Dec 14, 2020

Thank you to GlobalGiving Community

All of us at XSProject Indonesia would like to express our gratitude and honour to be part of the GlobalGiving Community. A BIG THANK YOU for your support of our programs in 2020. Many generous and thoughtful donors have contributed to our social programs.

The year started with the pandemic which has drastically changed the lives of many, not only in Indonesia but all over the world. This has also impacted the lives of our trash pickers. They still must collect trash although they are unable to sell it as recycling companies have closed their businesses and are unwilling to buy their stocks of the waste materials.

Some trash pickers have had to go back to their villages as they cannot afford to live in the big city. If they bring their children home, they are unable to continue their children’s education. Many trash pickers have also chosen to stay as they prioritise their child’s education and want them to keep going to school. All the children now study in government schools, which is now conducted via distance learning.  Considering all that the students need for remote classes, XSProject has provided a new facility for the children and a teacher who can teach and guide them. This has made the parents happy as it has given their children a bigger space than their homes, a faster internet connection, and a “live” teacher who can supervise their children’s learning.

Our new facility is now fully built. The children really enjoy better, cleaner an greener place for them to do their homework, read books, and to do many activities.

This year, two of our girls successfully graduated from college – Nurlela and Fitriyah. They all immediately started working in XSProject whilst waiting for a job opportunity once the pandemic is over.

Based on the health protocols required, XSProject has provided Covid rapid tests for parents. There are also health outreach sessions conducted by a volunteer doctor with the high school and college students. Since we are unable to predict when this pandemic will be over, XSProject also provides vitamins and healthy snacks for every activity on a routine basis. Periodically, we also provide staple food to all families.

Your donation to XSProject through GlobalGiving has a direct impact on making this happen. XSProject helps the children to aim to have a better life not just for themselves but also for their parents. Showing and providing more opportunities and new experiences outside the world they are living in will give more reasons to work hard in school and to be hungry for more knowledge.

We hope you will continue to support our work in the trash picker community. You are making the difference for them.

We are very grateful and we thank you all so much.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2021 from all of us at XSProject in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nov 24, 2020

Our New Facility is Ready

Last year we shared with you about the development of our new facility for the children and the community. It is now completed – the facility has 3 buildings housing a reading area and study area, 1 classroom, 2 multi-purpose rooms and 1 health check-up room. It has enough room for the children to play outside surrounded by fruit trees that the children can learn about various kind of fruit trees and eventually taste them when they are ready to be eaten.

During this pandemic the schools are closed, and students must study from home.  Our new facilities are a much more productive place for them to study compared to the tiny space in their homes with no good light.

We have a dedicated teacher to help them study and Nurlela, who just graduated college, has decided to take the responsibility of teaching Grade 6 and help them prepare for middle school next school year.

We have conducted Covid tests for the parents in the health check-up room, and have had other health socialization programs for the older children.

We are going to start inviting the community surrounding the new facility so that we can provide place to learn and to be more creative for more children.

Your donation to XSProject through GlobalGiving will have a direct impact on making this happen. We hope that you will continue to support our work and you are making the difference for them.


Thank you.

Oct 31, 2020

The New Graduate

Nurlela at her Graduation Day
Nurlela at her Graduation Day

This month, we welcome Nurlela as our third student who we have funded from primary school all the way to graduation.

When Nurlela graduated from a Vocational High School, she was sure she could get a job that would change the life of her family.  But that did not last long.  After a couple of months working in her first real job, she realized that she needed more skills and knowledge and how difficult it can be to find a job in Jakarta with just a high school education.

Nurlela decided to go back to school and pursue a college degree in 2017. After her first year, she said, “I am glad I decided to take the opportunity offered from XSProject to get my college diploma.  I learned so much more and gained more confidence.”

Since it is hard to find a new job during this pandemic, Nurlela took the opportunity to work full time as a teacher for students she used to tutor.  Via distance learning, she is preparing the Grade 6 students for their final exam so they can be admitted to better Middle Schools in the area.

College used to be just a dream for the girls from the trash pickers community.  There will be many more students who will follow Nurlela’s footsteps.

Your support of the XSCollege Scholarship Fund with a one time or recurring monthly donation will provide college degrees to exceptional students from the Cirendeu trash picker community


Nurlela and her family
Nurlela and her family
Nurlela's first job
Nurlela's first job
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