Apr 9, 2019

Computer literacy for underserved youth in Delhi

Hello everyone! My name is Ajmeri and I got affiliated with Udayan Care through one of my friends who has also pursued his Accounting (Tally ERP) course from Udayan Care IT Centre (South Delhi). In June 2018, I enrolled myself in Accounting (Tally ERP) course, with an objective to groom myself in a professional manner and learn specific skills set programmes which would help me in attaining a job in the field of accounting and provide me with a promising career opportunity.

Udayan Care IT Centre programme has been operational since 2004 with an objective to train underserved community youth & women in job specific IT courses like: - Graphic Designing, Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) Tally ERP9 etc. This programme is structured to ensure holistic development of youth and how they can groom themselves towards the corporate world. During the training of trainees, we received training in soft skills, English communication & financial literacy which proved to be quite helpful for me in order to get a job in one of the most renowned company as a trainee in accounts department with a good stipend amount to start my career with. I am someone who truly understands the value of every single rupee as I have seen my father, who is a painter by profession, struggle and work hard to earn money for us to sustain our family. Now that I am financially independent, I feel proud that I can contribute in sharing the expenses of my family.

A few days back, I got a call from a faculty member of the Udayan Care IT Centre (south Delhi) who informed me that they are going to organize the first batch graduation ceremony that is going to take place at Hero MotoCorp's corporate office which is located in Vasant Kunj (Delhi). It was a joyous news for me as this was my first visit to such a huge corporate office and I was excited to meet my batch mates who got placed in different companies and in various job roles. On 25th January'19, we boarded the bus which was arranged by Udayan Care to reach the specified location. The day was indeed incredible and I received a certificate from Vijay who is from Hero MotoCorp and also got the opportunity to share my experience in front of a crowd of 80 people.

The same day, I also became aware of the Udayan Care IT Centre "Alumni Network" from Arun who shared his experience about the first donation day which was organized by the alumni of North Delhi IT Centre. He told us that on the occasion of Lohri, 35 alumni came to their centre to discuss as to how they can contribute and follow "Give back to society" model. I was really inspired by Simran, one of the most active and dedicated alumni of Udayan Care, who donates a small amount of money from her salary which, in turn, is of great help to another beneficiary. This selfless act of Simran has motivated me to follow her footsteps and create a change in the life of another beneficiary by contributing funds for the same.

Therefore, Udayan Care has provided me with many learning experiences and it is no wonder that Udayan Care is succeeding by leaps and bounds.

About Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 25 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

About IT centers programme

Udayan care Information Technology centre tends to brings digital media closer to the underserved society of the people to improve their livelihoods. Currently we are running 14 IT centers in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and have impacted the lives of more than 15,000.

Our centers offer certificates courses in basic computer knowledge, diploma and advanced courses in computer application. Workshops on Spoken English, life skills training and job readiness are also a part of the curriculum.

Mar 5, 2019

Empower 50 needy girls in India through education

Alumnae Meet
Alumnae Meet

Udayan Shalini Fellowship

Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme of Udayan Care is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background aiming to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. It is unique because it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility to them.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme were also able to introduce ‘Employability and Placement section’ for our shalinis to help them get placements in various fields.

In 2018-19, USF has moved to 4 new cities – Pune & Thane (Maharashtra), Vadodara (Gujarat), Bengaluru (Karnataka)taking the count of chapters to 20. We have inducted around 1100 new girls in 13 states.

 Key Highlights

  • Mock Interview was conducted with final year college Shalinis. Some experienced HR were called to give exposure in regards to the interview process.
  • Udayan care is completing 25 years of existence and we are going to celebrate Silver Jubilee by organizing the USF Grand meet in the Month of March’19. In this regards, Delhi chapter conducted an Essay Writing Competition in the month of November and assessment of speech was done in the month December.
  • The quarterly workshop was held to aware Shalinis about the importance of Decision Making and a decision made should be for the betterment of mass number of people. The resource person also spoke on Job, Career, and Service.
  • Alumnae meet this year was held to reconnect with our alumnae and introduce them with the beginning of Alumnae cell who will work with the team to strengthen the association of other alumnae. The meet witnessed lots of activities and fun games. 

The social awareness campaign was conducted with Shalinis of different batches on the topic ‘Say No to Plastic’. The areas that were covered by them were Lalbagh and Model town market where they performed a beautifully prepared Role-play and distributed pamphlets to the masses. 

Mock Interview- 2nd Dec 2018

Mock Interviews were held to give exposure to shalinis with regard to the interview process. Our main aim was to connect to the alumnae as they needed to be grinned the most and also the third year girls who are yet to face the interview process. Alumnae and third-year girls were contacted and 23 girls agreed to come. There were four panelists which consist of HR’s from different firms in order to conduct the interview. The batch of girls was then divided into different panels; each panel consisted of 4-5 girls. Two segments were designed for the mock interview, first was one-on-one interaction and second was Group Discussion to give them the insight of the overall process. For the first round, there was an evaluation sheet which consisted of certain parameters on which the assessment of girls was supposed to be done. Each segment was of 5 marks and total 20 parameters were there. They were able to assess their performance on their own through the guidelines listed on the other sheet category wise e.g the girls who scored between 80-90% has different guidelines stating scope of improvement than the other percentage category. And now, for the second round, some topics were given to the panelist to conduct group discussion. This consisted total of 50 marks on set parameters. The panels conducted an interview in two halves and later discussed the individual’s performance in the group so that each gets the opportunity to learn from mistakes of others as well. The panels did a one-on-one interview with girls and then moved to group discussion and accordingly marking was done. Some girls did exceptionally well whereas some requires little improvement to be able to excel in interviews. Overall the session was impactful, informative and interesting. 

Assessment of Speech for Silver Jubilee Celebration-2nd Dec 2018

Assessment of Speech was held with regard to second step towards choosing the top 10 shalinis for the 25th Silver Jubilee Year Celebration. The competition comprised of three panels; one resource person for each panel. The judges marked the girls on the basis of their speaking skill, Pitch/ tone Confidence, Interest and Enthusiasm.  One by one girl came and delivered their speech with the best of their ability. They all performed well and were being evaluated on the same lines as stated above.

Interactive sessions by: Archna (USF Alumna) & Sapna (USF Alumna)- 2nd Dec 2018

Archna (USF-Alumna) took the session with Batch-17th (Class-XIth) It was an interactive session, telling them about a common thing and differences between passion and career. Being an Alumna, she shared her journey of Udayan Shalini and how she became a young dignified woman. She also conveyed the importance of Giving Back to the Society.  Ms. Archna is a Special Educator and she involved in many social activities, therefore she suggested Shalinis to come forward for the Nobel causes.

The second interactive session was taken by Sapna (USF-Alumna) with Batch-16th (Class-XIIth). The session was a combination of career orientation and mentoring. She conveyed the importance of a Mentor who guides you throughout life to see you at great heights. She also conveyed about various career options available for each field. Since Shalinis are little tensed about their pre-board exams, Ms. Sapna suggested them methods to avoid stress and prepare well for the exam. 

Token of gift by Ms. Rashmi (USF Alumna) -2nd Dec 2018 

Rashmi (USF Alumna)came to meet with newly inducted Shalinis (Batch-17th). She carried beautiful earrings for them as a ‘Token of Gift.’ She came along with her friend (Ms. Babita) to give a glimpse of USF-Program. She was highly impressed with the Shalinis and ready to contribute towards the program. Ms. Rashmi shared how USF made her journey easy and successful. Ms. Rashmi also conveyed that mentors, workshops, exposure visit everything played a vital role in enhancing her confidence and taught to be a responsible citizen.  Shalinis promised her to keep everything in their mind to become a dignified Shalini. 

Mentor Allotment and Mentor-Mentee Meet (Batch-17th) 2nd Dec 2018

Udayan Shalini Fellowship program has one of the important components~ Mentoring. USF is privileged to have robust Alumnae Network. Every year, there is a selection process to identify new mentors/didi for the newly inducted batch. Only selected mentors are called for allocation and mentor-mentee meet. A Mentor Allotment and Mentor-Mentee Meet was conducted with Shalinis. There was an introductory round and then assigned appropriate mentor didi to Shalinis as per USF Mentorship Structure.

In the first meeting, first, they both exchanged their personal number to get in touch with each other for future meetings. Also, general discussion creates a familiar environment. Moreover, it was instructed that mentor didis has to be regular in future meetings including working on Shalinis overall personality, academic performance and career counseling.

Mentor-Mentee Meet with Batch-16th - 2nd Dec 2018

Mentor-Mentee Meet was conducted with Batch-16th. First Sunday of every month is scheduled for Mentor-Mentee Meet. During the meet, Mentor Didis assess the quarterly performance of the mentees, learnings of the workshops and the gap areas.

The purpose of this meet is to help Shalinis getting proper guidance from Mentor Didi and work upon their improvement area with effective action. Through mentoring, shalinis get individual attention which helps them to perform better. Overall, frequent meetings are being effective. 


Quarterly Workshop on Motivational Talk by Pradeep, NM – 13th Jan 2019

By gracing the invitation from Udayan Care, Pradeep who is a Commodore by profession accepted the invitation and came to talk to our Shalinis about his journey and to motivate our Shalinis. He focused on drawing strength from all the difficult and adverse situations of life and to believe in yourself. The lecture was started by him showing all the Shalinis a video on Indian Navy. He talked about his projects and his journey as the captain of the Indian Naval Ship INS Tarkash in 2015. He talked about the changes, bad times can bring into your life and how it changes your perspective to deal with it Another point which was discussed and was focused was to have the ability to give back to society because you can never be a taker always. You should have the courage to give back in whatever way you can. The session further moved on to a discussion on Job, Career and Service. Further Shalinis were told about the importance of Decision Making and a decision made should be for the betterment of mass number of people. The session came to an end with the conclusion that Courage is not a trait of humans, we feel it and exhibit it when we step out of our comfort zone. The session ended with a question answer round. 

Small Group Workshop on Positive Language Ms. Garima Singh (Sr. Manager-Training & Development) – 6th Jan 2019

The workshop on Positive Language was conducted by Dr. Garima Singh. The objective of the workshop was to make Shalinis understand the meaning and means of communication, recognize the need for effective communication and apply ideas on internal and external communication. Interaction with the Shalinis on what do they understand from ‘communication’ was also done. Also, the focus was paid on ‘Interpersonal Communication’ which is diminishing nowadays because of the increase in the use of social media. Also, different activities were conducted where Shalinis were told about the importance and effectiveness of listening. Another activity was done to make the Shalinis understand interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. The session came to an end with the facilitator talking about positive thinking. It was further said that thoughts are automatic, deeply ingrained and suddenly one can’t change negative thoughts overnight but can change them slowly. With the end of the session, our Shalinis had an idea of understanding the importance of developing communication skills for personal and professional growth. 

Financial Management by Ms. Pooja Tripathi (USF Delhi-Program Coordinator) – 6th Jan 2019

The workshop was conducted at North Delhi Chapter on ‘Financial Management’ with Batch-15th. It was designed to make Shalinis understand about the importance of saving. Which was included information about the various tools available at the bank and how to become aware of the working of these tools. Also, our lifestyle requirements and in absence of budget we become unable to save money out of our earnings.

The session was started with a simple question on ‘What do you understand by Saving? and what are the various tools which build financial strength?  Responses of Shalinis were quit relevant but they were not much familiar with the financial tools. The session gave them insight regarding various financial tools and it's used. Shalinis found the session very informative.

Small Group workshop on Communication 3: Verbal Communication by Ms. Sapna & Ms. Dimpika (USF Delhi –Alumnae) – 6th Jan 2019 

The workshop on Positive Language was organized at Model Town in Delhi. It was attended by batch 17. The objective of the workshop was to make Shalinis understand the importance of English in the business world, practice active listening, learn about some basics of grammar, review pronunciation styles and incorporate and practice the new learning in speech.

At the beginning of the session, an activity was taken up where the class was divided into four groups. Each one was to present speech to their group with to aim to seek vote for themselves in student council elections. While speaking they were to refer to the points and not read from page. Facilitator explained this happens because you try to operate from fear. It was conveyed that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real which they should change into Face Everything And Rise. Emphasis was laid on listening skills. In debrief of the activities it was conveyed that communication skill to be mastered is the ability to listen. This followed by activities on English Grammar. By end of the session, Shalinis acquired clear knowledge of the importance of verbal communication. They understood that their verbal communication skills will increase the ability of them to share ideas, thoughts, and concerns with each other. 

8thAlumnae Meet – 27th Jan 2019

The event witnessed the coming up of all the beautiful people in a room together. The event started with the lighting up of lamp by our guest of honor accompanied by some of our alumnae. Our very talented Shalinis performed a Role Play to show us and re-live the moments that led to the foundation of this programme. There were two types of activities planned for the Alumnae so that they can have more fun and enjoy more. Then the complete crowd witnessed a wonderful Flash Mob performance by our Shalinis on Hindi songs ‘Bekhaufazadhairehnahume’ and ‘aj se apniaanmerimaitumkonachunedungi’. Then we asked the alumnae to come up on the stage and share their memories with all of us. The Role-play ended with a beautiful poem written by our existing Shalini which was praised by all and it also made Kiran's eyes wet with tears as thousand emotions passed through her. Later certificates were distributed and the gift of appreciation was handed over to the dignitaries. In the end, they all clicked beautiful pictures in the selfie booth made for them. Also, a signing board was prepared for them to write their views and feelings which we can cherish forever. It was a beautiful experience to get together for all the people present there. 


Employability Workshop on Adaptability and Learning by Garima – 3rd Feb 2019

The workshop on Adaptability and Learning was conducted by Garima . The objective of the session was to make the Shalinis aware about the fact that change is an unavoidable event and how to adjust ourselves with a positive attitude to our changed situation in order to not to lose our self in a state of sorrow and restlessness. The facilitator also explained the shalinis about Adaptability. It was stressed that their ability to adapt to changes and become comfortable with ever-changing circumstances in their life will influence their happiness, health, stress, and well-being.Different coping mechanisms to adjust to the change were also discussed. Some videos on adaptability were also shown to the Shalinis and it made them feel highly motivated. By end of the session, Shalinis was clear that to manage change they need to modify their thinking & attitude to suit to current or future environments. Feedback given by a Shalini is “I enjoyed the workshop. I know change is constant and is a way of life. I will try to adapt to these situations with a positive attitude and will focus on the benefits of the inevitable change.”

Workshop on Problem Solving and Conflict Management by Bhaskar (Vice-president at contract advertising) – 3rd Feb 2019

The session was conducted with the Shalinis of Batch 14. The objective of the session was to make the Shalinis understand the significance and importance of problem-solving. Different activities were done with them to see their approach towards problems. 7 steps of problem-solving were discussed in the session. Also, it was discussed if having poor problem-solving skills one can have a lot of problems in personal and professional life. Constructive and destructive conflict management was also discussed. Different activities were also performed with the Shalinis to make them learn from each other’s different point of view. A Shalini gave feedback “The workshop was very informative, I learned not to leave a problem in hand and run away from it but to recognize it and resolve it with utmost care.” 

Social Campaign on ‘Say No to Plastic’ – 9th Feb 2019

The camp was conducted with Shalinis of different batches on the topic ‘Say No to Plastic’. The areas that were covered by them were Lalbagh and Model town market where they performed a beautifully prepared Role-play. Also, they raised their slogans and showcased handmade posters and banners. Also they were divided into groups to talk to the local people and make a video of their opinions and ideas to change this situation. Pamphlets in English and Hindi language were also distributed to everyone. Refreshment boxes were distributed to the girls. At the end of the campaign, a lot of appreciation of the Shalinis were done by the facilitators. One of the shopkeepers gave the feedback ‘It is so nice to see the youth talking about serious issues and taking steps against it and also wants more and more people like us to make people understand and aware about this important issue and also I will mention, if the use of this hazardous product will not come to an end it will be deadly for our more generations to come.’ 


“When everything feels like an uphill battle, just think about the view from the top”

Kamini belongs to a family of five people where the financial condition of the family was not very good as her father has gone through three major surgeries and now he is on complete bed rest. To support the home, her mother is currently working in a medical shop. It’s tough for her mother to take care of all the expenses single-handedly including her husband’s treatment as well as her children’s education expenses.

Kamini Joined the Program in 2012 with an aim to support her higher education. She has learned a lot from personality development workshops of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme. She has beautifully incorporated the component of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme which is ‘giving back to society’.

“I was extremely shy and reserved by nature. But through the workshops organized by Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme, I was able to come out of my shell. I learned a lot and even shared my opinions and struggles with my mentors. Today, I feel more confident and I consider myself as a public speaker”

She really gets a lot of motivation from all the people associated with the programme including the mentors, the coordinators, the facilitators, the speakers and the complete team of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme.

Currently, she is working in Genpact as a Process Associate but aspires to become a government employee in Food Corporation of India for which she is working hard.

Mock Interview
Mock Interview
Speech competition for Silver Jubilee celebration
Speech competition for Silver Jubilee celebration
Interactive Session by Archana  Tiwari
Interactive Session by Archana Tiwari
Interactive Session by Sapna Pawar
Interactive Session by Sapna Pawar
Token of gift by Rashmi
Token of gift by Rashmi
Mentor Mentee Meet
Mentor Mentee Meet
Quarterly workshop on Motivational Talk
Quarterly workshop on Motivational Talk
Positive language session by Garima Jain
Positive language session by Garima Jain
Workshop on Financial Management
Workshop on Financial Management
Workshop on verbal Communication
Workshop on verbal Communication
8th Alumnae Meet
8th Alumnae Meet
Workshop on Adaptibility and Leadership
Workshop on Adaptibility and Leadership
Workshop on Problem Solving and ConflictManagement
Workshop on Problem Solving and ConflictManagement
Success Story - Kamini
Success Story - Kamini
Feb 26, 2019

Support Orphaned children at our Sunshine Homes

Children at the 13th Adidas Annual Sports Day
Children at the 13th Adidas Annual Sports Day

Udayan Ghar Programme

Udayan Care had set up its first Udayan Ghar (Home) for children in 1996 and created its own model of LIFE: Living in Family Environment. This model enables erstwhile children in need of Care & Protection to grow in a loving family environment. In these homes, the children are loved and cared for by a group of Mentor Parents-socially committed individuals (volunteers) who groom the children with a team of Coordinators at homes, along with resident Care Givers, Supervisors, & Volunteers.

These homes are located in busy, middle class neighborhoods, so children can reintegrate themselves into society through direct community involvement which helps in mainstreaming the children ahead. Our children and young adults are receiving quality education in some of the best educational institutions such as: The Sagar School at Tijara, Alwar, Mata Bhagwati school, Genesis Global school, Tagore International School, East of Kailash, Banyan Tree School, Global Indian International School etc and colleges/ universities like College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi, Hi- Tech Institute of Engineering, Ghaziabad, Punjab University, Lingaya’s University and so on.

Since inception, Udayan Ghars have nurtured over 1020 children with love, care and protection in 16 Homes across 4 states of India. Presently, there are 186 children across all homes. 26of our young adults are also being supported through our After Care Programme.

Expanding its embrace of care and protection to reach out to more children at-risk, Udayan Care has opened 2 new homes (girls Home in Gurugram, Haryana and another one in Vasant Kunj, Delhi) during the period December’18 to February’19, making it to the total of 16 homes.

Workshops/ Activities during this Quarter

During the period of December, 2018 - February,2019,the team continued working for the betterment of children and the programme. The quarter went well with children engaged in preparing for their final-term examination. The quarter brought along some major celebrations including adidas-Udayan Care Winter Carnival and 13thadidas-Udayan Care Annual Sports Day. Workshops being a monthly affair addressed several concerns pertaining to Children, Care-givers, Mentor Parents and Coordinators and also served for building their capacity.

Workshops were held with all the programme stakeholders (mentors, coordinators, caregivers, and children).In order to strengthen the stakeholders the following workshops were held during the quarter:


  • Workshop on “Time Management” with Children
  • Workshop on “FAIRSTART Training (Phase III), Session III” with Caregivers and Supervisors.
  • Discussion on “Understanding Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) as a Mental Health Concern in Alternative Care” with Mentor Parents and Coordinators


  • Workshop on “FAIRSTART Training (Phase III), Session IV” with Caregivers and Supervisors.
  • Discussion on “Preparing Individual Care Plan of Children” with Mentor Parentsand Coordinators.


  • Workshop on “Care Giving, FAIRSTART Training (Phase III), Session V” with Caregivers and Supervisors.
  • Session on “Understanding UdayanGhar Model” with Mentor Parents and Coordinators.

Children don't naturally know how to make good choices. Life skills help children know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. Since in a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, Life Skill workshops at home were also held every other quarter which focused on various subjects like self awareness & self identity, coping with emotions, relationship building, healthy & unhealthy relationships, knowing self, decision making, stress management, healthy habits; family & community, communication and problem solving.

Opportunities, events and outings are some of the things that never end for our Udayan Ghar children. The major recreational and co-curricular events that took place during the quarter include –

Theatre Show by Salaam Balak Trust

Children from Sant Nagar, Mehrauli and Ghaziabad Ghars went to see theatre show by Salaam Balak Trust, a not for profit organization providing residential care to vulnerable children. The play, Street Dreams portrays the story of three children living on the streets and facing various hardships take a call to transform to their destiny with their utmost determination. The skit for the play was written, directed and performed by the alumni and children of Salaam Balak Trust. The children were truly thrilled and motivated after seeing the play.

Christmas Celebration Josh Technology

Our Boys from Gurgaon Ghar were invited for Christmas party by Josh technology at their Head Office in Gurgaon on 21st December’18. Children from other organization were also a part of the celebration. They were engaged in different fun activities. Children danced, got Christmas presents and enjoyed some delicious food. 

Greenlam’s Family Day Celebration

Girls from Ghaziabad Ghar were invited to be a part of Greenlam’s Family Day Celebration on 22nd December’18. Girls performed a skit and were made a part of several games and activities organized by Greenlam. The day ended with presents distributed to the children followed by a mouth-watering feast.

Heritage Walk by Apni Basti Mela

Children from Sant Nagar and Mehrauli Ghars went for a heritage walk in Nizamuddin on 23rdDecember’18 organized as a part of Apni Basti Mela. The children walked through the medieval settlement area, Nizamuddin, named after the highly venerated 14th century Sufi saint, Nizamuddin, wherein, they saw medieval era tombs, shrines, mausoleums and step-wells.

Adidas-Udayan Care Winter Carnival

The cadre of children and staff across different Udayan Ghars got together to celebrate “Adidas-Udayan Care Winter Carnival– Awaken the Superhero Within” at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida on 5th January’19. Loaded with tons of fun, exciting games, mouth-watering eats, beautiful décor and banger that makes anybody dance, the carnival threw some spectacular performances where children dressed as superheroes revealed the colors of their super power to make the world a better place.  They also gave some jaw dropping group dance performance as a part of talent hunt show.

Art Workshop by Art Reach India Foundation

On 12th January’19, participants of the Artroom Programme by Art Reach India Foundation went for the art workshop where they painted and drew posters and info-graphics inspired from the nature walk held at Lodhi Garden, Delhi.

Republic Day Celebration

Republic Day was celebrated across different Udayan Ghars on 26th January’19. Each home celebrated the glorious with its own taste where, some sang patriotic songs, participated in quiz and others hoisted flag, made presentation on revolutionaries and shared their stories. The day is celebrated at Udayan Care in order to inculcate patriotism, loyalty and a sense of responsibility in children towards the nation.

13th Adidas-Udayan Care Annual Sports Day – “Clash of Titans, Let’s settle the score”

Udayan Care organized and celebrated 13th Adidas-Udayan Care Annual Sports Day – “Clash of Titans, Let’s settle the score” on 10th February’19. One of the grand events, hosted by Udayan Care and supported by Adidas, Sports Day offers an opportunity for all children and staff across different Udayan Ghars to get together on the same platform and compete against each other in the track & field events with healthy sporting spirit.

Track & Field Event by JyotiYatra

Children from Sant Nagar, Noida Boys & Girls and Mayur Vihar Homes participated in the track and field event, Khelyatra, on 16th February’19, organized by Jyotiyatra, a not-for-profit, working to promote sports among underprivileged schools and children. Giving a tough fight to the competitors among 20 different teams from various schools and NGOs, our young Udayanites bagged gold and silver medals in 100 m dash, 200 m dash, 400 m relay race etc. under different age categories.


Success Story

“A family beyond family”

A girl child is the god’s greatest gift to the world and, such gifts are to be received with all love, pampered, and cared for and to be nurtured well. But, the fate had it’s own plan for the five little sisters, Neelam, Shalu, Komal, Kanchan and Sheetal, who have been through a traumatic past in their delicate childhood. The mother lost her life while giving birth to the youngest girl, Sheetal, one among the five sisters, rendering them into semi-orphanhood. Their father couldn’t withstand the loss of his wife and sank into severe depression and was diagnosed with Tuberculosis too. Holding his little girls responsible for the misfortune, the father decided to leave the children with their paternal uncle and aunt who showed complete unwillingness to take the poor little girls into their care. The father with the hope to get helped by the children’s maternal grandparents moved to Delhi but, due to financial constraints at their place, the family returned back with a rejection again.

Left with no other options, the father decided to put all his 5 children into Hope Foundation (an adoption home). But, as nobody came forth to adopt the children, they were transferred to Udayan Care in June, 2004, for their long term care and protection.

By this time, children had experienced so much of trauma, neglect and several rejections which affected their delicate childhood, their socialisation process and their mental & emotional well being. The time when these little sisters were supposed to play, learn, to be loved and free from any worry struggled for shelter, their protection and survival.

Neelam, Shalu, Komal, Kanchan and Sheetal were just 14, 10, 8.5, 6.5 and 5 years old respectively when they came at JagshantiUdayanGhar, Greater Noida. They had low sense of self worth, low confidence and limited educational background and often break out into tears for their fate.

With conducive environment at Udayan Care, the girls were nurtured with all the required love, care and affection and they believed that they have found a new family at UdayanGhar. The efforts of the ghar team, that consists of mentor parents, social worker, care staff & mental health professionals, have transformed them into  responsible, independent and confident adults who share their experience of traumatized past without any hesitation.

The sisters were supported through the basic need of love and education too. They were enrolled into best schools and colleges as per their interest and capabilities where they have proved themselves and made some extraordinary achievements ranging from topping the batch to fetching scholarships in renowned institutes.

Today, Neelam is working with IBM an MNC for last almost 5 years. Shalu after working for a year with a pharmaceutical company  Vygon India Ltd. is currently pursuing M. Pharma from Delhi University. She is presently in second year. Komal is working with a leading travel company Airbnb. Kanchan is working with Policy Bazar. The youngest one Sheetal is studying in NIFT, Mumbai on 100% scholarship. Currently she is in second year in Fashion Designing. It is worth mentioning here that Sheetal competed in an All India test conducted by NIFT in 2017 and secured an All India rank of 277.Definitely a very big achievement for her and a very  proud moment for all associated with her.

Moreover, being raised in a family environment and inculcated with the right values, the girls are also supporting and looking after the same old ailing father who had abandoned them once in the past.

Children celebrating Republic Day
Children celebrating Republic Day
Christmas Celebrations with Josh Technology
Christmas Celebrations with Josh Technology
Winners at Khelyatra
Winners at Khelyatra
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