May 2, 2018

Environmental education at Centro COMParte

In « Centro COMParte », we believe in changes, thanks to our project of environmental education and education of peace. We’re not only working on sowing knowledges in the children’s head but also on conveying the passion we have for what we do. We have a deep desire of believing that it is actually possible to live in peace and harmony, alongside with ourselves, others, and nature.


20-30 children are daily received by the educative staff in Centro COMParte to learn about environment and participate in peace education workshops.

Environmental education


Firstly, the process is about dreaming, exploring interactions between the living beings and the territory that allow the existence of the magical nature that surrounds us. Most of these children don’t have any idea of these interactions. Therefore, during the whole first semester we gave them an imaginary ride in the world through different ecosystems and cultures you can encounter.

While drawing, the children were trying to understand the characteristics of an ecosystem and the various interactions that exist between living beings and physical surrounding. It enables them to understand step by step the cycles of life.

Through theater, in addition of reinforcing their abilities to develop personal and corporal expressions, the children will perform the relation that the mankind has with the territory. This activity enables them to understand the meaning of the culture, the interactions existing between the ecosystem characteristics, and how humans manage to adapt.


Handcrafts also play an important role in the achievement of talking about how humans are able to use what surrounds them to elaborate different artefacts.

Nothing is better than a beautiful painting to represent the tropical rainforest and the importance of biodiversity.

A mask-making workshop was the best opportunity to talk about the Masai culture.

We took a seat aboard the Magical Bus and traveled to the unknown world of coral reefs. Through this process we discovered the marine food chain.


The big game


We created a big cooperative game, in which the children had to work in teams with the objective of assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Various clues lead the groups to different ecosystems that had been studied during previous workshops. These clues lead the children to meet with “sages” which give them other leads about how to take care about the planet. With this process the children also learnt that our daily actions create huge changes.

Jan 23, 2018

Thanks for your help in 2017

Gracias por tu apoyo durante 2017. En este informe encontrarás algunos de nuestros resultados más importantes dentro del proyecto. Te invitamos a seguir apoyando nuestra labor en este 2018, a seguir construyendo juntos oportunidades para las mujeres víctimas del conflicto armado en Colombia y a generara oportunidades de educación de calidad para los niños en contextos de postconflicto.

En 2017 trabajamos alrededor de la educación, la cultura y el emprendimiento como base para construir una cultura de Paz y una cultura ambiental, trabajamos con más de 120 niños, 60 adultos y 25 jóvenes.

Logramos crear redes con diferentes Universidades tanto Colombianas como Francesas integrando a profesores y estudiantes en el acompañamiento de procesos de formación con niños, jóvenes y adultos, fortaleciendo los lazos comunitarios, la solidaridad y la participación comunitaria.

Para el año 2018 lanzaremos una nueva campaña de crowdfounding que busca apoyar nuestros proyectos en educación ambiental y educación para la Paz a través de pedagogías alternativas. Sigue nuestras redes sociales y entérate del avance en nuestros proyectos.

Sé parte de nuestro grupo de embajadores y plan padrino convirtiéndote en un promotor de la cultura de paz y de la sostenibilidad.

Gracias por tu apoyo, gracias por creer en nosotros.

Oct 25, 2017

Project Report October

Cultural area – COMParte tu ritmo(Share your rhythm)


During the last few months we have been developing the project COMParte tu Ritmo (Share your Rhythm), an initiative with the objective of reducing the racial segregation among the women in the neighborhood of Santa Rosa, San Cristobal district. It is driven by the mutual acknowledgement of the cultural differences and symbolic encounter around the role each woman plays in society and in her family.

Thanks to classes of aerobic rumba, patchwork workshop and relaxing experiences, more than 20 women share their Rhythm. All these activities participates in building friendships and acknowledging the similarities we Share in our daily life about work and family related obligations. The fact that the women Share their personal experiences help them to acknowledge their own person as well as others, and creates an environment more respectful and tolerant.

Share your Rhythm have also represented the opportunity to Revive the community park, a place notorious for being the local meeting point for micro trafficking and drugs consumption. It is to say that its re-appropriation by the women has allowed the kids re-claim the space as well. In this way,we have also organized a community event with food, dance and football as the opportunity to further social integration.


Entrepreneurship Area


More than 30 persons engages in the entrepreneurship program, an initiative in which we have managed to get the support of 4 educational institutions working. We are all working together to support the small-businesses projects of the attendees who want in addition to earning their own money, generate employment through fair trade for the rest of the community. The micro-entrepreneurs participating have begun to attend training to get a clearer idea of what their future businesses will be like. This process includes benchmarking, brand creation, marketing plan and a financial viability study.

Our objective is to support these initiatives and keeping on promoting the creation of sustainable projects and social business. Thank you to everyone who helped.Please keep showing your support to our project and visit our social networks to be updated day by day of our progress. Links: Proyectar Sin Fronteras Centro COMParte PSF Col

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