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May 20, 2019

Campaign report

The Safecity Trinidad and Tobago Team started as a collaborative initiative between members of the UWI Geography Department and Ms Brafit TT. Soon after, they started working on the #PlayitSafe Campaign, engaging the UWI St. Augustine Campus by having a booth on campus for Anti- Street Harassment week. This set up included Safecity App demonstrations, mapping of unsafe areas on campus, and asking the student body to write how they would define harassment. 

The team’s second campaign was geared towards promoting safety on campus and spreading the message of the #Playitsafe campaign. For this, the team executed and launched video in March, discussing the campaign and providing safety tips for students on campus and persons partaking in carnival. The campaign also included the Harassment and Violence Campaign, "A Carnival Free from Sexual Violence". Lastly, for Anti-Street Harassment Week 2019, the Buddy Up/ Play it Safe Campaign was developed which is geared towards encouraging students to be each other’s keeper by taking interest in each other’s safety on and off Campus. The team has also extended our services by creating a Buddy service where students can apply for a Buddy to be in or near the vicinity of study locations.



Apr 4, 2019

Personal report of a Campus Ambassador

We have selected 10 Campus Ambassadors across various college campuses in Mumbai and Delhi. Here's what one of them, Kajal Antil had to say.

“ To handle yourself, use your Head

 To handle others, use your Heart.”

I can’t help but recall this from a friend’s speech and it is these lines that motivate me to work from the ground level up. I am Kajal Antil, currently a studying Geography in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, an intern at Safecity intern and also a member of International Coordination and Development Programme. Perseverance and efforts in the right direction are the key factors in making anything successful. I like to travel and explores places along with knowing about the communities living in that area. Knowing places and most importantly the people and their problems changed who I am today from who I was a year ago.

I came across Safecity through one of my friends who was volunteering with Safecity at that time. Initially, I used to be very ignorant about issues related to gender and sexual violence issues as I had never faced it personally or came across any problem. It seemed like an ideal world- maybe because I was shielded by my parents or I didn’t want to see the wrongs in the world. But the truth can’t be hidden for too long. In my last year of graduation year, I was finally out of that bubble of protection and had to manage everything all alone in a strange city-Delhi and then started my actual life where I had to face the realities of the world. There began many incidents of harassment on the road, in the metro, in college and everywhere I went and I had no one to share them with. That is when I thought of my friend and Safecity. All these things made me think of the women living around me and their safety. So I decided to join Safecity in June, 2018 and started working with the aim of creating safer public spaces. 

I have been associated with Safecity for almost a year. I am more involved with on-ground activities in Delhi where we have to create awareness on what sexual harassment is and help survivors to break their silence around it in order to fight back against the evils in our society. We conduct audits, workshops, heritage walks, and various other activities. The whole team is involved right from brainstorming ideas to carrying out the activities.

In November 2018, Carmen Meyer, a Deutsche Welle TV journalist came to Delhi to film stories of survivors of sexual harassment for her venture- Breaking Silence, Ending Violence. They collaborated with Safecity, so the team invited few survivors to share their story. Each story inspired us in one or the other way giving us immense strength and hope to fight against violence and to fight for the change.

As a part of the #SPEAK campaign by CIVICUS in December, we organised “Kahaniya-Stories of our Gender” a safe space for youth to listen to and share stories of struggles, healing, hope and courage fighting gender based violence and biases.

Being involved and sometimes conducting such events individually has helped me grow. It helped me develop professional skills to meet the demands of the role and has also given me a chance to know people. It can increased my ability to adapt to different cultural demands and behavioural expectations to handle sensitive situations. Eventually, it helped me make a positive contribution to the growth and development of society in my own way.

I would like to end by saying that working on such issues is not easy but when united efforts are made ‘together everybody achieves more’. We need to be strong like a tree trunk and at the same time we must be like grass, facing extremes by adapting to situations.


Jan 7, 2019

Resources created

Digital GBV Toolkit

We created a digital GBV toolkit in partnership with On Our Radar. The aim is that women and girls, men and boys understand the nuances of gender based violence, familiarise them with international legislation and equip them with resources they can use. There is a directory of audio stories that are being collected so that people can understand this kind of violence better and be sensitised about it. We will continue building these resources that can be used globally. Please do get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

To access the digital toolkit please click here-


An Urban Planning Primer - Reimagining the city from a Woman’s Perspective

We released this primer on Women Friendly cities at the UN Urban Thinkers Campus in Mumbai on 21st June 2018. in collaboration with The Urban Vision at ISDI ACE.

A city designed to make women, children, vulnerable communities or elderly safe is a great city for all. This primer aims to highlight urban design, policy strategies & citizen actions that can make for a more inclusive & safe urban environment for women. This initiative is supported by the Standford Centre on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law’s Collaboration Grant’s Initiative as part of the Omidyar Network Leadership Forum.

You can view the primer here.


Inspiring Action - An audio story exhibition

Elsa D’Silva and her student liaisons at Yale hosted Inspiring Action- an audio story exhibition of survivors of sexual harassment due to bystander intervention and workshop. This was organised with the aim to encourage conversations on empowerment, self-care and interventions when dealing with sexual misconduct. The team showcased 12 audio stories of survivors with bystander interventions of some kind. It was well appreciated because many students felt resonance and comfort in the fact that people do take action. They also said that prior to listening to the stories they did not think of these common incidents as sexual misconduct and were now able to add to their toolkit of resources. You can read more about it here.

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