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Feb 4, 2019

Thanks for keeping a roof over Novelie's head

On behalf of Novelie, "Thank You!" so much.
On behalf of Novelie, "Thank You!" so much.

Thanks so much for helping to provide a safe home for Novelie.

Novelie just turned seven old. After her mom died she was left in the care of her young aunt.  Novelie’s aunt couldn’t afford to care for her and so she brought her to the HTDC orphanage.  

Novelie’s aunt hoped the orphanage could keep a roof over her head, but safe houses large enough for all the kids are very expensive in Port-au-Prince.  The orphanage can’t afford to pay it’s own rent and, without your help, Novelie was in danger of becoming a homeless street-kid.

But now, because of you, Novelie will continue to have a safe home. Your donations will help pay the rent and provide caregivers, water and electricity for Novelie for a year*.

Novelie has a bright future because you gave. There are so many things you could have spent your hard earned money on, but you chose Novelie. Thanks so much.

We’ll keep updating you about Novelie and all her friends at the Hands Together to Defend the Children Orphanage through this project’s parent page, Provide a Safe Home for Haitian Orphans. If you ever have any questions about how we're using your donation, please email We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks again for making Novelie’s future bright, and our warmest regards!

*Please note, that the orphanage is home to around thirty children. Your donations to this project will cover Novelie’s share of the costs over a year, but will be spent on all the children in parallel as we fundraise for each in turn.


Feb 4, 2019

Thanks for feeding Josefina during floods

On behalf of Josefina, "Salamat Po" ("Thank You")
On behalf of Josefina, "Salamat Po" ("Thank You")

Thanks so much for providing hot meals for evacuees like Josefina.

Josefina is sixty years old. She lives with her two daughters, son-in-law and four grandchildren in a poorly constructed house dangerously close to a river, in Banaba, just outside Manila, in the Philippines.

Every year there are floods, and Josefina’s house is often inundated, including just a few months ago. Even when the water recedes a thick layer of disease carrying silt is left behind and takes days to clean.

During floods Josefina and her family have to spend days sleeping on the floor of an evacuation centre. This is a traumatic experience already, and it’s made worse as Josefina and her family often have to go hungry.

Yet now, because of your generosity, we’ll be able to provide hot food for Josefina, her family and families like theirs during evacuations.

Hot meals will be available when the next flood forces Josefina and her family to leave their home. Evacuation will never be easy for Josefina, but your generosity means that she and her family won’t go hungry. Thanks so much!

We’ll send you updates about how your gift is changing the lives of Josefina, her family and other families like theirs right here on GlobalGiving.

Should you ever have any questions about how we’re using your donation, please don’t hesitate to email We’d love to hear from you!

One last time, thanks so much for ensuring that Josefina and her family can enjoy hot meals during floods.

Jan 7, 2019

Ten rescue boats provided thanks to you

Our latest rescue boat - The Bukluran
Our latest rescue boat - The Bukluran

Thanks to your incredible generosity we recently provided our tenth flood rescue boat!

Because of your support this latest boat is now protecting vulnerable families living in the “Extension” area of Banaba, just outside Manila.

As we explained in a project report in 2015 these families are incredibly vulnerable for a number of reasons.

Firstly they’re nearly fully encircled by the Nangka river, and its banks are naturally steep and lined with concrete. This means the river is basically a very narrow and deep canal in places. In dry season you can stand on the Nangka’s edge and look almost vertically down onto the water twenty feet below.

When it rains the Nangka’s waters rise quickly, and have nowhere to go but up and into Banaba Extension itself.

This is dangerous in itself but the families who live there are poor, informal settlers. Many of the area's 2,500 residents arrived looking for work, and can’t afford to live anywhere else.

There are some concrete houses but many others are made of lightweight materials, like plywood, that are easily washed away during floods.

It was for these reasons that we previously provided the community with the “Helen Thompson” rescue boat back in 2015.

Since then the Helen Thompson has rescued hundreds of people during typhoons and floods. For example, in August last year the Helen Thompson was used to evacuate 40 families trapped during Tropical Storm Karding.

However, as the photos from the Helen Thompson’s delivery show much of Banaba Extension is made up of a maze of narrow alleyways. This can make it hard for the large Helen Thompson boat to quickly reach everyone who needs help during floods.

So, our latest boat is a smaller 7ft x 4ft design that can more easily navigate the narrow passageways.

The new boat is called “The Bukluran”, which means “Bonding Together”, and during future floods will work alongside the “Helen Thompson” to ensure everyone can be reached quickly and safely.

Thanks so much for making all this possible.

More boats are always needed, so if you are able to help further then we’d be incredibly grateful as always. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email I would be delighted to hear from you.

The Bukluran joins the larger Helen Thompson boat
The Bukluran joins the larger Helen Thompson boat
The community has many narrow alleyways
The community has many narrow alleyways
The smaller Bukluran can navigate the alleyways
The smaller Bukluran can navigate the alleyways
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