Dec 16, 2019

Can you give HTDC orphanage a Happy Christmas?

The kids would like a Christmas party like this
The kids would like a Christmas party like this

Thanks to your incredible support the kids at the HTDC Orphanage all have a safe home this Christmas. Your generous donations have also helped to provide other essentials, including nutritious meals, throughout 2019. 

Yet outside the gates political unrest and violence continues to flare in Port-au-Prince. Orphanage Director Carlo described the situation and the impacts on life at the orphanage as follows:

“Life is not very good here at the moment. There is a very unpredictable security situation since September. On any given day there can be protests and dangerous barricades in any neighborhood which hinders transportation and the operation of businesses.

[Our neighbourhood,] Clercine is caught between two neighborhoods that are often blocked off. Electricity has been more sparse than usual; and access to gasoline and charcoal is also unstable.

Access to food, water, propane and other basic needs are severely restricted because neighborhoods are blocked off and there is no access from provincial areas where many of these basic needs come from. All prices increase because of the roadblocks.”

The situation is proving to be a double whammy for Carlo who also manages adoption cases in partnership with IBESR (the Haitian Institute for Social Welfare & Research). After each case is completed Carlo receives funding which helps support the orphanage’s running costs, but the unrest is affecting this too. Carlo explained as follows:

“Because of this unpredictable situation the government offices are being closed most of the time. So, adoption cases are moving very, very, very slowly. The adoptive families have also not been able to visit since September andy many of my cases are held up.

As I don’t complete any recent case our saving is almost finished. We try to keep the orphanage running on a very low budget because of the riots and political problems that affect us. And now the house owner is asking for the rent money [for 2020].

We planned to start construction of the new house by now, so not to have to pay the rent this year but the current situation of the country makes our plans delayed. We still hope to start soon but for now we need to pay six months rent.”

Overall, it’s a tough situation - rising prices, lower income and bills mounting up! If left on their own the orphanage and all the children in its care would be facing ruin. Happily, thanks to your incredible support of our microprojects here on GlobalGiving, we have enough to pay the six months rent demanded by the landlord.

However, the children also still all need food and an education moving forward. Many are also obviously hoping Christmas will provide a little much needed cheer. Carlo explained again:

The older kids understand a bit about the problems, but the little ones are asking when Santa is coming to celebrate with them. They would all like some nice food and a party. They also ask about some new clothes and toys. Nine year old Kenson would like a toy helicopter and police car, and ten year old Mirlande would like a dress. 

Can you please help with this too?

We’d love to give the children some Christmas gifts this year, but we’re also conscious that basic essentials have to come first. 

We know you’ve already given so much, but if you’re able to make a further donation this Christmas we’d be incredibly grateful - it would really help to put a smile on the faces of Kenson and the other children.

Thanks so much again for your continued support. If you ever have any questions about the orphanage and how we use your donations, please don’t hesitate to email I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thanks to you their rent's been paid for 6 months
Thanks to you their rent's been paid for 6 months
Working hard in school
Working hard in school
A helicopter would make Kenson smile this Xmas
A helicopter would make Kenson smile this Xmas
Nov 19, 2019

Thanks for feeding Evelyn

On behalf of Evelyn, "Salamat Po" ("Thank you")!
On behalf of Evelyn, "Salamat Po" ("Thank you")!

Thanks so much for providing hot meals for evacuees like Evelyn. 

Evelyn is 41 years old, and she lives with her two young children in the community of Banaba, just outside Manila, in the Philippines. 

Evelyn’s house is dangerously close to a river. Every year there are floods, and Evelyn’s house is often inundated completely. Even when the water recedes a thick layer of disease carrying silt is left behind and takes days to clean.

During floods Evelyn and her children have to spend days sleeping on the floor of an evacuation centre. This is a traumatic experience already, and it’s made worse as Evelyn and her children often have to go hungry as well.

But now, because of your generosity, we’ll be able to provide hot food for Evelyn and her children during evacuations. 

Hot meals will be available when the next flood comes and forces Evelyn and her children to leave their home. Evacuation will never be easy for Evelyn, but your generosity means that she and her children won’t go hungry.  Thanks so much!

We’ll send you updates about how your gift is changing the lives of Evelyn, her children, and families like theirs right here on GlobalGiving. Should you ever have any questions about how we’re using your donation, please don’t hesitate to email We’d love to hear from you!

One last time, thanks so much for ensuring that Evelyn and her children can enjoy hot meals during floods.

Nov 19, 2019

Thanks for stopping Novelie from going hungry

On behalf of Novelie, "Thank you!"
On behalf of Novelie, "Thank you!"

Thanks so much for helping to provide a year* of food for Novelie.

Novelie is six years old. After her mom died she was left in the care of a young aunt. Novelie's aunt couldn't afford to care for her and so she brought her to the HTDC orphanage. 

Novelie’s aunt left her at the orphanage as she hoped she would have a better future there, but with so many other hungry mouths to feed, the orphanage also struggled from day to day. 

Without healthy food, Novelie was listless. She didn’t smile or play much.

But now - thanks to you - the orphanage staff can barely keep up with her! Novelie smiles and giggles and shows a lot of spirit.

Because of you, Novelie now enjoys three nutritious meals every day - and we’ll be able to keep providing the food she needs to stay healthy and keep on growing.

Novelie has a bright future because you gave. There are so many things you could have spent your hard earned money on, but you chose Novelie. Thanks so much.

We’ll keep updating you about Novelie and all her friends at the Hands Together to Defend the Children Orphanage right here on GlobalGiving. If you ever have any questions about how we're using your donation, please email We’d love to hear from you!  

Thanks again for making Novelie’s future bright, and our warmest regards!

*Donations to this project will cover Novelie’s share of the food costs over a year, but will be spent on all the children in parallel as we fundraise for each in turn. 


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