Dec 8, 2020

Progress Report


The COVID-19 has divested the economies all over the world, creating an unprecedented challenge for mankind. It has badly impacted the migrant worker class who seem to be more vulnerable in the current economy setup. Without a job, house, food, they are marching towards their homeland without any support from the government machinery. Growing demands for opening up of the economy despite a substantial increase in COVID cases. With no social security, the implications on the rural poor and  marginalized  sections with inadequate economic and social safety nets is severe and will have long term consequences on their lives and livelihood. In this endeavors KARMI undertake many programmes on Awareness and preventive majors in Kalahandi specially in Golaumanda and M.Rampur blocks. GlobalGiving also contribute some support in this regards and some of the programme also done with the support of GlobalGiving.

KARMI undertakes the programme like welfare packages in locally relevant sectors, schemes and programs. This needs  facilitated to access ongoing social protection schemes and programmes including the welfare package announced by the central and state government to cope with ongoing COVID crisis. It also supported creating  the  community cadre at the block level, to  awareness of the various social protection schemes, Building capacities and supporting the frontline workers and PRI functionaries, Technical support to local administration especially the Gram Panchayat and the Block in accelerating the opening of MGNREGA works with proper preventive measures and, increase uptake of work and Create awareness  on  social  distancing  and  other  preventive measures  for COVID 19 among the various target groups.

Main Task done by KARMI during the COVID-19 period

                  I.    Mobilisation: The important programme during the covid period is to aware the migrant people as well the target people of the area. It is important to take into account the existing governing framework conditions under which these operates. The project team has been provide information about safe from COVID. Social distance and sanitization are the main check of COVID and our project staffs given special emphasis on awareness the target people on them.

                II.   Strengthening community access to Social Protection benefits: Creating a community cadre at the block level, to engage with the influx of migrant workers and other vulnerable households in the identified blocks. The developed rural cadres  and they are the main service  provider on   health, education, public distribution system etc. during the COVID period.  They generates strong awareness among communities regarding access to social protection schemes and programmes including the COVID welfare package as well as health safety measures and covered about 1500 families and 75000 people during the 1st phase of the programme.

               III.   Capacity Building of frontline workers: During the COVID period  thefrontline  workers are mostly ICDS workers, ASHAs, Panchayat (PRI) Secretaries, Ward members, Sarpanchs who are critical in response to COVID -19 have been trained and play  stakeholders role with  best knowledge on attitudes and behaviors of their communities and are most vested in containing and preventing COVID cases. They are critical stakeholders in the process of addressing challenges associated with COVID -19. It is therefore very important to engage with them and increase their knowledge on the responds to COVID cases.

              IV.   Support to the Panchayati Raj Institutions and local administration: Following the above approach the PI will conduct the capacities of the PRI institutions in the identified geographies to analyze the trend of pandemic spread in a specific area and develop readiness plans (at incremental levels) for infection prevention and quarantine facilities preparedness at Gram Panchayat level. The focus will be on number of cases , tracing COVID cases and identifying probable cases, addressing the village level and panchayat level initiatives that need to be carry out and how to link to state responses.

                V.   Strengthening decentralized governance structures to link communities with social protection benefits: The PI will Coordinate and support local administration especially the Gram Panchayat and the Block in accelerating the opening and uptake of MGNREGA works with proper preventive measures. The PI will give specific focus for uptake of works by the most vulnerable groups like migrants household, women headed households, SC/STs, etc. This will be based on the data base that will be evolved through this engagement. The PI will provide technical support to district/block administration in providing authentic information about the decisions of the central, state government and local administration on implementation of MGNREA. Further, coordinate with the government institutions to identify and reach out to the left over beneficiaries of other social protections to accelerate delivery of the benefits. .

              VI.    Operationalizing the COVID -19 package: By the close of the Task of state Government in delivery of relief package, essential supplies and psychosocial support for returnee migrants through feasible IT enabled modality, the IP will begin developing the operationalization the project that will collect and channelize the Social Protection Schemes, the IP will process the schemes which is useful for the blocks. The project will evaluate source of funding of these schemes of COVID 19 packages that design knowledge product to avail these packages.

 Monitoring and Evaluation

KARMI properly monitoring all the above activities in two blocks of Kalahandi districts of Odisha in a smoothly and achieved a lot. The target people who returning form destination in safe and provided necessary rason and food materials in needy time and necessary arrangement made with govt. and GlobalGiving  and other agencies support and more than 15000 people got proper treatment and  save from COVID 19.

Aug 30, 2020



  1.  Project Goal and Objectives :

KARMI our organization start the Women Literacy programme with support of GlobalGiving and Tata Consultancy in most enterer pocket of M.Rampur block of Kalahandi district of Odisha in India. The objectives of  the project is to make literate of 9600 illiterate women  persons with the age group of 15+ years and would be functionally literate through technology based reading, writing and arithmetic skills provided through short duration classes at 10 community centers. As per the project target KARMI will be educated 9600 illiterate persons by studying 50 hours learning schedule to be complete  3 months training period of 5-6 days class in a week.

2.  Activities Undertaken by  the CBFL  Programme.

 Community Mobilisation:   KARMI has given special emphasis on community mobilization as with out the mobilization of the target women on education the project can not be successful. Our project staffs given special emphasis on community mobilization through mass meetings village level meetings and meeting with the women organization in village level, women self help groups and aware them on education, social evils eradication and removal of blind believes. During the last six months we have organized about 22 meetings where about 3605 target illiterate women and 5640 people, women organization members and people representatives attained the meetings. After the community mobilization programme 30% of attendance has been increased in our education center’s.    


Formation of Committees: Another 22 women literacy Committee has been formed in village level. One central committee also formed to look after the problems of the center’s and make the programme more effectives. There are 7 to 9 members of each committees comprised of an Educated person like Head master of concerned village school or retired teacher, the PRI members, Anganwadi works, and the word members of the ward or village. The role and responsibility also detail discussed with them and the committees have taken the responsibility of monitoring the programmes as well short out the problems concerned with the Centre and take care of well running of the Centers.

Supply of Teaching Learning Materials: The teaching learning materials like Computer, speakers, Primer books, Note books and pens have  been supplied to  each centers and learners. But there is one difficulty that among the 35 learners only 30  have  got the materials and rest 5 having other  materials but without the primer book and  it create a difficult situation there. With the collaboration of our other programme KARMI mobilize some teaching learning materials and provide to the new learners. There is more demand of TLM but we are unable to supply as per the requirement.


 Continuing the Centers: KARMI has started all 30 ALP Centers in  22 villages the facilitators started the centers well. The TLM has already been provided to each center and the learners as per the provision of the programme. There are 455 women studies in 15 centers and their performance is satisfactory. They have completed the 1st and 2nd primers of Adult literacy course programme prescribed by the Govt. of Odisha. 

Aug 4, 2020



1. Project Goal and Objectives : COVID 19 the pandemic come into India on 21 March 2020, Odisha Govt. announced the single largest lockdown for Health reasons in Independent India. On 24 March 2020, when Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation, he announced for India under complete lockdown for the next 21 days. Situation is still out of control and we all witnessed the situation till this unlock 2.0. During this time, the major challenge was to reach the villages and sensitize each and every citizen of the country regarding the horrifying consequences this virus can cause and how to prevent it from getting spread and causing destruction. KARMI works in Golamunda and M.Rampur blocks of Kalahandi district and Boden block of Nuapada districts on awareness and prevention of COVID 19 since the problmes arise in the blocks when about 15000 migrants have been return back form the metro cities who are migrated there as seasonal migrants. KARMI surveillance and proper studies on the community and the people, we found that there’s n number of problems that needs to be addressed if we want to curve the spread of the pandemic. The lack of awareness on the novel corona virus was a challenge. The major issues that these people faced were low or no income, unemployment and shortage of food. 2. Activities Undertaken During the pandemic period . I. Survey : KARMI under take a survey to find about the migrants who have been return back of destination and the migrants works who are there in the destination. A data base was prepared the people who are at destination and keep close contact with them for their reaqque and make necessary arrangement in the destination. Similarly we organized village level and block level awareness programme by keeping social distance, and other precaution majors. The programme have been taken during the period. II. Distribution of Masks : The Govt of India stricked on use mask to safe from the pendamic and it was compulsory for every body. So KARMI take necessary arrangement on shortage and distribution of face masks by collect free avible and purchase some general fund money and distributed to the target people. We distributed 4000 masks in M.Rampur and Golamunda blocks But panic buying of the masks made the situation even worse. Amid all these, the SHG women started making masks so that each and every citizen of Odisha will have an access to face masks as government made it compulsory to use while stepping out of the house. Our Team members started distribution of these masks in different villages & slums to check the spread of the virus. III. Awareness Programmes : KARMI given special emphasis on awareness of the Pandemic as much as by keeping social distance and using sanitary. We try our level best to inreached all the target area but due to lock down it was difficult for to reach everywhere. We keeping social distance and also demonstrated on the usage of face masks & 20 sec hand washing with soap and water. We also aware the target people to avoid touching their faces as it increases the chance of getting infected to safe them by corona 19. Cooked Meals and Dry Food Distribution : KARMI during this pandemic, when he has no income, no opportunity to work and earn, it becomes difficult for him to feed himself & his family. Then he’s left with two options: either to starve or to break the lockdown rules set by the government, which will in return increase the chances of spreading of the deadly virus in the community.

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