Oct 31, 2019

HIV/AIDS Project While On The Run


We are very grateful for our supporters and support for our displaced families who are on the run from our homes, villages and communities while this war crisis has been ongoing in the META (English Speaking) part of Cameroon in the NW and SW regions of the country. 

Despite the fact that our families have had to survive many unforseen conditions for the past couple of years with little or no resources, we can today say that we are holding our heads high and praying for the best outcome for our families. The increase in instability of our families have increased the issue of HIV/AIDS in our environment. 

We are happy to report that we have continued to maintain our focus on good health in our place of hiding and in the field by conducting good health talks and training classes and handing out free health packages that are given out to those who are still hiding out in the bushes. 

Because of the hostile climate in the area,  many people are afraid of leaving their hiding place in the bushes for fear that they might be killed. These families have a desperate need for basic medical supplies and food. 

At the beginning of the month of September, the President directed the Prime Minister to begin a dialogue with the victims from the NW and SW region. 

As of this date, we are unaware of any progress in the conditions that existed before the President recommended that there be a conversation to see if the issues which led to the conflict could be resolved. 

As of this report there have been no changes in the conditions that impacted the day to day life style of the families who are displaced and are experiencing more difficulities because of lack of coordinated resources that are basis for human survival which includes opening the schools for our children to attend. 

In some cases, our children have not attended school for the past three years.

We are hopeful that a resolution to the issues which brought about the crisis will be resolved in the very near future in order for our families to return to their villages,homes and communities and continue to grow and develop their lives in a healthy manner and spirit. 

At this time we have a desperate need for basic health supplies as well as upgrade in food and shelter for our families still in hiding  in the bushes and those who are on the run  in the French speaking areas and/or in other border countries.

Oct 4, 2019

Cameroon National Peace Dialogue


Cameroon President Paul Biya announced earlier in September that Cameroon would start a dialogue on Monday, September 30, 2019 in an effort to solve the separatist conflict that has killed thousand in the country's English speaking regions of NW and SW in the past two years.

We are grateful and thankful for the support that we have received and we are looking forward to the day when we can return to our homes and villages and live in peace without hearing the sounds of gun shots and having to hide out in the bushes without food and shelters and proper medical supplies. We want to see our children in schools, we want to see life return to villages that have been deserted and heal our wounds and turn a new page.

The President called on all separatists in the South and North East English speaking regions to surrender and be forgiven.  Nearly 3,000 people have died since 2017 in fighting in the regions over the separatist issue, including 300 defense and security forces.  The violence forced more than 500,000 people to leave their homes in their villages and run into the bushes or leave the area for other parts of the county or even in some cases leave the country altogether. 

The talks are being led by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute who represents the South region.  He recently replaced the former Prime Minister for the past ten years who was from the North English speaking region.  On Monday, the prime minister said by solving issues of marginalization, even without the participation of some separatist groups, many fighters would give up their struggle for the opportunity to see a peaceful settlement in order for them to be able to return to their homes and villages in the North and Soutlh regions.

Cameroon was once divided between British and French colonial powers.  English speakers make up 20% of Country's 24 million people and have long complained of being marginalized by the French speaking majority. 

The government responded in 2016 with a crackdown that sparked an armed movement for independent, English speaking state called Ambazonia, which was declared by a militant secessionist group.  This group started attacking Cameroon officials, the military and police working in the region. The violence was led by teachers and lawyers who protested against alleged discrimination at the hands of Cameroon's French speaking majority.

Oct 4, 2019

Women's Right in 28 Villages While On The Run!

Begining Construction to continue develop skils
Begining Construction to continue develop skils

Despite the fact that we have been on the run from our villages in the North West Region in Cameroon, we have not allowed this challenge  from preventing us from continuing our mission which is aimed at providing a lifelong sustainable opportunity to all women and girls in different facets of life within the nation of Cameroon. We continue to focus on our goals, objectives and mission to develop our women and girls to become all that they can become in life.

We are very grateful for the support that we have received to include room and board and some basic needs such as medical supplies, etc., however, the need is great and we are in need of upgrades to our current situation.

While we have been on the run, we have continued our weekly education and training session to enhance our skills in preparation for developing self-reliant communities and villages by partnering with philanthropic organization and institutions which provides reliable training environments and tools that guarantees growth and change from the kitchen to ownership of our own business and working skill jobs in education, health facilities and business environment such as banks.

We were able to obtain a piece of proprety in our new home environment and we cleared this land of brush in order to begin laying the foundation for constructing low income houses for for displaced families from the NW and SW areas in Cameroon, Africa.  Upon the completion of this project we hope to have space for our organizational headquarters, emergency care center, computer center that will house our school program so that our students who have not been in school for the past four years will again be able to continue their education in a modern educational learning environment. 

We pride ourselves in engaging in humanitarian projects which will benefit people from the rural environments in Cameroon to the Urban centers that will provide educational as well as recreational development projects that will contribute to the wholesome development of our youths, especially our girls.

Cameroon started a national dialogue Monday, September 30, 2019 in an effort to solve the separatist conflict that has killed thousands in the country's English-speaking region (NW/SW) in the past two years. Cameroon President Paul Biya announced the dialogue earlier in September when he called on all separaratist in the South East and North East English-speaking regions to surrender and be forgiven.  More than 500,000 people were forced from their homes due to the violence.

While on run we continue to train leadership skill
While on run we continue to train leadership skill
JRFIUSA Volunteer Visited Displaced families
JRFIUSA Volunteer Visited Displaced families
Low income housing project forDisplaced families
Low income housing project forDisplaced families
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