Dec 22, 2018

4th quarter Darman school report

Happy student


I am student of class 4in Darman school in a village of Kama distract in Eastern Afghanistan. My father works as a laborer on someone else’s farm, and sometimes I go and help him. I have one brother and three sisters. My older sister graduated last year from our Darman school, and now she is continuing her education in Qalai Akhond Female High School.

I am very happy to have this Darman School in our village. All students love to go there, it gives us hope for the future.

Our teachers are very good, they teach us with love. I can read the books and write my lessons.

My parents are illiterate, they first did not let my sister join the school. My father said, that girls education is not good in our country. My elder sister always cried, as she wanted to go to school, but my father did not give permission.

One day my mother became very sick. My father searched for a female doctor, but he did not find one. Then we went to Jalalabad City Hospital, but at that time my mother could not talk any more due to her illness. The doctor was very angry with my father and said, that our elders give education priority to their sons and no permission for girls. Because of that, we have hardly any female doctors in rural areas. This is our big mistake.  When women become sick, they cannot find a female doctor. Luckily, after one week my mother became healthy again. When we returned to our home, my father said I must let my oldest daughter join the school, so she can become a good doctor. Now my father is open-minded regarding girls going to school, and he is very happy with my sister’s education. She is in first position at school and hopes to become a doctor.

 I want to become an intelligent engineer, because our country needs lot of construction.

I kindly ask from my heart to help our Darman School; our hope and future is this school.



Sep 25, 2018

3rd quarter Darman school report


 My name is Sukria D/O Qasim student of grad 3 in Darman School; we are living in Waresae Faqeer village of Kama distract near to our school.

 My father is a poor farmer and uneducated and he is sad for that he couldn't join school, my father told us about benefits of education.

 When I was under school age, I wished to be elder quickly, so I could join school, that time I was 5 years old, my brother Tasal and my sister Basila were in our this Darman school when they returned from school and doing their homework I eagerly looked at books and notebooks, my sister and brother some time became happy and some time they going to unhappy and angry because them felt my excitement as interference in their homework and lessons.

After one year I joined my Darman school and I was very happy and I wanted to be a kind doctor because a time ago my mother became ill and we went to doctor, I saw she (doctor) is very kind and looks very nice so I decided to be a doctor like her. 

I heard that in some district of our province the schools are closed by Taliban and Daish (Islamic Government) terrorist people and especially girls are not allowed to go school, but thanks God in our district all girls and boys are going to school, so I am feeling myself lucky because in our area now there is no ban on girls to join school from Taliban and Daish, and unfortunately in the some provinces of Afghanistan females cant join schools due to terrorist threats  and some student and teachers killed and many schools closed due to terrorist attacks on schools , it’s very dread full for me. I am praying for peace in our country that every one can joint school and finish illiterate from our country.

 We all students are appealing from kindhearted donors to support our school and do not leave to become close, because this school is our future and best for our community development.

 My god blesses our Teacher, head master, principle and director of DARMAN NGO, so they are very kind peoples.


Sincerely yours


Jun 28, 2018

Darman School 2nd quarter report 2018

Lucky student

My name is Shakila student of class 3 in Darman School.

4 years ago we returned from Pakistan and came back to our home land in Kama, I was a small girl and my father worked hard to sustain our family and my elder brothers Jamal helped him in the field here in Kama was not good as in Pakistan… I saw that many boys and girls are going to school and it was very excited for me, although I was under school age but I was really interested about school and known that we are poor family, but my brother was really dishearten  by poverty, so he couldn’t join school in Pakistan and our parents were unable to sent him to private school due to our economic situation .  

After some time of our return we heard that in our village a school is operating by DARMAN NGO, and school officials invited peoples to admit their children in the school. immediately my father got admission for my brother Jamal in Darman school and he started his lessons, really that was amazing for us and we really thrilled by happiness, because we can join school and now school is not only dream for us…now school is waiting for us and our waiting  ended.

After one year my age became school age and i also joined Darman School, now I am really proud that I am a student in spite of that we are very poor and it’s just like godsend.

In our country education is free, stationary and books are provided freely, it’s incredible for us because in Pakistan all costs burden by students. Now here is no discrimination between poor and rich families' children, and all of us receiving education in same manner and in same quality,  we are very happy and feeling lucky our self.

 We requested from DARMAN NGO to keep our school running and construct more classrooms in our school.

 My God bless our school teachers, DARMAN NGOs staff and all donors those provide this opportunity for us and strive hard for our happiness.


Sincerely yours


Student of 3rd class

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