Feb 20, 2018

#ProjectBaon is now in 11 Locations in the Philippines!

2018 beneficiaries
2018 beneficiaries

Dear Friends and Partners,

Here's a quick look at the impact of your donations last 2017 :

  • Number of Meals of Served : 3,146
  • Number of Children Served : 2,547
  • Number of Parents served : 209 ( Those who accompany their children to Feeding Activities) 
The figures above were from five different Feeding Stations  in the Philippines as below : 
  • Purok 6, Brgy. Tarece San Carlos City Pangasinan -Average # of Kids : 25-30**
  • Maharlika Creekside Brgy.Dolores Taytay Rizal -Average # of Kids : 35-40
  • Samal Island , Davao del Norte- 50 kids 
  • Brgy. Los Amigos, Tugbok District Davao City- 22 kids 
  • RRD Brgy. Los Amigos, Tugbok District Davao City- 22 kids 

**Refers the the average number of kids present for every feeding activity or is signed up in the program

Now, are you ready for this ? From five feeding stations in 2017, we are happy to inform you that we have expanded our reach to 11 initial Feeding stations (and still growing) this 2018! 

We are excited to share with you the new Feeding Stations for #ProjectBaon 2018 , where we will serve hot and nutritious meals to undernourished kids every week :

  1. Brgy. Coliling, Pangasinan
  2. Brgy. Tarece Pangasinan
  3. Bahay Kalinga, Antipolo - a center for CICL kids (Children in Conflict with the Law)
  4. Sta. Lucia, Cainta, street kids 
  5. Sitio Dumpsite, Antipolo
  6. Sitio Bababa, Antipolo
  7. Sitio Batong Dalig, Taytay
  8. Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod- Visayas region
  9. Libertad Public Market, Bacolod, Visayas region
  10. Brgy. Calumanggan Negros, Occidental,Visayas region
  11. Serafin, Davao City, Mindanao region

If you have noticed, we have increased our locations in the Visayas and Mindanao area, where magnitude and severity of malnutrition ranges from High - Very High, based on a survey by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Philippines (prevalence of Stunting from 61-120 months children of 5-10 yrs from 2015)  .

Together with your partnership, we are looking forward to make a lasting impact in the lives of almost 400 undernourished kids this year. We continue to serve school age kids, ages 4-12 years old. These are kids belonging to mostly indigent families, and we have families literally living in dump sites. Some of these kids would have only 1 meal in a day, and would feed on only instant noodles and rice. The fathers are construction workers and do not have regular work. Mothers do laundry to earn money or selling vegetables. Some of the children are being raised by single mothers, while  some of the couples are very young and yet have many children.

We will share more of the condition of each benefiary in suceeding reports. For now, we'd like to share some of the photos from our #ProjectBaon launch taken earlier this month for the year 2018.

Aside from the meal ingredients , here are the needs we are specifically praying to be met this year :

1. Tables and chairs for the Feeding locations

2. Tents

3. Teaching materials 

4. A medical team - who can go with us at least on a monthly basis to the communities to check on the health conditions of the children

5. Proper lunchboxes and cooking utensils

6. Regular supply of vitamins and supplements for the kids.

7. Vehicle - to aid in the delivery of meals to communities where it is not conducive to prepare the meals in the area

From all of us at Reach Out and Feed Philippines, we THANK YOU all for your wonderful partnership and believing with us that these kids deserve a better chance in their future.



Dawn + Feed Philippines team 






Pangasinan Launch
Pangasinan Launch
Cainta Launch
Cainta Launch
Sitio Dumpsite Antipolo launch
Sitio Dumpsite Antipolo launch
Sitio Banaba Antipolo launch
Sitio Banaba Antipolo launch
Brgy Mandalagan Bacolod launch
Brgy Mandalagan Bacolod launch
Bahay Kalinga Antipolo launch
Bahay Kalinga Antipolo launch
Nov 27, 2017

#ProjectBaon update as of November 2017

Mary (before)
Mary (before)


Dear friends and partners,

2017 has been so good to us. We were able to open new feeding stations, partner with different organizations and individuals to create more awareness on malnutrition, get a lot of training to improve our services  and most importantly, see improvements on the nutritional status of our beneficiaries. Here are some of the beneficiaries of #projectbaon and how they have improved overtime.


At the beginning of the feeding program, Mary (not her real name)he cries a lot, she walks very slow, smiles very little and looks like she's in pain. She's severely malnourished. She was almost 4 years old and she only weighs 8.1 kg the first time we weigh her.

After several weeks we have seen how she's changing. She started saying "bye bye" to us after every feeding. It's a big change from not talking to saying some simple words like that. We have seen her smile often too and the mother who was pregnant that time was very happy to the progress she's sees from her daughter.

Small little girl she might be but she eats a lot during the feeding. She loves the manna rice and the soup.  She loves all the food that's being served.

Now, she even likes coming to the program with a bag pack.

Lindy (not her real name) is an eldest daughter. She has 2 siblings. Her father is a tricycle driver and her mother is a housewife. They live in a small community with lots of kids. She’s a grade 3 honor student. She’s very smart and excels in school. The first time  we met her she really wants to join the program. She was included on the first batch this year. She really enjoys the food that we serve especially the rice (Manna Pack) and the Lumpia (Mix Vegetables). She loves dancing and hearing wonderful stories. She has an initiative on helping others, she has a compassionate heart.

 One time after our feeding program she came to me and asked if we still have a leftover food so she could bring it to her family because she wanted also for her siblings to eat what she had. She cares so much for her family. Her parents are very supportive also in order for her to finish the program. Right now Lindsey passed the normal weight and an active member of our Sunday School.

Heart (not her real name) is the youngest in the family. At first she was skinny, sickly and was always carried by her mom. She seldom joins activities. After a few months changes have happenned. She eats a lot, has become energetic, starts to talk to us and joins activities. With more health interventions, we hope Heart will reach her normal nutrition status.

We’d love to tell you more champion stories on our next posts!

As we say goodbye to 2017 and joyously welcome 2018, we hope that you will continue to work with us to end the cycle of malnutrition. 


With a heartfelt thanks,

Team Reach Out Feed Philippines

Mary (now)
Mary (now)
Aug 21, 2017

#ProjectBaon Update as of August 2017

Bukaran Samal Island Davao del Norte
Bukaran Samal Island Davao del Norte

Dear Friends and Partners,

#ProjectBaon has officially launched for school year 2017-2018 last July 2017.  Thanks to your generosity, we now have started with Three (3) Full time Feeding Stations and Five Outreach Feeding Stations. We are pleased to share with you some of the highlights below : 

#ProjectBaon Mindanao :

In January 2017, Reach Out and Feed Philippines Inc., joined the United for Healthier Kids Philippines or U4HK - "a coalition composed of different partners to raise awareness on the extent of malnutrition, areas for collaboration, and opportunities for action. This focuses on creating a social movement and encouraging various stakeholders to make use of a platform that would provide long-term action against hunger and malnutrition. " -https://hangryabouthunger.u4hk.ph/about-u4hk

Being a part of the U4HK Philippines movement has provided us with the needed information to determine the locations in the Philippines where malnutrition is most prevalent.

Using the U4HK's Malnutrition Heat Map : https://hangryabouthunger.u4hk.ph/mhm , we learned that severity of malnutrition in Mindanao Philippines is high, and most of the key cities in here do not have partners yet who are focusing in what we do.

In our last report in May 2017, we have shared with you that we have launched our very first Feeding Station in Bukaran Samal Island, Davao del Norte.  In this report, we are happy to inform you that we have just launched our 2nd Feeding Station in Mindanao, at Davao City.

Currently we provide supplementary meals for  an average of 70 kids in Bukaran Samal Island, Davao del Norte, every week and 30 kids, daily  in Davao City 


#ProjectBaon Pangasinan :

Our full time Feeding station in Pangasinan started last April 3, 2017 and has now accepted it's 2nd batch of beneficiaries. 

We are pleased to inform you that the 30 kids who started with the program had an average weight increase of 1.20kg for the first 20 days and an average total of 2.12 kg weight increase after 40 days in the feeding program. Twenty Five of the Thirty kids who started the program were able to complete the 40 days program. 


#ProjectBaon Rizal :

The #Projectbaon Rizal team had to change their program from a School-based feeding program to a Community Based-feeding program. The Department of Education of the Philippines has launched this year a school feeding program for most of the schools in the Rizal area. However, once the kids leave the school, they are faced again with the dilemma of looking for their own dinner. 

This is where we came in , #ProjectBaon Rizal provides the nutritious dinner of at least 35 kids from the community of Maharlika Creekside Taytay Rizal. Our Feeding Station coordinator - Mark Ocampo, shares in a short video their daily challenges in going to this community. 

Watch the video here : Maharlika Creekside Video


Summary :

Overall, here are the numbers since we started last July 2017 until as of August 18, 2017

July # of Meals Served : 713
August # of Meals Served : 577
Total : 1,290 meals 

July to August number of beneficiaries for Full time Feeding Stations: 160


According to recent statistics, there are still over 7 million stunted and undernourished kids in the Philippines. (Childhood Stunting in the Philippines ).   "Stunted growth – a sign of chronic malnutrition – could affect a child's cognitive development, overall health, and even socio-economic conditions that carry on to adulthood."We need your help to be able to reach more children in the Philippines. 

Our goal for this  school year 2017-2018  is to open more Feeding Stations,and reach at least 1,000 beneficiaries all over the Philippines . Can we count on you ? Together let's Feed, Nourish, Empower!


Yours truly,

Dawn + Team Reach Out and Feed Philippines

Davao City
Davao City
Maharlika Creekside Taytay
Maharlika Creekside Taytay
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