Sep 17, 2019

3rd Quarter school report

Success student

I am Shugofa D/O Samad student of grad 4 in Darman School, I have 2 brothers and one sister, and we are living in Waresai Faqeer village, Kama district of Nangarhar province.

My elder brother graduated from My this Darman School and now continuing his farther education in Murad Ali high school, he is in the first position in his class.

My father is a farmer, we don’t have our own land, my father leased the land and house from a person here in Kama, our income is very small but we are very happy.

In the past my brother also works with my father, but now my father is not letting him to do the work, father is saying my children must do the education, because my brother is in the first position.

I am very happy with my lessons, our house is close to the school, early I am attending the school, now I am in the 5th position in my class and trying to get the 1st position because I studding a lot and my brother is also helping me.

My parents are illiterate because they are pushing us to do the education, I love my parents and I want to become a doctor and help my father in increasing our family economy and to become success in the live.

I am thank full from donors and DARMAN Organization for all they are doing for us and our community, especially for construction of more classroom after this we will don’t have any problems in the raining, wind, sun, hot and cold weathers.

I request to those open minded and kindheartedness people who are reading my story Please help our school, we want to do the education and change our our live and community, we are very tired from the war, we want to live like others countries children.



Jun 19, 2019

2nd Quarter 2019 Report


My name is K.R sudent of grade four in Darman School; we are living in Zarshoi village of Kama distract.

We are lucky to have this Darman school in our communiy, I love my school and classmates, we are helping each other on difficult lessons.

Now we have annual exams, even though my left hand brooked in foot ball playing but still I came to give my math exam to complete my fourth education year.

My father is a poor farmer and uneducated and he is sad, that he couldn't join school; my father told us about benefits of education.

Four years ago when I joined my this Darman school, I was very exited, that was a special day in my life I am never forgetting that time, I went to all my relatives houses and told them that… I joined the school and every one blessed me.

Our teacher are intelligent when we are attending our class first of all they asking about previous lessons, when teacher became success then starting new lessons and it end of class we receiving homework.

In the future I want to be a kindness doctor… because when my hand brooked and my father brought me to the doctor he was very lovely and kind person, although I had awful pain and was crying but he treate me like my family member, so I decided to become a  doctor like him.

I heard that in some areas of Afghanistan many schools closed due to terrorist attacks on the schools and in the many more places females can’t join schools due to terrorist threats, I am thankful of God that we are safe and have chance of education.

We students  appeal and hope  to kindhearted donors to support our school and don’t keep to become close it.

My god bless our teacher, head master, principle and director of Darman NGO, they are very kind people.


Sincerely yours


Student of 4th class

Mar 21, 2019

Darman school 1st quarter 2019 report

Zarif, a hopeful student

My name is Zarif and I am studying in grade five of Darman School. My sister is also a student in the school We are resident of Waresai Faqeer village of Kama district, Nangarhar province. I have two brothers and one sister, my older brother Zafar graduated two years ago from this Darman School and now he is in the first position of Murad Ali high school.

We are very poor, my father is watchman at Qalai Akhund Market and have very low salaries we cannot afford our daily expenses by his salaries, but what to do; “God is great”. Here it is very difficult to find a good job with sufficient salary .

Thanks a lot from Darman organization for establishing this school for us, otherwise we will not be able to get education. Our parents cannot afford to buy school uniforms and necessities. A big thanks again to this school staff, they allow us to use study books, note books, pens and all our other study materials.

Our hope and future is this Darman school, we want have education and change our community from this poor situation to a prosperous district. In the future I hope to become an engineer and build our community and country. Our main need is construction of an additional floor because we don’t have enough classrooms; at this moment we are with too many children per classroom.

Thank you so much from our teachers and headmaster, they love us as a father and teach us very well.

Yours sincerely,


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