May 12, 2017

Module: You MUST have a plan, plan will NEVER work

Kenyan Flowers Bloom as TCP Blooms in Kenya
Kenyan Flowers Bloom as TCP Blooms in Kenya

Over the next month, we will have a distance training session for our Kenyan teachers in the Critical Thinking module of Transformative Citizenship's curriculum. This coincides with the Kenyan teachers beginning term II of this school year with our student group of 200 - now in Form II (10th grade).

The Critical Thinking module concerns itself primarily with the requirements of sound and sustainable project planning. Honing these skill sets is what will ensure that these young citizens and any citizen can implement a project that has real and measurable social impact.

You MUST have a plan & the plan will NEVER work is the beginning premise of this module.

It's essential to recognize in project planning , as in life, that a thoughtful, well-informed plan is required as a base and a guiding reference. It is also essential to recognize that, as one proceeds, there will be inevitable adjustments required as unforeseeable circumstances arise and as conditions change. These changes will include challenges, but also wonderful surprise gifts and advancements. Improvisation emerges as the skill that becomes the deciding factor between success and failure, achievement and stagnaation, victory and defeat.

The particularly vulnerable environment in which our Kenyan teachers are leading Transformative Citizenship has been enlightening and inspiring in showing a wealth in all the people participating of this skill of improvising - of the creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness inherent in the skill and art of improvisation.

We are aiming for a return to Kenya in July to plant the program in its directorate at the Ministry of Education. We are keen to sit with Dr. Leah and Dr. Belio again and see the distance Transformative Citizenship has traveled thus far.

We are also seeking a one-time sponsorship for this trip, as circumstances have limited current resources. Then we will re-join George, Kevin, Abayo, Harriet, Elizabeth, Zedekiah and all the others to take this next, large step forward together for Joyland, Mbeka Girls', Nyang'oma Boys' Schools and Kenya's National Education Sector Plan.

We are so grateful for your continued support and engagement. Talk soon. Take care. Safiri salama.

Unwavering Focus on Transformative Citizenship
Unwavering Focus on Transformative Citizenship


Feb 13, 2017

Brick By Brick - Character Development

On the Way to Class
On the Way to Class

In the midst of Phase Two - Training Kenyan Educators in Transformative Citizenship

Now that the foundation of the Communication module has been laid with our 200 Form I students, we have had a teacher training session for the brick-building of Character - module number two.

Our George has named this group of educators "the TCP Pioneers". It seems like that name will stick.

Our students are now in Form II-- the Kenyan school year goes from January-December.

Following a review of the Communication module, they will begin to work with our Pioneer teachers on discovering their strengths and learning how to better live their own personal values. They will practice working together, thereby becoming able to strengthen communities where everyone is supported in living peaceful values and working successfully on any social and economic enterprise according to their strengths.

From there, we will slide into module three - Critical Thinking, where we begin to learn the skills required for the planning and implementing of any project or enterprise. Then, the students will design and develop concrete social/ economic projects and will proceed to implement them.

We welcome Zedekiah to our group of future leaders of this program.

This summer, we will continue to move ahead with the Ministry of Education in absorbing Transformative Citizenship and its curriculum into the national secondary school curriculum of Kenya.  

We continue to be grateful to you for your interest and support.

On the Way to Class, too - our Kenyan Leaders
On the Way to Class, too - our Kenyan Leaders


Nov 17, 2016

Phase Two - As Partners with Ministry of Education

Transformative Citizenship Leaders at Work
Transformative Citizenship Leaders at Work

On arrival back in Nairobi in late December, our first responsibility will be to meet with our Kenyan education partners, the leaders of Kenya's Ministry of Education.

They will be planting Transformative Citizenship in a ministry directorate so that Kenya's leaders can begin to formally monitor the program and our progress in training their teachers.  This step is essential for the program sustainability and local ownership to which corners is dedicated. We are grateful to have arrived at this point with Transformative Citizenship and with all those we serve - educators and students - in Kenya.

The teachers are currently wrapping up delivery of the Communication module – providing the strong foundation required for the other modules. Next, we will move into Phase Two of Training Kenyan Educators, focusing on the Character and Critical Thinking modules. In January, the teachers will begin to deliver these modules to the students. Via these modules, they will examine their individual strengths and talents. They will learn to capitalize on these strengths and talents. They will then learn in a rigourous and hands-on manner to plan projects (social development projects, including small businesses) and how to do so in collaboration with others.


In Tribute~

Boris Woloschuk, one of corners’ strongest and biggest supporters, and the much beloved father of corners’ Chair, Quentin Hill, passed away on November 3rd, following a two-year struggle with cancer and a weakened heart. Though physically weakened, his heart remained expansive, open and kind.

corners and Transformative Citizenship would not exist without him and we are blessed to have his request that donations in tribute to him be made to this work.

Transformative Citizenship costs a minimum of $15,000 per phase. Each dollar donated means a great deal. This next phase is planned for late December through February and, given the circumstances, we cannot accomplish this without your support once again.

  • If you would like to donate in Boris’ name and you are one of our American Supporters, please donate here on GlobalGiving.
  • If you are one of our Canadian Supporters, please send a cheque payable to corners.Inc. c/o 3550 Concession 14, Riceville ON  CANADA  K0B 1G0                                                                                       or send an email to  for information on  1) e-transfer donations or  2) large donations for which tax exempt receipts are essential.  As a not-for-profit, corners gives only general receipts, but can process donations through our foundation, if necessary. It is a costly but straightforward process which we would gratefully facilitate for you.

We will update each of you on the proceeds from this memorial campaign on December 1st. Thank you all so much again for your financial gifts, but also for your countless gestures of kindness and encouragement.  

Peaceful, joyful holidays to all of you and your families.

With immense appreciation... 

Lala salama, Dad.  Sleep well. I thank you for this bittersweet surprise with my whole heart. xxo, Q

In Tribute~ Boris Woloschuk
In Tribute~ Boris Woloschuk


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