Jul 26, 2017

Activity Report - August 2017


On the 25th of May, we organised a charity in the restaurant A Seis Manos. The artists supporting our social initiative Olingo and the members of our network of productors Sembrando Confianza were with us to present our projects.
Not only were they able to have a place to promote their products but also got the opportunity to talk with the consumers and explain them the reasons for their commitment to this Agroecological Network. The launch of the new collection of Bolsas Olingo was a real success, and so was the exhibition of DJLU and Garavato’s works.

We would like to thank you all for following us during this event, and for your faith and support in our project!


The agroecological markets network of Bogotá Región invites you to its great launch and to discover the various proposals fostering a better city. In only one place you will find a broad offer of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, breads, snacks, coffee, chocolate, canned food and jams, personal care products and much more. You can find us this Saturday, 10th June, to discover the different organizations that are part of the network.


We started a new cycle of workshops on environmental education with girls from the Hogar Esperanza foundation in May. We developed this Project thanks to the Aquarela Foundation, to provide the participants with an insight of nature and food culture. We are going to grow aromatic plants, tomatoes, lettuces and eatable flowers. Themes like art, kitchen and nutrition will also be studied. In this context, a pedagogical tour will be organized in a Sembrando Confianza network productor’s finca so as the girls can know the food origin and enjoy a day of agroecology.


Two months ago, the Environmental Education and Food Security team started to recover space for urban agriculture along with the gully Los Toches, in Santa Rosa district.
The gardens extend over the whole block and will be completed by a greenhouse. Our challenge: empower the participants, showing that with effort and dedication we can get a productive orchard without spending money.

All the material used comes from reused wastes: old couches thrown down the drain, used tires, debris, plastic bottles, among other things. While building new orchards we succeeded to clean the site, which will serve to achieve other permaculture workshops with the community. We are fostering a stronger and more supportive network of Urban Farmers in a district that used to suffer communal living issues.

If you are interested and wish to support us, do not hesitate to reach us by mail or on our Sembrando Confianza facebook. All the help is appreciated!


May 30, 2017

What we achieved since march 2017 !




At the end of March we will be continuing the process of environmental education begun at the end of 2016 with the students and teachers from the school Altamira sur oriental, in the district of San Cristóbal sur. We will work on several environmental themes: ethnobotany, renewable energy and processes of decontamination of the rivers close to the school, with a focus on scientific research.




On the 10 th March a pedagogical outlet was developed concerning the subjects of the ‘Paramo’ (a tundra-like area of outstanding natural beauty) and agro-ecology with students from the environmental groups from the French schools of Cali, Pereira and Bogotá. They took as a case study the National Park Sumapaz, which contains a Paramo, and heard a talk from an expert about the importance of the preservation of this ecosystem.


From the beginning of the month, we have begun to undertake an environmental diagnosis to better understand and reduce the carbon footprint of our markets supplied by domicilio, from the moment the goods are produced to when they reach the consumer. We moved quickly in this respect: after the change from plastic to glass containers and using cardboard for reusable baskets in the market, we now provide our domicilio service for nearby markets on bike. Thank you for helping us to continue to reduce our environmental impact by recycling glass bottles and egg boxes and returning your premium basket or bag.



Pilar and Reynaldo are the newest participants in the program that aims to support micro-businesses in alliance with the Polytechnic University of Greater Colombia (La Universidad Politécnico Grancolombiano). Pilar who runs a micro-business in the district of San Cristóbal has come on as a leader and community figure, relying on a business plan that includes aspects of design, fabrication and commercialisation of calendars and note-books.


Friday, 28 th April, we were putting together a magazine of dental education for children and young people between 11 and 17 years of age. The project, developed by a group of volunteers from Brazil, aims to grant complete free dental treatment to the young people that need it, and with special attention paid to those that are about to get their first job.



In February the team at PSF Francia organised a street art explosion from Bogotá in the city of Clermont-Ferrand to spread Colombian culture and show another aspect of the country. The photographs displayed were taken by Elsa and Paul during their collaboration with PSF. The visitors could buy bags made by Colombians in Centro COMParte who received a good fee for their work. Finally, we organised a drawing workshop, and four pieces created by children are going to be sent to Centro COMParte.


– One hand in another are not merely two hands, they are unified


In April we opened the school of leadership in Centro COMParte, a space where leaders of UPZ La Gloria will be meeting during May in the district of San Cristóbal to learn about tools for job development in the community and social processes, with a goal of bringing about the unification of projects being developed in individual neighbourhoods. The school of leadership will be helped by the Institute for Participation IDEPAC.



In April PSF was present at the event Destino Francia organised by Campus France in which higher education in France was promoted. We were part of a discussion group with well-known French businesses in Colombia and we shared the experiences of our programmes in entrepreneurship and social development since forming Confianza and Centro COMParte. In addition we were invited by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences from the University Foundation San Mateo to share our experience in international solidarity and social responsibility. The students from the business schools were able to get to know at first hand the development of our activities including the challenges and difficulties faced by the social projects of the foundation.

Free dental treatment to the young people
Free dental treatment to the young people


Feb 21, 2017

A new year for Project Without Borders !

A new year for Project Without Borders !

2016 is over and we would like to share with you the happiest moments of the year.

Thanks to your support, Proyectar Sin Fronteras grow stronger everyday and dedicates its energy to the development of a long lasting Peace.

Each year, challenges are bigger, and 2017 brings great ones. With your help and our program Centro COMParte, we will keep strengthening social, economic and environmental processes which allow the building of a better country and better city.


International Alliances

Alliances with the International Community have allowed us to generate a greater social impact for the population we are working with, as their support was not only economic but also human. During the last two months we were pleased to received the visit of some of our international allies.


Visit of the French Delegation, Mrs Ayrault and the French Ambassador

Mrs Ayrault, the French Foreign Minister’s wife, visited our foundation in Santa Rosa, San Cristobal. She was accompanied by the French ambassador. We were proud to present our projects of urban agriculture, education and economic reinsertion of vulnerable populations. Thanks to this visit, Centro COMParte was able to receive a donation of new computers from Airbus, Schneider Electric, y el Liceo Frances de Bogota.


Meeting with the French President Francois Hollande

The French President Francois Hollande and the ambassador of France in Colombia Jean Marc Laforet invited us to the reception organized on Monday 23rd of January in Bogota.

During his speech the President highlighted the work accomplished by our foundation for a long lasting Peace in Colombia.

He received gifts from the participants of our program and expressed his appreciation for the dedication and valuable contribution of the french youth in Colombia.

We are pleased to share with you this good news, and are thankful for your increasing support.


Visit of Bogota Accueil

The group of woman representing of Bogota Accueil visited Centro COMParte to know better the project of Creaciones COMParte, for which they were one of our main financial allies.

This resulted in an increase of the incomes of women of Santa Rosa’s neighborhood.


Visit of La Guilde

La Guilde is one of the main agency promoting the

Civic Service. They visited us and exchanged with us about the experience of the french volunteers from our team.



Thanks to the support of many donors and the foundation ProColombia, we were able to organise a wonderful Christmas party for the children of San Cristobal. Each child received gifts and clothes, and participated in the many activities of the day (dance, make up, games and more).

If was also for them the opportunity to visit another neighborhood of Bogota, celebrate Christmas together and with the volunteers who are part of their everyday life.



Peace is something that we have to build together, and that's why we care about our social events for which everyone is welcome.

We recently organized a community meal in Santa Rosa. The children helped peeling the potatoes, the adults cooked and the elders told stories to the others.

Building strong relationships is the key of a long lasting peace, and the decrease of violence can only happen with a rapprochement of generations and people.



Our greenhouse is flourishing thanks to our little gardeners !

The team is getting bigger every week, and more flowers and plants are appearing as they take very good care of it.

Promoting ecology and a respectful approach to the planet is one of the main objective of our program, and now we can count on our small ambassadors.

With your donations we will soon be able to open 30 new gardens in San Cristobal, so the people can live in a greener and healthier environment.



Their Stories...


The brand “Ciro” started with the dream of a man who, after living through the horrors of war, left the weapons behind him. He changed his identity by putting is name on the leather products he developed for his collection. Behind Ciro's products, there is not only the story of a man, but also the stories of each person of the community Ciro brought jobs to in his own workshop located in Santa Rosa. A place where forgiveness and empathy hold hands to build new stories and new paths.



“Artesanias Marla” is the project of Jorge Garcia, a community leader who's part of the Katio aboriginal ethnic group, and took the decision to leave the weapons and start his own traditional craft project, not only for him, but also for the people of his community.

Jorge's products, filled with aboriginal culture, melt colors to represent suns, flowers, gods or rain, a thin equilibrium between the forces of nature, and a symbol of peace.



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