Mar 22, 2021

Build 1x4 Classroom block for 300 pupils in Zambia

Dear Partners

Giving an update to benefactors who help us made a difference in the lives of the children of Nyamasinda is always a moment of joy and appreciation. 

Let me start by informing you about a change of our organization’s name, from Rural Children’s Hope to Save The Girls, change driven by the changing landscape in our communities where girls are still being denied access to education and are victims of early marriages and teenage pregnancies. Last Sinda District from January to September, recorded 171 teenage pregnancies as a result of school closure due to COVID-19.[1]That said, allow me to thank you for your continued support, since 2018, towards the building of the school in Nyamasinda.

From a tiny one classroom where more than 300 learners were receiving their education, we are now boasting of 3 additional classrooms, which are at roofing level.

 Day after day, our learners keep on asking us the same question: “when are we going to start using the new classrooms?” With the sensitization that our teachers have been giving to the learners of the public health and social preventive measures against Covid-19, learners are looking forward to the day they will be able to apply social distancing in the classrooms.

With our 1x3 classrooms block at the roofing level, since November 2020, we can only count on your continued and generous support for its completion. The Covid-19 pandemic’s community spread has been on the increase and cases of Covid-19 have since been diagnosed in Sinda District. Urgently roofing, fixing the doors and windows of the new building is for now our only hope of saving the lives of our learners and protecting them from the pandemic. We need your financial support now than ever before. Please give us the final push and impact the lives of the children of Nyamasinda.   kindly consider starting a monthly recurring donation and share the project to your friends to support this noble cause.

Thank you.

Faithfully yours

Lusaka, 21 March 2021

Christine N. Mwasiti, PGDipPH, BSCD, BBA

Save The Girls CEO



Jan 13, 2021

Help Construct 1x2 classrooms for 115 vulnerable

Rural Children's Hope project  in Nyakuwalo village has made it possible for children to have access to education .This village was neglected for years children had to walk long distances in order for them to have access to education. parents were keeping their children home especialy children from 3 to 6 because of the distance . through this project we have managed to bring  the community to work together in the construction of a temporal structure  made of grass to provide to their children a safe place to learn . children were moved from under the tree  to the new  temporal structure made with grass by community members while waiting for the construction of a permanent structure.  the community leader appreciated the fact that their children can now go to school even the number of children have increased.The money which was donated by our partners through GlobalGiving was received in November and due to COVID-19 it has been not possible for us to do the work. currently the number of COVID-19 cases have increased even in the rural areas cases have been identified. When the number of cases reduces we will resume work and learning has not been easy because we are dealing with children aged 3 to 6 it has not been easy for them to wear mask at that age as seen in the classroom in the attached documents.

Attached are pictures showing the work done by the community members , teachers and pupils in class.

Your finacial support to the education of these vulnerable children in the rural is really appreciated.

Thank you.


Dr. Dhally M. Menda
"Cast your Bread upon the waters: for you shall find it after many days." Ecclesiastes 11:1
Nov 23, 2020

Build 1x4 classroom block for 300 pupils in Zambia

Dear Partners,

On behalf of Rural Children’s Hope Senior Management, I would like to thank you for your consistent financial support, especially during this difficult period of shrinking economy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your support has helped us move an other stage in the construction of our class block, which very soon will be accommodating the learners, as we provide quality education to them. 

Faithfully yours

Lusaka, 20th November 2020

Christine N. Mwasiti, PGDipPH, BSCD, BBA

Rural Children’s Hope CEO


Progress Update

Education is a fundamental human right. For this reason, no one should be excluded. Equitable quality education may lead to social justice and sustainable development. It is in this vein that we strived to ensure continuity in the provision of education to the children of Nyamasinda.

The period under review had not been easy for us, in the rural Zambia. As it is for the rest of the world, the Covid-19 pandemic had equally affected our operations. After a long period of restricted movements and lockdown, period during which schools were closed and activities had slowed down, most of our planned activities could not be implemented in good time.

The reduction in the numbers of community transmission of Covid-19 had pushed the Ministry of health to easy the restrictions, and allow schools to reopen. Though we reopened, not all the learners came back to school immediately. Classes were affected, because the tiny spaces that we utilize could not allow us to impose the social distancing measure of sitting the learners 1 meter apart, in one classroom. 

Besides these challenges, and with the support of the community and a builder that we had hired from Lusaka the Capital City of Zambia, we managed to continue the constructions works. With your support, we have managed to raise the foundation, build all the walls of the 1x3 classrooms up to the roofing level (see pictures below). The Lusaka experienced builder took the opportunity, during the constructions works, to mentor the local bricklayers and dagger boys, and transfer knowledge and skills, which could be useful in the next phase of the works. 

At this stage, we are looking to you, dear partners, to help us finish the building by roofing it, plastering and placing the doors, the windows, the ceiling and equipping it with desks for use. In a context of Covid-19, we do not have the luxury of time to confine our learners in one room, for fear of spreading to Covid-19. It is our sincere hope that the next support that we expect from you will help finish all the works and start using the newly constructed block for the education of these deprived and vulnerable children. 

I appreciate your continued support which is already making a difference in our community and are looking forward to your generous unfailing support.


Income from GlobalGiving: ZMW 25,213.93

Expenditure (in ZMW): 

  1. Building materials: 14,894
  2. Food for community members: 2,000
  3. Food for workers: 500
  4. Fuel: 200
  5. Transport: 1,055
  6. Labour : 6,300

Total Expenditure: 24,949

Progress in Pictures 

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