May 20, 2021

We could do our bit during pandemic

Interventions for Covid19 lockdown

Migrant Laborers:

The industrial units and commercial establishments in which the migrant laborers were employed in the working areas of SPPD belonging to the districts of Tiruchirappalli, Karur and Perambalur had been shut all of a sudden leaving the migrant laborers clueless.   And all modes of transports had come to a standstill keeping the migrant laborers stranded. SPPD immediately stepped in and extended a helping hand to the interstate and inter district migrant laborers during these times of corona pandemic induced lockdown.

SPPD distributed immediate relief materials sponsored by online portal of Give India and the alumni of NIIT.   The stranded individuals and families belonging to the migrant labor sections were given immediate relief in the form of dry food rations. The batch of migrant laborers were given dry food rations comprising of cereals, pulses, food oil, wheat flour etc that would last a month for a family worth Rs. 3500/-.

Unorganized Laborers:

The workers belonging to the unorganized sector such as workers of restaurants, road side eateries, hawkers, workers of barber shops etc had to bore the brunt of lockdown blues in our region. The commercial establishments to which the workers were attached were all of a sudden had been shut leaving them clueless as all most all of them could not even get their pending wages. And they pushed to the point of starvation within a few days after the announcement of lockdown.

And SPPD immediately wanted to help them with relief materials and distributed dry rations to the affected families of these workers. Dry ration worth Rs3500…/ comprising of rice, wheat, pulses, cereals and food oil were given to them. As many as 3000 families belonging to these sections were given the same. For about four months since the beginning of lockdown this relief work was carried out by SPPD.

Hill tribals and potter communities:

The members of the nomadic hill tribal community of “Malai Kuravas” who had come down from the neighboring hills of Eastern ghats such as Kolli hills and Pachamalai hills camped at the plains near Musiri too suffered terribly due to the pandemic caused lockdown. The members of this community mainly the women used to be engaged in the work of basket weaving. They were literally starving as the demand for the bamboo baskets woven by had dried out completely. SPPD stepped in and helped the members of as many as 50 belonging to Musiri and Thuraiyur administrative blocks. These families were given dry food rations for a period of three months.

Similarly, the families of traditional potters who form part of resource poor communities of the working areas of SPPD received the food ration kits during the months of March, April and May consisting of the essential food items. A total of 25 families belonging to this community were given the food kits.

 Urban Homeless communities:

The lockdown announced by the government in the month of March literally left the homeless individuals and families who are part and parcel of the city of Chennai were pushed to despair. Food packets were given to the orphaned individuals mostly the aged and mentally unsound dwelling in the road sides of the city. The nomadic “kurava” families who lead a life like gypsies mainly dwell under the number of fly over bridges that criss –cross the city along the long stretch from vadaplani bus terminus to Avadi also were given the food packets daily apart from the members of the transgender community.

The   Covid19 pandemic have been casting its shadows on the children in the worst way. The schools remain shut for more than a year and this has not only impacted their academic wellbeing but their whole personality development have been badly dented. Both the psychological and physical needs are not being fulfilled because of long time closure of schools.

Children belonging to the marginalized sections and the rural kids who used to be getting their nutritional needs served by the free noon meals formerly are now deprived of the same. Under such circumstances, the on line Charity portal Give India came forward to help to fulfill the nutritional needs of the children affected by closure of schools. As many as 1000 children have been receiving food kit monthly in our working areas since the month of October 2020. The food kit combo comprises of pulses, health drink mix, date fruits etc enough to fulfill the needs of a child for a month.

This intervention made possible by the benevolence of the sponsors of Give India platform has served many purposes other than merely fulfilling the nutritional needs of children. That is because during the last one year since the outbreak of pandemic and lockdown caused livelihood loss have led to the reemergence of the evils like child labor and child marriage in the case of girl children. SPPD has effectively made use of this intervention of distributing food kit as negotiating tool to prevent the evils of child labor and child marriage in a big way.                    

Apr 26, 2021

Children living with HIV ensured with immunity

It is well known the year of 2020-21 happened to be an unprecedented and unfortunate year as Covid 19 has impacted all sectors of the society throughout the world. The local   communities belonging to our areas especially the marginalized sections like daily wagers, migrant laborers and small vendors had to endure enormous pain economically as their livelihoods have been badly affected. In such circumstances, our target communities of children living with HIV and the children of those living with HIV have also have been facing impacts of the pandemic times.

In these conditions, SPPD has been extending help by generating awareness among the children as well as the adults who live with HIV on the importance of following the preventive measures against the transmission of the corona virus. This apart during the year, fortunately the children living with HIV and the children of those living with HIV in our working areas could be extended help through contributions that we have received from the online charity portal Give India.

These children have been receiving nutritious supplement kits every month comprising of three types of cereals, pulses, dates, the health drink of Horlicks and packets of nutritious mix required for a month. The nutritional supplement goes a long way in keeping these children with serious health conditios and vulnerability, relatively healthier physically. This apart as assembly of people are risky due to pandemic situation as social distancing has to be followed, the parents and the children living with HIV are being counseled over phone on the matters concerning their physical and mental well being. Periodic calls are made by the team members of SPPD as part of counseling measures. Now the aggressive spread of the virus in the second wave since early March this year has been threatening the victims of HIV like all others among the local communities here.     

Feb 20, 2021

Skill training to youth

Empowerment of Rural Youth

A good number of youths here have been able to get the opportunity to undergo training in high job oriented vocational skills through this project. The support they receive in the form of cost of travel from home, lunch, uniform, etc. have proved to be vital in enabling the mainly the children of forced migrant laborers with assured careers and economic empowerment.

The internship options that the youth get even during the period of their undergoing the courses itself, is a great boost for the youth. Most of the youth undergo courses in the hospitality management such as Hotel management and Catering Technology. And the internships help them meet the payment of fees for their studies through the stipends they receive during the internships apart from landing them in solid careers in the same establishments.

During this academic year, a total of 285 boys and girls benefited by the assistance extended by GlobalGiving. The youth who formed part of the project and their daily wage-earning parents were sensitized on the protection methods of safeguarding from getting infected. Similarly, the youth received online classes from the institutions they were studying during the months of March and April in order to ensure the social distancing norms.

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