Dec 6, 2018

Empowering youth... Transforming lives

Empowering youth... Transforming lives… Making a Difference…

Thanks to the generous people who believe our project is progressing positively and for helping out our youth in grading themselves as skilled trainees.

Rural and Semi urban Youth communities, after completion of their school final they tend to go for labour work or any other daily wage work. Due to our intervention among the youth communities about skill education programme and acquiring employable skill development, they are intended to go for skill and vocational education.

Besides, SPPD implements Noon Lunch aid to the campus students who are hailing from rural and semi urban areas, with support of “Global Giving”. Travelling Allowance is also being provided to the students. These kinds of support would help them to avoid regular attendance with any dropouts and will lead them for good settlement in the right employment.

True Store

Mr.Sanjaykumar’s father was expired due to illness and his mother leads the family for their bread and children study through daily wage work in Groundnut processing factory. The poorest family having a dream on Mr.P.Sanjay Kumar to rescue from the jeopardized situation.

He joined the two year diploma course in Hospitality. The main reason why, he has joined in the course to earn instant remuneration after completion of the course, since it is meant for highly job oriented and skill diploma course. Besides, job opportunities are plenty in the Hospitality industry. The way he learn will escalate to the immediate next level i.e, he will be able to support for his family survival of the fittest.

He was provided with free Food (lunch), travel fare, Uniform, Identity card which reduced the burden of the family and helped to continue his education without difficulties. With continuous training and of more practical learning he gained confidence.

We seek your support to fulfill the dreams of such youth and provide them with an opportunity for a better life.    

Oct 24, 2018

Journey towards Sustainable Development

Thanks to the generous people who believe our project is progressing positively and for helping out our youth in grading themselves as skilled trainees.

This project has provided excellent educational opportunities to the growing youth for holistic growth and development, which will put them on the path toward breaking the pervasive cycles of poverty and also have bright future in their career.

Once again we thank Global Giving for the incredible support. To work it out the task among rural youth with even more aspects effectively.

Hopefully, trusting your support, for the upcoming days....

True Story :

Kubenthiran’s father has bedridden the family for a year. Since that period onwards his mother took care of their family. She earned daily wages as an unskilled labour. As though in the hardship, she tried her best to support his son education along with his father’s medical treatment. Day by day, the circumstances seem to be worsening. On that particular situation, SPPD team advice, which on the contrary diverted his interest towards pursuing a skill, and the opportunities that are available just at his reach.

“I am thankful to the people supporting this programme, and the opportunity it has given me for training. In a couple of months, I will be a certified trainee, with which I can seek my career in prestigious hotels. Wherever I am in life I will remember the education I have obtained from this training here – I will hold onto it.”

We are grateful to all our donors who have accompanied us in this journey by contributing their hard-earned money in supporting these youth to acquire skills. 

Oct 2, 2018



We have been uplifting the life of HIV/AIDS affected parents and begotten children to be healthier by the support of donors. The nutritional packs which we provide have an effective impact and help their body to response for their treatment.

Physical traumatic of HIV/AIDS parent are helpless for the source of income. The Nutritional diet lends a hand to increase the duration of life and to be stronger . Therefore we are eagerly seeking the support of donors; to bestow much more effective impact to live a life secure and without hassle.


Vivek (name changed) is studying 11th grade in the Zamindar Higher Secondary School at Thuraiyur. He has a younger brother who is studying 10th class. His father Tharman (name changed) is infected with HIV and he has been undergoing treatment at the Government Hospital, Trichy for the last 10 years. Fortunately none of the other family members are infected. The children of the family are getting profited from the interventions of SPPD since the year 2010.

Vivek‘s (name changed) father owns a small tailoring shop with a single sewing machine. In the monthly nutritional kit he gets a package comprising of 30 litres of milk, eggs 30 nos., green peas 1 kilogram, pigeon pea 1kilogram, Nutritional drink (Horlicks) ½ KG and Datefruits 60 pieces. According to the family members of Vivek has been greatly benefited by the nutritional supplement provided by SPPD all these years. This has gone a long way in keeping the CD4 count on a good level of him with the nutritional supplements.

This has ensured Vivek to be free of any major opportunistic disease. The family members say that considering the poor income of the family, but for this monthly provision of nutritional items, the health and the continuation of education of Vivek would have been in jeopardy. And hence they thank the Donors who have made in possible through GlobalGiving and SPPD profusely.

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