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Nov 20, 2017

Ensuring Everyone's Right To Education

Dear Stakeholders, Well Wishers & Donors!

On behalf of Sona Welfare Foundation and through the winning platform of this great philanthropic forum, we wish and pray that we find each and everyone of you in the best of health.

      The changing block in any society is undoubtedly its education system. It ensures a sustained, systematic and most comprehensive roadmap to development. The lack of a functional, efficient and affordable education system is a roadblock to the basic development of the human capital, and subsequently deprivation.

     Owing to this, and especially since the inception of globally concentrated/ unified efforts for development like Millennium Development Goals or Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the access to quality and affordable education gas been seen as centric to all agenda's. This importance is equally accepted and recognized under the social/ Welfare intervention by Sona Welfare Foundation and for this new and more beneficial interventions are devised. 

     Here, I am honored to mention that as of now, our educational programs reach over 16,000 highly marginalized and deserving students across Pakistan, by ensuring for them access to quality and affordable opportunities for education. 

   SWF has devised a multifaceted program which includes following core initiatives

1. Self Administered & Run Educational Institutes

2. Adopted & Assisted Public Sector Institutes

3 Annual Scholarship Programs for Talented & Deserving Students 

Though this success is enough to substantiate our claim on working for a promising future through education, we see and realize that there is a lot to be done, and for this a continuous effort is needed.

   In view of this, the project Multipurpose Libraries for Rural Areas of Pakistan has been envisioned which will further this mission and bring another 0.1 million students as well as adults to the fold of education. The program is unique as it rests upon the existing platform of public sector schools which are not up to the mark in educational delivery, and turns them into centers for learning by engaging the most important element of this equation, the community itaelf. These center of learning will benefit in following manner

1 Formally establishing themselves as Libraries for the students enrolled 

2 Informally engaging the out of school children's and illiterate adults to education

3 A center of learning especially to women who are otherwise not able to attain formal education owing to societal and cultural barrier

A network of 30 such library and literacy centers has been envisioned under this program with a collective database of 15000 learning books and 60 literacy facilitators for community education engagement. Once comoleted, it will engage an average of 25000 enrolled students while another 75000 out of school children and adults will benefit from it.

   Till now, due to your dedicated efforts and trust SWF has been able to ensure education to the most deserving through the platform of GlobalGiving. We have our full faith and trust that for this initiative we will again have your support.

    Your effort brings hope and life to endless dreams which just need a platform to flourish, forums like Multipurpose Libraries and literacy centers. 

Wishing you all a very best,

Team Sona Welfare Foundation

Aug 21, 2017

The First Step- The Heaviest It Is

Dear Stakeholders, Our Donors and the entire audience being associated with this report,

I would commence by extending heartfelt greetings and prayers that each and everyone of you, where ever you are is fine and remain in peace and prosperity for the times to come. 

For SWF at GG, it has been a journey of almost two years now. It is indeed an honor and privilige above all things that we have become part of the biggest and most vibrant community of the world, which reaches out across borders, and projects work done good in the same manner as well. Thank you GlobalGiving. This report is very interesting for us, although we have been pretty good at adhering to GG guidelines in terms of timeline and content. I say it is interesting for the fact that the project has yet to score a donation at GG, that we are very very hopeful will happen sometimes soon as has been the case with our other projects, we trust in you, we belive in you for the fact that we believe in the work we do, the uplift, support and wellbeing of people in need.

So i take this oppertunity by dividing this work in two phases, the first being an insight once again into the project we hope to complete through this campaign, and the second phase towards the work which is ongoing under SWF banner across Pakistan.

"Multipurpose Libraries for Rural Areas of Pakistan" is a hallmark project which we can assure you is unique, innovative and to be precise concieved for the first time. It is a tailor made solution which works with the fact that learning should be neither formal nor limited in terms of age, time, days etc. The core of the project remains a library, known as literacy hut under this program which is established in an existing school for childrens. All specs are available in the project details, but for sumamry its a 1 room hut with almost 500 books, sitting, reading area. A CLF, or facilitaor is associated with the hut, which is a teacher himself/ herself from the school. The CLF is trained, equipped and motivated to work in community, with parents etc to bring them to the fold of the hut, which is nothing more than a place of learning. He mobilizes them to send children, even out of school to him at the hut for nominal time so that he/ she can give them informal education and resources (books) to explore the world of knowledge. Similarly, the elderly, male/ female can in the same manner become learners once again under CLF, a life time oppertunity. Also, the students enrolled in school have a library at their service within the premises.

The cost for 1x library comes to $4000, and we plan to make 30 of them in 3 districts of Pakistan with rural outset. Once done, it will be a boom bank of 15,000 books, CLF's and thousands of benificaries during its timeline. In this manner, the chain will move further. Above all, its a community based project and works on its own, completely self sustainable.

On the other front, SWF as an organization is actively engaged towards provision of quality and affordable education to the children of deserving community all across the year. Teh reachout is estimated at 16,000+ students annually, which include our own run schools, a partnership with public schools in far off areas, indigenous scholarship programs and so on. SWF has healthcare, poverty alleviation, environmental conservation etc as well under its active portfolio. 

Towards the end, we thank our donors, and readers for endless support, trust and faith in us. We will continue to work for betterment of those, who look forward to assistance and help in challenging times. For all ongoing and active projects, please visit our webpage 

Team SWF


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