Apr 7, 2021

Information about the refugees and resource mobilization for our project continues

Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for being the first to support the project. The number of refugees from Ethiopia to Sudan continues to increase despite the Ethiopian government's blockage of the escape routes. We hope that there were will be peace in Ethiopia so that the refugees can return home.

We have received important information about the Tigray refugees from Freelance journalist and project advisor Millete Berhane-Meskel of Denver, Colorado, who visited the Sudan camps. She reported that people are full of trauma due to the experience of persecution and the evil things they saw and experienced such as killings, beatings, and rape.  Some were attacked by machetes and knives and many saw mortal victims lying on the roads. Millete quotes Mr. Belay, a Tigray refugee “We saw evil things, people whose necks were cut, limbs hanging,” Belay said. “There was no one to bury the dead. They were just lying there.

The demographic structure of the Tigray refugee community in Sudan includes old women and men, young girls and boys as well as children; and from all professions including a medical doctor who is helping the refugee community. According to the Dr., there are hundreds of women that were raped by the invading Ethiopian forces. Most of the refugees are from Western Tigray.

While raising the necessary funds we are also looking to identify a partner that is on the ground working with the refugees to help us partner to implement our project.

We are sharing the pictures of the Tigrayan refugee camps that Millete Berhane-Meskel kindly shared with us.

Again, thank you for your support and please share the project with you friends and family to help us raise the necessary fund.



Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Photo by Millete B.M.
Mar 10, 2021

The war in Tigray continues - Livelihood disrupted

Dear project supporters and contributors,

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. I wish I can say that all is good in Tigray where our project is located. The war that started at the beginning of November has not stopped.  My contact with the village is still cut due to lack of telephone communication. News reports in social media are reporting that there are fierce battles going on now between the Tigray Regional government and the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces.  More than 61, 000 Tigrayans have moved to the Sudan as refugees, millions of people are internally displaced.

The UNSC and the US are working for a cease-fire and the withdrawal of combatants from the region. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have detailed information on the crisis. Here is the link FYI.



Rape, pillaging of household property and widespread killing are being reported.  

Let’s not lose hope. When peace eventually returns our project and its methodology will serve as a tool to strengthen the capacity of the households to rebuild the destroyed livelihood and contribute to sustainability. In the meantime, please push for a ceasefire and the withdrawal of non-Ethiopian forces that are destroying the region.  

We will appreciate if you use your social media to bring peace and security to the Tigray region.

Thank you for all your support,

Tsegay Wolde-Georgis

Nov 11, 2020

Challenges - COVID, locust and now an ugly War

Dear Friends and Contributors,

The new year started great for our project. I visited the project area and was excited to see the current progress and future potential. Our 2020 funding was great. However, the rest of 2020 has been tragic. First, it was COVID-19 then the locust infestation followed and is still ongoing. Recently. we sent vegetable seeds to the village through a volunteer who traveled to Tigray.  Unfortunately, there comes a manmade disaster, war.

On November 3, 2020, the  Ethiopian Federal government declared war on the Tigray regional state due to a constitutional misunderstanding. There is a blackout of communication in the region as the internet and phone lines are cut. All banks are also closed and a curfew is declared in the region. No civilians and commodities are going into the region. The place has now turned into an active war zone and a humanitarian disaster is expected by many experts.  Our plan to discuss priority projects after the harvest is now disrupted. 

We need to pray and appeal for a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities as well as phone and internet access. Please contact your representatives to stop the war in Ethiopia and avert any humanitarian disaster. 

I am sorry to send you this bad news.

May peace prevail in the region and the world so that we can focus on development. Thank you.

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