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Aug 30, 2019

Amazing progress

Part of the Green Phenix team for "waste no more"
Part of the Green Phenix team for "waste no more"

The 'Waste no More" project has made amazing progress in the last few months. With now 2 extruders, 2 recycled PET 3D printers and a grinder we started producing the first products out of waste plastic from the island of Curacao.

With these new unique machines from '3D seed' we made really good steps. Then with 9 'yu di korsou' people joining our team through the SOAW learning project we were able to bring our operation to a next level. 

Experimenting with 3D designs and different PET bottle brands, we created a vide variety of products printed with bottles that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. Soap holders, decorative lizards, sea turtles, bracelets, coasters, logo's for differnt organisations and plant holders are just some of the products that we have printed so far.

With the extruders we have made 6 different sizes of beams so far, which we can use for multiple applications. 

We've set up the first steps for a collaboration with Selikor, the largest waste collector on Curacao and we introduced our project to the Dutch Represenatives, the Britt Club and the minister of Education, Science, Culture & Sports.

This week we will be presenting for the rotary and next week we will be pitching in front of a jury because we have been nominated for the Social and the Sustainable Innovation awards for 2019. Exciting times with good things ahead!

With the larger team we now really need an industrial shredder, so we can speed up the production. That will be the next big step towards a circular economy on our beautiful island. But since we now have the whole production up and running and lots of people interested in our initiative we are hoping that is a next step that we will soon be able to make. 

Sharing the stories we have on our social media is highly appreciated, because we want to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to create a local recycling industy that not only stimulates a circular economy, but also creates employment opportunities. 

Some of the printed products
Some of the printed products
Some of the extruded products
Some of the extruded products


Aug 16, 2019

Annual activity report 2018

Dear donor,

We are happy to announce the publication of our annual report of 2018. Although it came out a little later than we have hoped, we are very proud of the end result and all the activities that took place in 2018.

Many thanks to everybody involved with STCC in 2018, everybody involved with putting together this report and special thanks to Karina Vasiljeva to make the great layout of the report.

We hope you will enjoy reading it and we would like to sincerely thank you for your support to our cause.

Without the support of donors we would not be able to do all the work we have been doing for sea turtles and their habitat, so masha masha danki. We hope that for the following year we can again count on your support. 

Together we can make the necessary change and we really do need action. We have a lot of exciting activities planned for the remainder of 2019 and we will do our best to protect sea turtles and their habitat to the best of our abilities, using research, conservation and education as the most important drivers.

Thank you again for your support in the last year. We could not have done what we did without you!

Jul 11, 2019

Final report of the In-water population study

This is the final report for our Project "In water sea turtle population study". At the end of the year we repeated the study we did at the beginning of 2018. Again, lot's of turtles were found in the north shore inlets that showed tumors. These results are a great concern, however, due to a lack of funding we cannot continue researching this area.

We did prepare a plan for action to continue and we will be contacting stakeholders this year to see what we can do to keep monitoring in water.

On the south shore the in water study continues, with non invasive methods.

We would like to thank everybody that supported this project and we hope that we can continue the project in the future. Our mission to protect sea turtles and their habitat contiues, but for now we will be focussing on other threats.

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