organizations already have relationships and infrastructures in the rural communities where we work that allow us to build upon and maximize existing resources.
Jan 29, 2016

Just Getting Started - TZ Science Labs Update

Amahoro Secondary School
Amahoro Secondary School

Dear Project Wezesha Supporters,

Thank you so much for diving right in and joining us to launch our new initiative to equip Amahoro Secondary School with science labs. With these labs, students can actually experience science! When we think back to our science lab days in high school, we might recall very vague memories about beakers, dissection, chemical reactions and cool experiments that demonstrated physics, chemistry, and biology. Imagine trying to grasp all of that with nothing but the words from your teacher's mouth written on a board.

Two of our current high school students, Dibeit and Tumsifu, are currently studying a PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) combination, with the hope of attending medical school one day. These two scored well enough on their primary school exit exams to be selected for private, boarding secondary schools in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma respectively. The advantage they had over their peers who remained in the Kigoma region was that they were able to use equipment and have hands-on experience with science! Thanks to this chance to see science in action, they not only did well on their exams at the end of secondary school, but they were hooked on science! 

As we continue to work with the village leadership and the Ministry of Education to equip Amahoro Secondary School with science labs, we will keep you posted! We anticipate that this will be a slow process - we know from the experience of building the school in the first place - but, a little patience goes a long way. So -here we go!!

Here are a few shots of the school from my recent trip in January. Thanks to the dedication of the school community - teachers and students - there is no shortage of trees on campus, which is a rarity at most Tanzanian secondary schools.

All the best and thank you so much for your support!


Rai Farrelly
Co-founder, Project Wezesha
ED, Girls Education International

Amahoro Secondary School
Amahoro Secondary School
Saidi, Tumsifu and Dibeit in Dar
Saidi, Tumsifu and Dibeit in Dar
Jan 12, 2016

Steady On

Dear Girls Ed supporters and friends,

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016!

As the old saying goes "no news is good news," especially for our students in Liberia. Just a year ago, schools and most public buildings were shuttered due to the Ebola outbreak. In direct contrast, our girls have finished the first half of the 2015-16 school year, enjoyed their holiday break and happily returned to school without interruption.

Five of our sponsored students are on-target to graduate from secondary school this spring: Abigail Gainda, Benetor Gbessay, Comfort Zlauwogue, Jessica Ansumana and Mercy Jaetor. It has been a long road for these and all the Girls Ed students and we are so proud of their determination to finish their educations.

And hats off to their parents, who not only give their daughters a gentle push when needed, but also advocate -- loudly -- for more scholarships for other deserving girls in their communities. We'd love to honor their wishes, but we need your help. For the price of a weekly coffee habit, you could set up a re-curring monthly donation to help give educational opportunities to other girls in Liberia.

Many thanks for all you do!


Dec 29, 2015

A Word of Gratitude from Our Student, Ismail


Greetings Project Wezesha Supporters! We wanted to write and send warm wishes for the holidays, and what better way to share a little warmth than with a warm fuzzy letter from one of our students to all of you!

Ismail joined our program years ago! He was among the first scholarship students that Project Wezesha admitted into the program. After secondary school, Ismail didn't score high enough on the national examinations to go to high school, but he had the option of our continued support through vocational school. Since then, he has been immersed in his studies to become a mechanic and driver, which will open many doors to him in the Kigoma region, and well beyond! But without further ado, these are his words to you!

My name is Ismail. I’m living at Kiganza, Tanzania. I was born on May 12, 1990 in Kiganza, Kigoma. I’m living with one parent - only Mother. My Father was died the year 1998. The time when Father was died, he was remain with seven children and I’m a fourth child born. I was starting primary school the year of 2000, and I finished the year of 2006 for that year, I was fail the Examination and I repeated primary school at Kagina primary school in 2008. I passed the Examination and I was so happy for that time.

Then I joined secondary school Form One at Kagongo Secondary. It was 2009 up to 2012 - I finished form four. I was happy because Project Wezesha was supporting me to cover all cost from form one up to form four at Kagongo Secondary School, under Sister Rai and Brother Lucas - Thanks for all.

After Secondary, I was continue to study to join (VETA) - the means of VETA is VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINIG AUTHORITY.   I was taking Motor Vehicle Mechenics, under the cost of Project Wezesha, between the year of 2014 up to 2015 and I’m continual to train even now. At the year of 2015, I had a Debe of 300,000 Tanzanian shilings. This is the cost of fees per year for my course. Also I have a challenge, because I like after this grade I need to continual grade three, up to grade four. I’m still sending my request for Project Wezesha (PW) to continue to supporting me up to the end of my study - not only me, but also and other people.

For myself I’m attaching so many thanks for Project Wezesha and all peoples or any Organizations who is supporting Project Wezesha to supporting me from begin up to now, because without Project Wezesha it was difficult for me to be here right now.

So I don’t have more to say, but I can say thanks, thanks, thanks a lot and God blessing you and Project Wezesha. Also I wishing you to continue to help other poor people like me because there is some people they need to get Education but they don’t have any supporter to supporting.




So, along with Ismail, let us extend our deepest gratutide for your support. Know, as always, that your contributions to Project Wezesha go straight to the cause. We're a small organization and you can always trust that when you donate to our programs, the money goes to one of 3 places:

  1. The schools (school fees)
  2. Local shops (for textbooks and supplies as needed for our students)
  3. Lucas's Salary (his annual salary is $3,000 - and boy do I wish it could be more! Half is paid by Project Wezesha and half by Girls Education International. By local standards, he's doing well, but on his salary, Lucas supports his family - paying school fees, covering medical expenses, buying food, clothing, and basic housing needs. He's a good man, that Lucas!).

So, if you're still thinking of ways to give for the holidays - consider a donation to Project Wezesha in honor of a loved one. GlobalGiving will let you choose to send either an eCard or print a real card to send with love. Or perhaps you would like to make an end-of-year contribution. In any case, thank you for your support thus far and again, Happy Holidays! Smile, spread kindness and let's hope for a brighter world in 2016!


Rai Farrelly
Co-Founder, Project Wezesha
Executive Director, Girls Education International

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