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Nov 6, 2011

As always your support makes us strong

N.Vinitha - Melaputhumangalam
N.Vinitha - Melaputhumangalam


All our donors at the Global Giving,

We extend our sincere thanks to all our donors for their recent donations to Society for Poor People Development (SPPD), Trichy. Your interest in helping out our children in continuing their education with more elasticity will now place them in a better position to face the future ahead.

Thanks to donors like you, we have provided the children with the educational support. The children are very interested to go to school as most of their school materials are available to them and they move to school without any inferiority complex in their minds. They are also able to complete their homework at ease and hence we hope that we could bring down child drop outs.

We will be very happy to if you could spend your valuable time at our premises and meet some of our children who have benefited through this support.

Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on the children profile and our campaign through our quarterly newsletter and monthly emails.

Again, thank you for all you do for our organization. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.

Thanking you. 



With the generous contribution received through YOU, the children who have benefited under this support have shown commendable progress in the quarterly examinations held during this quarter. They are very excited and keen to have regular attendance at school which obviously marked good results in their academic records.



Name                          :           N.Vinitha

Class                          :           VIII

Father’s Name             :           Nallathambi (Late)

Mother’s Name            :           Chinnaponnu

Sisters                       :           Two

Occupation                 :           Welding shop

Place                         :           Melapudhumangalam

School                       :           Govt. Adi Dravidar Hr. Sec. School, Thulaiyanatham

Sep 15, 2011

SPPD-News Letter Issue II - June 2011

Birthday celebration
Birthday celebration

 I. Rosaleen Larkin Children’s Home:- 

  • A survey was conducted in and around Thuraiyur block for children who deserve support from us. A careful run through of the students’ case study was carried out. Following which the parents of selected students were called and brief narration was recorded by Mrs.Parimala, Care Giver of Children’s Home. After complete verification, we have admitted 9 new children for our home. Totally there are 33 children i.e. boys 14 and Girls – 19 for the coming academic year.
  • On 13th April, a farewell party was organized to felicitate Mr. David Ferguson, English Tutor from Annalivia School of Languages, Ireland for his English Teaching Service to the children and the staff in SPPD. It was wonderful to have Mr.David with our home children. His passion for teaching has made our young ones develop an interest in the subject. His play way method of teaching has made learning a joy to our kids.
  • Birthdays of our home children R.Nandhakumar, N.Sarathkumar and P.Harishkumar were celebrated. This was the first time in their life they had such celebrations. They were given new clothes and surprise gifts were presented to the birthday babies. A sense of fulfillment was obtained on witnessing the happiness our children shared with us on those occasions. At least, we have made one of their dreams come true.

 II. Evening Study Centre:-

  • We have 21 centers holding a total strength of 640 children in 21 villages. Efficient tutors are appointed to handle these classes. At the centre, they not only complete their homework but also learn life skills, Spoken English, Eco-protection, cultural activities and participate in Sports & Games as well. Awareness on tree planting, cleanliness, good habitual practices, toilet usage, etc. are taught to them. To build up their immunity, we provide them with nutritional support in the form of dates and other fruits.
  • Anti-Child Labour Function:- To necessitate the importance of elimination of child labour, an Anti Child labour function was conducted by our organization, on 25th June 2011. The function was honoured by Mr.R.Navamoorthy, Sub-judge and Secretary of District Legal Services Authority. Tutors from 20 centres, SHG members, children at the home were the participants. He stressed that children have been enrolled mainly in jobs like granite works, Textile companies, hotels, etc. – poverty being the root cause for such malaises. Other child related issues like child trafficking, child marriage and child abuse were also touched upon.
  • Project Visits  :- All the tuition centers were visited by the Programme Coordinator. A list of students who don’t have electricity at home, who don’t wear slippers, etc. was collected. During the visit, feedback from each tutor on previous year’s activities was collected.
  • Stationery Distribution to tutors:- On 18th May, the stationery materials for tutors were distributed by Mr.R.Sasikumar, Programme Coordinator, JHC. This would be helpful for them to run the ESC tuition class without anyproblems.
  • Refresher Training for Tutors:- A refresher training session was organized for all the tutors by Mr.Raju J, Secretary on 18th May 2011. Tutors submitted their feedback of the last academic year’s activities. Suggestions given by the tutors to improve the status of our centers were also appreciable. As new tutors are appointed for the next academic year, the rules and regulations of tutors was also discussed.
  • Health Check Up:- As a follow up of the medical camp held in April, medical prescription of the concerned students given and medicines purchased were distributed. Some of our children had returned with health problems from their vacation leave. They were taken to the hospital and treated.
  • As schools reopened only during mid of June, the study centers started functioning from June 15th 2011. New tutors were recruited for four centers. The club members for Nature club were selected. The rules and regulations for successful execution of activities were discussed.
  • As per the survey and feedback of our tutors, it was analyzed that two centers – Periyavelanganatham and Nachiyampatty need special attention in English classes. Hence a Special Coaching class is to be organized for these two centers.


III. Non Residential Educational Support (NRES):-

  • Through this programme, we offer continuous educational support to very poor, meritorious village students who have passed 8th standard. Every month, we give financial support to those students in order for them to cover school fee, Note books, Uniforms, foot wears, soap, oil, talcum powder etc.
  • Enrollment for 2011-12:- Last year (2010 – 2011) out of 55 students 52 students have passed their annual examinations and three were detained. From these 52 students who have secured a full pass two students have shifted their locality due to personal reasons. Hence only 50 students are selected for the NRES Support – 2011-12.
  • School Visit :-Annual exam results for all the students were collected. Out of 55 students, 52 were promoted and three were detained.
  • Pre-Orientation Programme for Parents and Students:-A pre-orientation programme was organized for the parents and their children (NRES Students) on 21st May 2011. Students and parents were welcome to share their views on the last year’s activities.  After this session, the stationery was distributed to the children by Ms.S.P.Rengalakshmi, Programme Administrator. The Bursary support (note books, pen, pencil, eraser, scale), pass book was distributed to the students. The project coordinator visits the students and monitors the maintenance of the bursary support and pass book by the student





















Felicitation to Mr. David Ferguson
Felicitation to Mr. David Ferguson
Anti Child Labour Function
Anti Child Labour Function
Refresher training for tutors
Refresher training for tutors
Pre orientation programme for students and parents
Pre orientation programme for students and parents
Stationery distribution to students
Stationery distribution to students
Aug 5, 2011

Our heartfelt thanks for your support

One of our beneficiaries
One of our beneficiaries

All our donors at the Global Giving,

Thank you for your recent donation given to Society for Poor People Development (SPPD), Trichy. Your commitment to helping abandoned / orphans / semi-orphans children in our community to continue their education with more flexibility, thereby reducing the growing rates of child dropouts now places them in a better position to help them prosper economically in the near future.

Thanks to donors like you, we have provided children the educational support. The children are now eager to go to school as their basic requirements are now at their reach. They can do their homework at ease and hence we hope that we could bring down child drop outs.

We invite you to take a tour of our residential site and meet some children who have benefited through this support. We are always proud to show off our facility and have our supporters meet the children we serve with the help of your generosity.

Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on the children profile and our campaign through our quarterly newsletter and monthly emails.

Again, thank you for all you do for our organization. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.



After a thorough survey and detailed verification of the applications received, children were selected under the scheme “Education for 50 rural children”. As the main object of the scheme is to support the deserving students the opportunity of continuing their education without any obstacles, the objective was brought to reality on 24th July 2011. We hope and pray that this support would continue for the students and believe that your continuous support will help us curtail the growing child labour. 


Beneficiary 1

Name  : V.Madankumar

V.Madankumar is studying 8th Std. in the Panchayat Union Middle School, Ganeshapuram. When he was in his early childhood, his father Mr.Veeramani expired. Later his mother Mrs.Thiruselvi got remarried. She left her son with his grandmother and now they do not about his mother’s whereabouts. Since his grandmother is too old, Madankumar’s uncle who is working in a textile factory, helps them with a small amount. They don’t have anyone to support their family’s financial shortcomings.

As days are passing by, his grandmother is now having problems in her vision. She approached SPPD to join her grandson in the Evening Study Center. Considering his situation and after cross verification by our staff, he was enrolled in the Centre. Madankumar has shown good improvement in his studies and hence he was recommended by his tutor to be selected for the bursary support. After verifying his educational status at the school, we supported him with this support. His ambition is to become a doctor and serve the people of his locality.


Beneficiary 2

Name  : N.Manikandan

N.Manikandan is studying 8th Std. in the Adi dravidar Hr. Sec. School, Thiruthalaiyur. His father Mr.Nataraju was a drunkard. When he was in his drunken state, he consumed poison and died. Manikandan has three elder sisters and a younger brother. His mother Mrs.Rani was working as a coolie and with the income she was earning; she found it too hard to make both ends meet. In order to help the family, his elder sister, after completing her X std. started working as a coolie.

Their mother often falls sick and she is not able to go to work regularly. They don’t have anyone else to support their family in financial terms. Now the family is totally depending on the eldest daughter’s income only.

Manikandan has good interest in studies. His sister approached the tutor at the ESC and requested her to recommend her brother for the evening tuition center. Taking into consideration her family situation, we enrolled him in the ESC at Thiruthalaiyur.

After his enrollment, he has commendable improvement in his studies and also tries to develop his interest in other fields also. After verifying his educational status at the school, we enrolled him with this support.

Beneficiary 3

Name  : R.Elayakumar

R.Elayakumar is studying 8th Std. in the Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Thiruthiyamalai. He belongs to a very poor family. His parents Mr.Puviyarashan and Mrs.Indurani expired eight years back as they were victims of HIV / AIDS. He is also found to be HIV +ve and is now under treatment. He consumes ART medicine regularly. He has one elder sister who has completed her X Std. She is working in a garment factory as an embroiderer in Thirupur. They are staying with their grandmother. She works as a daily wage laborer (coolie) and takes care of both the children. They don’t have any other moral support. Elayakumar is an average student. Since the income they get is sufficient only for the daily needs, she approached the tutors to join her brother in the ESC at Thiruthiyamalai.

After enrollment in our ESC, he has shown much improvement in his academic records. His ambition in life is to become a teacher and render his services to the children of his locality. Considering his family situation and finding his interest in studies, he was recommended by our tutor for the support.

One of our beneficiaries
One of our beneficiaries
One of our beneficiaries
One of our beneficiaries
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