Jan 16, 2018

Report of Evidence for Hydrotherapy Effects

This scientific report supports the concepts that Dzherelo Centre uses to assist children with neuro-motor barriers and other disabilities in the Hydrotherapy Project. We are continuing to raise funds for this worthwhile program. Parents are reporting they have stronger and calmer children when the hydrotherapy sessions are completed. We'd like to think these benefits are due to the child’s willingness, but it seems mostly to do with the water, care, and support of parents and therapists cheering the motivated child. 

Article abstract: "The use of water for various treatments (hydrotherapy) is probably as old as mankind. Hydrotherapy is one of the basic methods of treatment widely used in the system of natural medicine, which is also called as water therapy, aquatic therapy, pool therapy, and balneotherapy. Use of water in various forms and in various temperatures can produce different effects on different system of the body. Many studies/reviews reported the effects of hydrotherapy only on very few systems and there is lack of studies/reviews in reporting the evidence-based effects of hydrotherapy on various systems. We performed PubMed and PubMed central search to review relevant articles in English literature based on “effects of hydrotherapy/balneotherapy” on various systems of the body. Based on the available literature this review suggests that the hydrotherapy has a scientific evidence-based effect on various systems of the body."

Conclusions: This literature review reflected on the wide variety of human body systems that improve with use of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy produces different effects on various systems of the body depending on the temperature of water and though these effects are scientifically evidence based, but it's unknown as to why these changes occur. Further studies are needed to determine the mechanisms of improvement. 

N Am J Med Sci. 2014 May; 6(5): 199–209.  See the report here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4049052/

Dec 12, 2017

Children's Hydrotherapy Program

Dzherelo Centre children's Hydrotherapy Pool
Dzherelo Centre children's Hydrotherapy Pool

Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation Centre hydrotherapy program hosts children who are seeking to relieve pain and muscle issues related to their physical conditions. The hydrotherapy pool is great for gentle exercise, rehabilitation, and pain management. The benefits of hydrotherapy can include reduced muscle pain, improved flexibility, and general well-being while in a relaxed setting. Swimming is proven as low-impact exercise. Our centre serves over 175 children daily and to date over 5000 since Dzherelo’s inception in 1993. 

Our hydrotherapy program is run by qualified physio-therapists and supported by parents. Recently, one mother was able to see her child gain muscle strength through learning to reach for water noodles. Another child demonstrated improved shoulder movements by learning how to throw balls into a net. Please consider sharing about our project on Facebook or another Social Media. Thank you for learning about our Centre! 


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