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Aug 15, 2019

The Visit.

TFEDI team with the kids
TFEDI team with the kids

Schools were closing in  august and we needed to set a date before the closure and after the end of term exams.We had planned to have a surprise visit to Kiambiu School on this partcular day so that we could experience how a normal day for the kid looks like.

The day came and we left Kiambiu everyone set to for his/her role in te school as earlier planned.We found the kids in the assembly ground and the teacher introduced our team to the kids.They were so excited and happy on seeing our team.We later on joined the kids to their classes where their teachers gave us an opportunity to interact with them.We taught the kids new kids songs,we played kids game like hide and seek and engaged in modelling activities and arts.Over lunch hour we served the kids rice and peas stew that we had prepared for them.We all had our lunch together and the kids were so excited about the food and the other outdoor activities that we had engaged on.

At four pm we had another gathering with the kids as they were living for home.We later on joined a staff meeting where the teachers expressed their gratitude towards our visit.They were also able to share some concerns with us about the kids.Some of the concerns included:

Poor feeding programme where the parents cannot be able to raise an additional cash in the school fees paid to start a common feeding programme for all the kids in the school.These results to all kids having to bring food from home and some famillies cannot spare enough food for the kids to carry,therefore resulting to sharing of the small amount carried by the fortunate ones.

Inadequate resources in the school which has resulted to kids of different ages and grades sharing classes and teachers.These creates a lot of disruption among the students where they cannot concentrate and the teacher cannot excercise maximum concentration in few kids.The school has also inadequate learning resources ie. textbooks,chalks and boards.

We are looking forward to secure adequate financilal support to help the kids improve their learning.We want to put a smile on the kids as they go to school,and make them view learning as a fun activity.

To our donors,your supports are always appreciated and they help us make a step forward

Jul 26, 2019

Support of co-curricular activities.

Children taking tea.
Children taking tea.

I am pleased to present this report pertaining our progress in the last few months  which highlights the activities and projects we have engaged on as well as areas for further work in improving the livelihood and education of the children in Parkview.

First is a pile of appreciation to you our generous donors who have showed your tremendous support in our projects.We look forward to a continued relationship.Indeed,You are part of this great family.

We established a programme in the school in collaboration with the teachers to engage in a mentorship and interaction session with the children.We are looking forward to a continued partners with the teachers to help the children grow in a mentored manner.

TFEDI is looking forward to providing a conducive environment for the children.We would like to provide a playpark where the kids can be able to play and carry other co-curricular activities.Despite having a small compound it is possible to utilize it by planting grass and removing the hard stones to give the kids a conducive play park.

Shared below you will find the pictures of the kids in the school.


Children during their free time.
Children during their free time.
A view of the school.
A view of the school.


Jul 16, 2019

Our Progress

I am pleased to present this report pertaining our progress in the last 3 months  which highlights our previous achievements as well as areas for further work in in helping the 80 women to sustain themselves  into the Organization’s policies, programmes and activities.

First is a pile of appreciation to you our generous donors who have showed your tremendous support in our projects.We look forward to a continued relationship.

Within the three months period we have embarked in the following activities:

In July we had a meeting with the vulnerable women which we developed a group project to help generate money that will sustain the women.We founded a project on production of washing detergents,which has not started yet due to financial challenges.

We did indivudual home visit to some of the members where we shared ideas and adviced the members on the positive living,interacted with them and took goodies.Since the start of this initiative 2 months ago we have been able to visit 8 members since the visitations occur weekly.We are looking forward to increasing our weekly visitations inorder to visit all members in a short span.

We have established a panel of  specialised counsellor who are demoted to offering their services to the women at their time of need.The team aims on helping the members cope with stress and make positive decision on personal matters.

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