Feb 11, 2019

On 2018 Graduate Faith Sakala

It feels really sad that I am expressing all my emotions and gratitudes towards you on paper, but in all these are rare chances not worth neglecting.

Before I qualified for Kucetekela Foundation, I used to enjoy the Chalo Anthem on television, and one day, I saw you on TV, talking about the school with this confidence and unstoppable words. From that day, I knew, or rather I wished I would speak like you. A girl with so much power of speech, to me you aren’t a debater, but a persuasive person. I came to Chalo Trust School so small as a toad. I still remember the way you showed me around the school and how you had always acted. I am so thankful, because you gave me the hope and assurance that I would be fine. We had always been friends and good sisters.

Despite our ups and downs, fights, debates and quarrels, we still managed to make up; see where we are now! I have no better words to express how happy I have been with your presence at Chalo. You have taught me to be strong and fight my fears and challenges. Sweetheart, you have turned me into a champion. I am now responsible and don’t really care what people think of me. I know that I am hard working, but you are one of a kind.

The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. Stand out and fight challenges. You are a hero. Remember time is the pest expression of love and the more time you give to something, the more you reveal its greatness.

Jan 25, 2019

Nelly Takes SAT Subject Tests

We were going to have the exams on a Saturday. The subject test preparations began with the normal SAT prep. Mina still came to school on the regular Friday afternoons, and it was equally as interesting.

But as the day got closer, I seemed to get more nervous. I had never written any SAT test before! I had never even tested my ability to answer so many questions in such a short amount of time. But Mina on the other hand told me that I would be just fine, and in the end, I was.

On the actual day, we were running late, but we finally made it in time to be able to have a snack, meditation and a little time to socialize. We had two papers each, and I was having mathematics and chemistry. It was funny how the instructions took longer time to read than it took to write the actual test.

At the end of the day, I really was just fine, and it turned out that everyone else was, too. The tests weren’t as hard, even though I had a little challenge with the time frame. But I was just fine!

I am so glad I did the subject tests, because they honestly prepared me for how my actual SATs will be later this year, and I am going to have room to work on my weaknesses.

Nov 13, 2018

Visit with Hathaway Brown Girls

Having the Hathaway Brown (HB) girls in Lusaka was a great experience.  From the visit Chalo Trust had of the HB girls, I thought they were going to be formal and very serious, but it turned out to be the opposite.  At first, it was pretty difficult to make formal introductions with them, because they were just settling and adapting to their new environment.  After a few days, we began interacting and learning about some of the things we do in our homelands.  School became noticeably more fun because we were given a bit of time with them. We did all sorts of fun things like play basketball, watch the 2018 World Cup, and many other educative activities.  When the HB girls talked about the U.S., I found it very interesting, because I got to learn lots of things, like the fact that pizza is the most consumed food there. I got to learn about some of the facilities offered in U.S. universities. I also learned about the political status of the U.S. They also talked about the way their school routine is different from ours. A few days after we closed school, the KF students and alumni and the HB girls had a camp retreat. It was kind of difficult to move from school to home and then to a place where you’d never been before. I felt overwhelmed, but they say that time fixes everything, and it really did with the comfort of the other KF students and the HB girls. It actually turned out to be an awesome adventure.  We also did fun and educative activities, like hiking in pairs, learning about wild life while taking pictures of zebras, giraffes, and monkeys, even though the monkeys were quite annoying. We also did sports like frisbee, football and some board games. One of the funniest moments at the camp was when we threw Mina in the pool to celebrate her birthday. I also enjoyed the campfire and the dinners where we talked more.  After the visit from the girls, I learned that our cultures differ greatly from each other but that doesn’t differentiate us as people.  The program of having students  from all around the world visit our school is an excellent and helpful way to learn about the world. We hope it continues, and maybe in the near future, KF students could be the ones visiting others. I’d urge the future participants of the program to be open-minded, learn and share different views, and enjoy the program.

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