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Feb 25, 2019

Our sincere thanks to the donors of this project!

Thanks to the generous people who believe our project is progressing positively and for helping most affected people by Cyclone Gaja of Vedaranniyam and Thalainayar block of Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu.

Our first effort towards this relief programme was to conduct a face-to-face survey with the residents of the focused area with support of NAMCO organisation. Our team of members was at the project site a week ahead collecting complete details from each family. The survey recorded details from 200 families. Following are the findings of the survey conducted.

  • The residents told the team members that so far they have received bed sheets, food provisions, mats, etc. which was helpful to them and thanked every good person who offered their services.
  • Their agricultural tools and their belongings were damaged and lost in the cyclone. They were in need of agricultural tools. Their livelihood was depended on agricultural activates and the tools was the base for their agricultural work.

The primary purpose of our mission is to provide poor, marginalised farmers with agricultural tools. Most of the farmers have lost and damaged their tools in the cyclone. 70 women farmers received their tools with support of Global Giving donors.

True Story:

Ms.Rani and her family live in the Vedaranniyam block of Nagapattinam . The main occupation of the family is agriculture. They own 1.5 acre of agricultural land. They cultivate rice and timber value tress. The income generated from the agriculture support the family. The cyclone has affected their land and damaged their tools and properties.

The cyclone has affected their main income generation activities. They were in immediate need for the tools. With the support of GlobalGiving donors the family received the required agricultural tool.

“We have received the regular relief work from supporters, but the tools was one of the most important and essential one which will support our life” remarked Ms.Rani.

Feb 21, 2019

Giving new hope

Thank you for your kind donation and your support gives new hope to the flood victims.

With the ongoing support of Global Giving we have tried our best to assist the victims of the Kerela floods. In line to the project activity cited in the proposal and based on the community’s need, the donation helped to provide a proper shelter for themselves and to take care of their family.

The provision of these most basic items will allow those affected to focus on beginning to rebuild their confidence after these devastating events.

True Story

Ms. Girija Ramakrishnan, resides in Moopainadu Panchayath, Vaithiri Thaluk, Wayand District, Kerala. Her husband is working as a temple priest; they have two children studying in their own village school. Their children educations were supported by sponsorship. Girija is a house wife, due to her illness and poor health ; she was not able to go for any work to support the family. The father was the breadwinner of the family. They were living in small shed kind of house the walls and kitchen roof of the house were collapsed in the heavy rain (Flood Time).

We found that they didn't have financial capacity to reconstruct the damaged house. Due to damaged walls and roof, during the rainy season water leaks through the damages. The situation is worst in the cold winter. As well they have monkeys; snakes etc entering the house as there were no proper covered roof and walls.

With the support of Global Giving donors, our team has taken over the responsibility of repair their house and completed the work. With overflowing emotions they thank and blessed the donors.

Feb 19, 2019

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment 

Your contribution to our project through GlobalGiving has a huge impact on the educational support for the rural youth of our locality at large. We see this as a new beginning and believe more progress is possible which upshots a future full of promise and hope.

We take this wonderful opportunity to sincerely thank you for your continued support in this project .Your kindness and generosity has enabled to reach out to the students who are in need of our help.

Manivasagam’s father passed away when he was 3 years old. His mother is working as a coolie labour for a daily wages. . His sister is in grade 9. His mother is the breadwinner of the family. Due to financial shortcomes, Manivasagam was demanded for early employment to support the family. In spite of their hardships his mother was interested in educating her kids.

“I was very interested in pursuing Hospitality Course but the only drawback was the distance from my residence to the institution which I felt will be an added burden to my parent. The orientation given by SPPD team , “Earn while you study” had drawn my interest to this institution, and now I’m pursuing Hospitality Course.

I’m thankful to the donors for their support. The free lunch, travelling allowance and educational material support offered has considerably lessened a part of the educational expenses to be met out by me,” says Manivasagam.

Dinesh’s father is milk vendor and having small barren land in his own village. His father is the breadwinner of the family. His elder sister married with support of his father’s hard earned money. The family lost their elder son in a road accident.

After completing his schooling, he came to know about the Hospitality courses and he enrolled himself. During his study period, he was provided with free lunch, travel, study material and accident insurance with support of Global Giving donors. He is known in the internship programme in Bangalore.

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