Jul 9, 2020

2nd Quarter 2020 Darman School Rep

Happy Student

 My name is Nabila, I am  student of grade six in Darman School. We live in Waresa-e-Faqeer village of Kama district.

When I was below school age, I wished to be older quickly, so I could join the school.

My parents are uneducated, and my father is a poor farmer. He is sad, that he couldn't join school. He often told us about the benefits of education.

Almost 6 years ago, our house was in Guge village which is very far from my Darman school. Our relatives live in Waresa-e-Faqeer village. When we visited them some time, I saw that the children there are going to Darman school. I became very upset and started crying, because I could not go to school. Then I put pressure on my father to move house to Waresa-e-Faqeer village. And truly, after some time my father found a land for lease and we shifted our home from Guge to Warasa-e-Faqeer village. There my father applied for my admission in Darman school and I was accepted. So I am very happy now to be student at Darman school.

At the same time I am sad though, that for many girls in my country education is still a dream, but they do not have access to it.

 I want to be a kind teacher in the future, because I want to give education to those girls who are still excluded from school, but are thirsty for education.

 All we students appeal to the  kind-hearted donors to support our school. We really need your help, without your support we can’t continue our education.

 My God blesses our teachers, head master, principle and director of DARMAN NGO, as they are very kind people.


Sincerely yours,


Mar 12, 2020

Darman school 1st quarter eport 2020

My hope is in my School

My name is Zainab, daughter of Afzal. I am student of 6th class in the DARMAN Primary School. I have one brother and one sister.

I am sorry, I am half-orphan. My family story is very sad, but we hope for a better future.

Almost seven years ago, we had a happy and nice family life. My father was army officer in Helmand province, my elder brother was in class two of Darman school, I and my little sister were not yet admitted in the school. We were very happy; every time when my father came from duty, he took us to the city bazaar and purchased many things which we liked.

Before he left last time, my father told to me, that on his next holiday when he comes back, school admission will be open, and he will take me to the school…. But he never returned. He died in a bomb blast while on duty in Helmand. An army ambulance came to our house and brought my father’s dead body. We were all shocked and cried a lot; my mother fainted and became ill, our relative brought her to the hospital. My father’s dead body remained in the house until the community people took my father and buried him. My mother was still in the hospital. I cried a lot and begged the people to wait until my mother would come back from hospital, but no one listened to me.

For more than one month my mother was in the hospital, and every time she woke up, she just said “Afzal…Afzal”. We spent all our money for that hospital treatment. When we could take her home, we did not have any food. For more than one month our neighbors provided food for us, then I and my brother became beggars in the bazaar to collect some food and money for our living.

Two years after my father’s death, my mother said she must work and searched for a job. A relative found her a cleaning job in a clinic in Kama. After some time, my mother brought me to the school and said: “This was your father’s dream, now I am your father and your mother.”

Now my elder brother is in class 9 in Murad Ali High School, I am in Class 6 and my little sister is in class 3 of Darman School.

After a long time, smile is again on our lips. We all hope we will graduate from school and find good jobs. So, all our hope for the future starts with this Darman school. Without this school, we may still be beggars and uneducated.

I request all supporters to help our school. Many children like us have hope for the future; our teachers are very good people.

We are very grateful for DARMAN NGO and all supporters of this school.


Obediently yours,


Dec 18, 2019

School 4th Quarter Report 2019

Hopes in the Eyes

My father is a shepherd, our livelihood is from selling of milk and cheese, we are happy from our live, I help my mother in the preparing of dairies, I remember till now better that when we suffered from sever drought……I don’t know what was the matter behind while coming Taliban whole country covered by drought……I don’t want to write about how many hardships happened before with us…we are not only that we tasted the bitterness of drought and hard times and every Afghan felt and touched the taste of war, drought and poverty in nearby….I am happy for that even though my family is village dweller but they know about benefits of education and they told me that in the long-ago many families prepared their sons to got educations and these families moved up and promoted and their sons became doctors and engineers and they became very estimable persons in the community, now this is hope and goal of every parents to see their children as doctors and engineers in the future….by the kindness of mercy full god our village provided by school through DARMAN NGO, and this school helped a lot the community to educate their children.

We started our school on the ground and DARMAN officials promised to provide class rooms for us…. DARMAN officials are really kind and working for development of our community…..a time ago we heard good news about our school building and I saw materials brought by trucks to build class rooms now I am happy that we have a nice school building with enough class rooms.

That is right life founded on hopes and hopes end when life ends,

My God know better about hour hopes and he will help us in our well-mannered aims.


Obediently yours


Student of 6nd class

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