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Sep 30, 2019

New hope......

We take this wonderful opportunity to sincerely thank you for your continued support in this project .Your kindness and generosity has enabled to reach out to the students who are in need of our help.

True Story:                                             

Devi (name changed) is 15 years old and is studying grade 10. She had lost both her parents her father Sasi (name changed) and mother Setha (name changed) . Her father while working as a truck driver had contracted HIV infection due to casual sex. But he had not disclosed this to his wife and other family members. Devi’s mother having been transmitted with the infection by her husband died ten years back and her father died seven years ago, leaving his little daughter behind.

With all the relatives from her father’s side having abandoned her Devi’s maternal grand mother takes care of her with the poor income she is able to make as a coolie. Devi too had been found to be infected with HIV five years back and since then she has been under ART therapy.  As the ART therapy leaves the HIV victims extremely weak and their resistance to diseases decrease due to low CD4 count, Devi was struggling very much.  Her grandmother with her very poor income could not provide her the required nutritional food to help her cope with her health condition.

In such a situation, the help from SPPD in the form of monthly nutritional supplements has been helping her to recover from her poor health status and to focus on her studies. For this great help Dei and her grandmother wish to thank the donors of Global Giving and SPPD for  facilitating the same.

Details of Nutritional Kit provided for a child for a month:-

Milk                                         :           Twice - daily

Eggs                                        :           One daily

Dates                                      :           Five days in a week

Health Drink                           :           500 gms tin

3 type of Cereals or Pulses  :           1 kg each


Impact of the project :

To improve the quality of life of such children, such support was extended to them. Records have mentioned that the weight of this child has increased.  Where three meals a day was uncertain to this family, this support has brought remarkable change in the health status of this child.   

Aug 19, 2019

Education is the key to open the doors ......

“Education is the key to open the doors of a better future for thousands of youth worldwide.”

SPPD made it happen by the support of the generous support of GlobalGiving. Many thanks for the generous donors.

The SPPD approaches the students who are not able to continue their studies after completing grade 10th & 12th due to poor family back ground poverty due to laps in education, un educated parent,  addict to alcohol etc.

The aim of the project is to help those poor rural youth by giving training in skill oriented works and education by breaking all the obstacles such as mid day meal, travelling expenses, uniforms, inner wears, note books and other study materials.

We made it happen by the support of the generous support of GlobalGiving. Many thanks for the generous donors.

True Stories:

Kumar is 18 years old and is undergoing Certificate course in the craft of food production in Hospitality trade.His parents, Ms.Latha and Mr.Perumal are no more. He has three siblings while his elder sister is married and lives in a nearby village, his brother Vijayakumar, the sister Buvaneswari are staying with him. The two are younger to him. The brother is studying 7th grade at the Thulayanatham government school and his sister is studying 11th standard in the same school.

Being parentless Kumar has been taking upon the responsibility of taking care of his siblings on his shoulders. He works in a small local bakery from evening 4’ o clock until 8 pm after his study hours at the academy and during the week end days of Saturdays and Sundays. Though the income he earns is very minimal, the family manages the essential needs by making use of the ration supplies distributed by the government civil supplies department.

Their staple food is fully met with by only the free rice they receive from the monthly rations. Consuming even a few vegetable items is a kind of luxury for them, leave alone meat. In such circumstances, Kumar always wished to equip himself in a skill that would help him to land in a good paying job as quickly as possible. He is a hard working student.  

And he feels, the course he has taken up now has made his dream come true. This is because, apart from receiving free lunch and the bus fare for travelling from his village to the institution where he studies, he has the opportunity of paying the fees for the course he undergoes from the income he could earn, as stipend during his internship period. And hence, Kumar thanks the donors of GlobalGiving extending the help.

Monisha is 18 years old and has a mild physical disability. She had lost her mother at the time of her studying 5th standard. Her family is very poor as her father has been taking care of the family from the meager income he earns through the odd jobs he gets in the village. After Monisha’s mother’s demise her father had got married to another lady. And after the birth of a child, Monisha’s step mother had started   ignoring and ill treating her.

But overcoming such ignorance the physical disability, Monisha would fulfill all her personal needs herself without depending on others. And at the instance of her father, she has taken up the course of in Hospitality Administration.

She is very good in her studies and wants to support her father and become financially independent herself. Monisha and her father wish to express their gratitude to the donors and GlobalGiving, for the support she has been receiving in the form of free lunch during the week days at the academy and for meeting the conveyance charges from her home to the place of her studies daily . They feel that this help has been greatly helpful, given the extreme financial difficulties that Monisha’s family had been facing.

Jul 1, 2019

Thank you for your care and support.

We wish to thank GlobalGiving for the invaluable support being extended to our intervention for the children living with HIV/AIDS. We take this opportunity to thank the individual donors for their kind assistance towards helping the kids living with HIV here in utmost need.

To improve the quality of life of such children, support was extended to them. Records have mentioned that the weight of this child has increased. Where three meals a day was uncertain to this family, this support has brought remarkable change in the health status of this child.  

True Story:

Kumar (name changed) is studying 11th grade. The family lives in a small tiled house, his father is infected with HIV/AIDS and has been taking the Anti Retro Viral (ART) treatment for the last 13 years. He works as shepherd herding goats. Kumar and her mother too are infected with HIV and have undergoing ART. But the other child Kumar’s sister Priya (name changed) is not infected with HIV.

Kumar has been benefiting by the nutritional package provided by SPPD since the year 2012. His father says that only because of the nutrients that he gets from the nutritional kit, Kumar has been able to maintain the CD 4 count at a very good level. According to him his son enjoys to be able to relish the eggs, milk and the health drink , grams and date fruits from the nutritional kit.

He is so happy that Kumar has been able to concentrate on his studies and has reached 10th without any major opportunistic infections afflicting all these years, because of the nutritional supplements he receives all these years. He recalls the terrible struggle he had to undergo before the family started receiving the nutritional support from SPPD. The family of Kumar as a whole wants to be grateful for this help being extended.

Stephen (name changed) is studying 10th standard in the own village school. His father was working as a truck driver and he passed away in the year 2006 due to HIV/AIDS. After his death Stephen and his mother went in for screening tests and both were found to be infected with HIV/AIDS. She has been undergoing ART since then and Stephen has started the treatment only last month as his CD4 was more than 1000 initially and has started dropping only in the recent months.

Stephen’s mother has been a member of Red Ribbon unit functioning with the facilitation of SPPD since the year 2004. His mother’s health condition is worsening and yet she keeps going for work, as the entire family depends on her earnings. She says while her association with SPPD as a member of the Red Ribbon unit has gone a long way in making her aware of most of the vital information on HIV/ AIDS.

She further says that this helps her in the very difficult task of bringing up her two children both of whom are infected. His mother attributes the same solely to the regular intake of the nutrients. She along with the children thank Global Giving and the donors for the continued help.

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