Apr 15, 2019

Updates From Women Empowerment Team

The military interventions continue to disrupt the daily lives of the people in our villages in the NW Region in Cameroon. Despite the fact that the Women Empowerment Team has not been able to return to our homes in Zang Tabi Village and the Meta area in the NW Region in Cameroon, the team has continued to create opportunities for our group while we are on the run. 

For example, we have conducted educational workshop about the goals and objectives of our organization JRCCA to encourage locals to join us in creating and negotiating to develop economic opportunities here in Cameroon with investors and partners in the USA, especially in Tyrone, GA.  Our goals and objectives are to be prepared to rebuild our homes, hospitals, urgent care centers, provide clean water and promote and create jobs that will improve the economic development for the area and our neighbors in more than 28 villages when the military interventions are over and we are allowed to return to our villages.

We have organized a group of ten delegates who are scheduled to travel,  meet with and attend the annual Light of Cameroon, Legacy Proclamation in honor of our founders and leaders Ma Salome and Pa John, and the Leadership Economic Summit in Tyrone, GA. USA from May 11 through June 9, 2019.  The delegation will be led by the honorable Lord Mayor Beatrice of Mbengwi Meta City Counsel in collaboration with our honorable President Ma Comfort. The stated objective is to properly honor the Legacy and humanitarian work of Ma Salome over several decades in the NW Region of Cameroon, meet investors and tour businesses of interest that will help us to develop an economic foundation in the NW Region of Meta

The attached MOU explains the relationship established in the JRCCA Memorandum of Understanding with Mayor of the City Council of Mbengwi with regards to all activities including the main project of constructing the JRCCA American Corner in Tonekoh Zang Tabi Taah Meta to serve more than 28 villages for youths and creating jobs and employment to help deal with the growth and development of our youths.

Apr 15, 2019

Displaced Families Are Still On The Run

These displaced families remain at risk and are currently experiencing starvation, diseases and political persecution, as they are not guaranteed basic rights in their own country.

This project continues to affect more than 200000 families, children, women, men, youths from more than 28 villages in Meta and neighboring English-speaking people who are still hiding in the bushes and who have escaped to other areas in Cameroon including seeking refugee status in neighboring Nigeria and other countries of the world, who have fled their country in fear of their lives; and more than 500,000 internally displaced persons of "Ambazonia" fleeing the genocide by French Cameroon which in 2017 embarked on "scorched earth" policy, wherein hundreds of thousands of "Ambazonia" villages have been razed to the ground by French Cameroon soldiers, after looting and burning of property.

To say the least, these conditions are unbearable and not conducive to any kind of economy activity in "Ambazonia".  There are no functional schools, courts, or administrative offices in" Ambazonia" as we share this update report.

As you may already know in 2016 the common law lawyers of the Republic of Cameroon, who are residents of Former British Southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia, embarked on a general and indefinite strike to protest marginalization and rampart discrimination against English speaking residence of the NW and SW Republic of Cameroon in all walks of life, in particular, education, law and administration, just to mention a few areas of concern by the people.

This drastic action was due to the fact that the lawyers were snubbed, brutalized and tortured on the streets, after submitting a manifesto to the government of Cameroon requesting a return to the 1972 constitution of the country, to enable them to practice common law, and establish "rule of law" in the country, which is their inalienable rights based on their heritage as a former colony of Great Britian, who voted in 1961 to achieve independence by joining French Cameroon or the Republic of Cameroon which coincidentally is the name of the two states now.

Feb 7, 2019

Updates from the Field by JRCCA President

HIV/AIDS Project update Report by JRCCA President


Updates from the field

By Gideon , Celine , Will, Valery ,  Project Team Members


HIV/AIDS Project


February 11, 2019


Good day and I hope that this report will meet everyone in good health and spirit.   The purpose of this report is to update donors on our efforts to implement our HIV/AIDS mobile project in the Zang Tabi Taah, Meta Mbengwi North West Region in Cameroon, Africa for the people within 28 villages in the remote jungle area in Meta Cameroon in which family members, teenagers and children are suffering from the horrific effects of HIV/AIDS.


Sadly, we have to report at this time that the military conflict in the NW and SW Regions in Cameroon continues to make it unsafe for our team to implement our mobile health unit in the area of Zang Tabi Taah, Meta Mbengwi North West Region in Cameroon, Africa.  Our team had to abandon our work in the area and evacuate to an undisclosed safe area outside of the Meta area.  The JRCCA health team has continued to be inspired and determined to provide basic HIV/AIDS health care and training while on the run and in hiding from the military conflict. We are committed to assist the families to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in our villages and communities.  Several of our Health Team members had to leave their homes with only clothing on their back during the night. Working in the area with the on-going military crisis is unsafe for our health team at this time.  While in hiding we are maintaining basic health care for our displaced families.


Despite the danger of traveling in the region we have been informed that Nancy Azah and her husband Njong who were killed during this crisis will be replaced at the hospital and we will be able to continue to collaborate with the hospital to provide services for our clients in rural areas in the future when the crisis is over.


The Cameroon Medical Council says, due to the ongoing conflict, the exact number of medical staff who has fled the two volatile regions is unknown.  More than 300 civilians and security forces have been killed in Cameroon's English-speaking regions since 2016, when separatists launched their drive for an independent state they call Ambazonia.  The United Nations says at least 200,000 people have been internally displaced in the conflict and tens of thousands have fled to neighboring Nigeria as medical staffs abandon hospitals in Cameroon's troubled region in a report by Moki Edwin Kindzeka.


On August 28, 2018 we succeeded in moving families and health team out of the deep forest in Zang Tabi Meta NWR to an undisclosed site where they are safe from the gun shots but are facing other adversities living in a foreign area in their native, Africa.

The health team reported on their Education training and awareness on JRCCA HIV/AIDS Project conducted on December 15, 2018.    JRCCA Team in Yaounde on the run held an educational training class led by Madam Valery on HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness. Presentation started with word of prayer by the President and followed by a welcome and introduction of Valery one of the

JRCCA Health Committee team member in charge of JRCCA HIV/AIDS project.

Who thought us on the definition and how to prevent it and stay healthy? Valery then thought the team about the definition of HIV/AIDS . She defines it as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. She said HIV is the virus and Aids is when the antibodies are infected. She stated that the first step to train people who go on the field and educate the people to know their status and decide. Once clear, it should be avoided by all continuous educating the people and conducting annual check. She was assisted by Madam Will and Madam Comfort who are both members of the health committee. It was agreed that they will be conducting their training while on the run so as to prepare and trained personnel, put their plan together on how to implement when the they returned to Zang Tabi Taah Meta villages where the HQ is located after the crisis is over.  


Present at the Meeting where: 

  1. Comfort   
  2. Loveline   
  3. John  
  4. Ruben   
  5. Will   
  6. Richard   
  7. Ruth 
  8. Rose 

Meanwhile our Staff from the field indicated that is still not safe to return to Zang Tabi where we will l conduct our training of staff that will assist in the sensitization, education and assist victims or affected. In the meantime, while on the run we are continuing our training while celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, we also plan our meetings, visiting and working with groups and communities in Yaoundé. 


We also  continue to  pray for peace to come and received those who come to visit us and listen to our plights like Patrick,  Patricia, Beatrice ,  Walters, Mundi ,  Charles etc.. More updates to come. Our challenges are many but we are thankful to God for our sister organization JRFIUSA and the many good people out there who are praying for us and providing us with the sustainable support that make us continue our humanitarian efforts today and after this is over so we can return back to working with our communities in the Jungles of Meta that are in dare need of our services and efforts.. God bless you all.


Report submitted by President Ma Comfort 

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