Jul 3, 2021

2nd 2021 Darman School report

My Hope is in my school

I am Zarsanga, daughter of Sardar. I am student in grade four. We live in Zarshoi village of Kama near to our school. I am very happy to be a Darman school student.

My father is a farmer, and he is illiterate. My two brothers are also studying in this Darman School.

My older brother graduated from this school and currently, he is nurse in Kama District Hospital.

Many schools closed in many parts of Afghanistan, and often girls cannot go to school. I am very happy to be able to study even while conditions are so bad.

Our teachers are kind and intelligent, they love us. When we are starting our class, they first of all ask us about previous lessons. When they are satisfied by our answers, they continue with a new lesson, and at end of it they give us homework.

The Darman Organization provides all the necessities for our school such as books, notebooks, pens, pencils, school bags etc. and also encourages us to study.

Last month my mother was very sick, and she was hospitalized for a few days. The doctors served my mother a lot until she recovered. I want to become a worthy doctor in the future and serve my people.

We Afghan children and all our people have suffered a lot, and we are still suffering. All our hope depends on this school. I call on all kindhearted people to help our school and not let it close.








Mar 5, 2021

1st quarter Report 2021

Happy student  

I am Sabira, daughter of Gullab. My father is a farmer in Kama, I and my brother Ajmal are studying in our Darman School.

I am in grade 4 and my brother is in grade 5. We are very happy in this school.

When I was under school age and saw that many boys and girls were going to school I was really excited to join that school as well. Now I am proud that I am a student in spite of our family being very poor.

I am in the second position of my class. I study a lot to advance to first position. Our teachers are very good. I am glad I can read and write now. If we did not have this Darman school, all we girls would be illiterate. Attending school teaches us much more than the contents of the school lessons. I am lucky that this school is very near to our home. Other schools are too far from our village, I would not be able to go there.

Our Darman school made a great positive change in our life and community. All children are very enthusiastic about school, and those students who have graduated from this school are very clever.

My parents are uneducated. They are very happy, when I read my books, and they always pray for those people who built this school. When my father comes home from work, he always asks me and my brother, what we learned in school, and we have to repeat it for him. When we read our lessons to him, he becomes very happy and says, that Sabira will become a good doctor and Ajmal will became an engineer.

My father encourages us to study a lot, so we have a bright future, and our economy will also be good and strong in the future.

We are very grateful for those who are helping us and for our school. Please keep helping our school - our future and hope are tied to our Darman School.




Nov 5, 2020

3rd Quarter 2020 Darman School report

My school makes my future

My Name is Gulsoom. Our family lives in Waresa-e-Faqeer village of Kama district. I am student in 4th class of my Darman school. My parents are illiterate, but they know well about the benefit of education.

My father said, that since Darman School opened here, our community changed, and now every child goes to school with enthusiasm.

My older brother graduated from Darman school and continued his education in Qalai Akhund High School. After graduation in class 12, he passed the entrance exam for the agriculture and livestock faculty. Almost 2 years ago he also graduated from that faculty, and now he is a good animal doctor in Kama district. Since my brother became a veterinary doctor, our economy has also improved. So, the foundation of my brother’s future was laid in Darman school.

I am studying a lot and have the hope to become a doctor and serve my people and community. Darman School is very important for my future.

We, the children, thank all kind-hearted people for their help and cooperation with our Darman School. We appeal for your help also in future, so that this school can move forward and we can realize our dreams for the future.

Yours sincerely,


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