Oct 28, 2019

A Nurse's Perspective

Asha outside Kagbere Health Centre
Asha outside Kagbere Health Centre

Asha has been a nurse at Kagbere health centre in northern Sierra Leone for five years. Health Poverty Action has been working together with healthcare workers and institutions in this community for over thirteen years.

Asha says, “The biggest problem we face is nutrition. Most children who come here are here with a feeding problem. Most times they have been given water and rice too young, or without a varied nutritional balance. Most of the parents who come here haven’t been taught what food to give their children.”

With support from Health Poverty Action, Asha can teach more parents about the importance of breastfeeding and the different nutritional foods they can give their children to help them grow.

Health Poverty Action's previous work focussing on maternal health in this region has proven to be effective, contributing to a decrease in the maternal mortality rate of approximately 41 percent over the course of three years.


Oct 18, 2019

Fatu and Ami's Story

Fatu is 22 years old and her daughter, Ami, is two years old. They live in a rural area of northern Sierra Leone, where we have been working with the community since 2005, supporting women and children to improve their health and nutrition. With your help, we will continue to work with families and health workers in rural Sierra Leone.

Fatu explains how a year ago, Ami became very sick with malnutrition.

“She got sick, she lost weight and I had to bring her to the health centre.”

When she arrived, the nurses first advised her to buy some fish, bananas and eggs to improve the nutritional balance of her diet. Fatu used the little money she had to do this, but there was no improvement in Ami’s condition.

“She was ill and began to get malnourished. She refused to even eat. At that time I took her to the health centre. They said she was malnourished and gave her peanuts (plumpy nut) and medicine.”

The health clinic continued working with Fatu to identify nutritional food that she could afford, and that Ami would eat. By working together, Ami was able to get better.

“Before, I was giving her rice. I think that made my child sick. Her belly swelled and bloated.”

“They told me to wash my hands properly before giving Ami her food, and to give Ami peanuts in the morning and evening…without this service, I would have lost my child.”

In the future Fatu hopes that Ami will be educated and have a good job, like a nurse or a minister in the government.

With your support, we can ensure that more families like Fatu and Ami’s are able to take charge of their health through good nutrition. We can continue to support health clinics and health workers to spread vital knowledge and provide treatment to even more vulnerable families and individuals.


Apr 29, 2019

Final Project Report

Cooking demonstrations are run to aid nutrition
Cooking demonstrations are run to aid nutrition

Health Poverty Action would like to give a final 'thank you' to everyone who supported the ‘Laos Flood Appeal’ through GlobalGiving.

Last July, the collapse of a Hydropower dam in the Attapeu province of southern Laos resulted in devastating flooding which worsened the already drastic situation in the region caused by two recent tropical storms. With so much arable land destroyed, the people returning to their homes will struggle to sustain their livelihoods and provide food for their families.

You allowed us to swiftly support the affected communities by providing medical care, shelter and vaccinations, amongst other things, in the months following the disaster.

We remain one of only three NGOs present in Attapeu and our staff on the ground will continue to ensure that health and hygiene education remains a priority in the face of dangerous outbreaks. We have been working in Laos for over 24 years and our staff are local to the area; their understanding of the people affected by the flood informs their work, as it does all our projects.

Health Poverty Action committed to raising $25,000. With it we purchased and distributed:

  • Non-Food Items  (i.e. essential household items such as blankets, plastic sheets, containers for water, cooking items and soap)

  • Hygiene kits and medicines. 

  • Education on the most pressing health threats to the displaced communities, including dengue fever, cholera and diarrhoeal diseases.

Your support has ensured that communities are given information, education and materials to demonstrate how the prevention of these illnesses is possible. 

It remains essential to help people rebuild after the destruction, return to their homes and restore their livelihoods. Our work in Laos continues, through our malaria projects and nutrition programmes.

We are committed to the continued, long-term support of the affected communities with a focus on strengthening health systems, managing disease outbreaks, ensuring food security, restoring livelihoods, and improving access to water and sanitation.

Volunteers help to educate on nutrition and WASH
Volunteers help to educate on nutrition and WASH
Food packages and hygiene kits are distributed
Food packages and hygiene kits are distributed


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