Sustainable Development For All-kenya

SDFA-Kenya aims to help poor communities attain sustainable development, and in turn live better lives, through initiatives that incorporate communities themselves. It strives to provide long-term solutions to socio-economic problems affecting various communities and thus alleviate poverty.
1000 Solar Lamps to Typhoon affected families
The campaign will be spearheaded by 2 former CNN heroes; Evans Wadongo who was recognized for his efforts in 'Saving lives' with solar-powered lights in Kenya and Malawi and Effren Penaflorida, a Philippine native, recognized for his outreach teaching project. Together, they will help light up Tacloban city and other parts, by distributing 1000 solar lanterns to 1000 families and aid workers. This will be done by acquiring materials and training local youth in assembling the solar lamps project reportread updates from the field
Use Solar, Save Lives-10000 solar lamps-12 months
The project will make and distribute solar lanterns to poor households in Kenya and thus improve education and health, reduce carbon emissions and reduce poverty. target is 10,000 lanterns in 12months