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Jan 31, 2019

A New Secondary School

Thanks to significant contributions from an anonymous donor and a partner church, EduNations commenced the construction of the Rokassa Boarding Home Secondary School on January 8th, 2019. The ground-breaking ceremony was led by the President of EduNations and attended by hundreds of community members, including students and staff of the Hope Academies in Rokassa.

Here’s why this step is such a blessing.

In the fifteen years since it was founded, EduNations has made tremendous progress to overcome many challenges to provide quality education to the poor, unreached communities in Sierra Leone. Currently, EduNations runs 15 schools in six rural communities in the northern region, providing free education to over 2,700 students in Nursery, Primary and Junior Secondary Schools. In the US, this is equivalent of educating children up to Grade 9.  Since the commencement of operations in Sierra Leone, about 2,300 pupils have graduated from EduNations schools. Unfortunately, about 50 percent of the schoolchildren who graduate from EduNations’ Junior Secondary Schools do not continue their education due to the lack of a nearby Senior Secondary School. In 2019, 300 students are expected to graduate from EduNations schools, and without a free Senior Secondary School, half of them are expected to drop out of the school system.

For the other half of graduated students who do have the resources to attend a Senior Secondary School in another town or city, there are still significant challenges. After a long period of academic and moral teaching at EduNations schools, these graduated students go to nearby cities to fend for themselves in their quest to acquire a high school education. Unfortunately, many of them fall prey to predatory relatives or acquaintances who abuse them, causing them to return home to their parents physically and emotionally drained.  These issues have caused many children in the EduNations communities to view attending school as a waste of time and resources.

It is from this dire and grim situation that EduNations developed a vision to start the Rokassa Boarding Home Secondary School. This school will be located in Rokassa – a rural community in Masimra Chiefdom in Port Loko District, Northern Sierra Leone – where EduNations currently operates a Kindergarten, Primary and Junior Secondary School. Rokassa is about 80 miles from Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown, and about 30 miles from Masiaka town, where the nearest Senior Secondary School in the district can be found. Rokassa is surrounded by 37 small villages that have Primary and Junior Secondary Schools but no Senior Secondary School. The Rokassa Boarding Home Secondary School will not only serve Rokassa and its surrounding villages, but all the villages where EduNations schools are currently located. Once this school is in full operation, students from all the other EduNations Junior Secondary Schools will be able to move to Rokassa, live in the boarding home facilities and complete their education in a safe environment.

A very generous anonymous donor has provided a significant amount of funds to help start the project. This wonderful news was received with great joy and celebrations in all the schools when it was announced. Many students expressed a hope that they can finally be sure of completing their education. Another celebration occurred when a very generous partner church of EduNations donated another substantial amount of funds towards the Rokassa Boarding Home Secondary School. These donations will enable us to achieve 75% of the first phase of the project by July 2019.

We are grateful to all of you who are supporting this vision.  If you feel led to help this dream become a reality, please contact us by email at Thank you!


Jan 31, 2019

Exam Results!

Performing well on basic exams is a critical element of completing each stage of education in Sierra Leone. Passing exams administered at the end of Primary, Junior Secondary, and Senior Secondary School allows the student to proceed to the next level as well as to evaluate their progress in comparison to the other students in Sierra Leone.

EduNations works hard to provide free, quality education for its students. Thanks to all of you who have joined us in this mission through supporting our project to provide school supplies to our students. Though EduNations schools are located in very remote and deprived communities without other educational facilities, these disadvantages are overcome with the devoted work of trained, qualified and committed teachers.  EduNations is proud of the outstanding performance of our students on these exams.

Below is a summary of the participation and results in the 2018 examinations:

Primary School: EduNations sent 125 students for the National Primary School Examination (NPSE).  About 90% of EduNations’ students passed and were qualified for entry into Junior Secondary Schools.

Junior Secondary School: EduNations had 67 candidates complete Junior Secondary School and sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). About 80% of EduNations’ students passed and were qualified for entry into Senior Secondary Schools.

Thank you to all of our supporters who continue to believe in our mission to ignite hope through education.


Nov 8, 2018

Thank You!

Thanks to all of our generous supporters, EduNations has continued to keep up with the increasing demand of students who need free education. This year, we were able to provide all two-thousand seven-hundred students throughout our fourteen schools with free school supplies! Needless to say, the students are overjoyed with their brand-new school supplies and are excited to put them to use as the school year ramps up.

Just like in the U.S., school supplies are imperative for the Sierra Leonean students’ success in the classroom. Many of our students cannot afford these simple school supplies because they live in under-resourced communities and their families simply do not have the money. Our students received supplies such as rulers, textbooks, pencils, workbooks, and personal chalkboards. These supplies are the students’ own to keep and use to assist them in their studies. These supplies are necessary not only for the school day, but also for studying and doing homework in the evening on their own time. This is important because the students are required to pass mandatory national exams at the end of the school year to ensure that they are able to move onto the next grade level. If the students do not have the resources to study at home, it is likely that they will not pass these exams. We want to fully equip our students for success here at EduNations and we thank you for making that a priority through your generous giving!


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