Jun 13, 2017

Israeli Arab donates cancer meds to Israeli Jew

Over 320 packages of free meds sent out per day!
Over 320 packages of free meds sent out per day!

For the last 14 years, Haverim Le'Refuah has been gathering free medicines from all over the country - and distributing them for free to those in need.

One month ago we witnessed one such case and wanted to share it with you:

Rachel, a 36 year-old mother of six was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. She urgently needed Ibrance, an expensive medicine that isn't included in her health basket. She called us but we simply didn't have any in stock.

That same day, Rowana, a 24 year old from an Arab village in the Galillee, called us to offer Ibrance she'd bought for her mother, and which was no longer needed. 

Haverim immediately diverted one of our Meds on Bike volunteers to go and pick up the medicine from Rowana - directly to Rachel. The Haverim team contacted Rachel's doctors and cleared the paperwork. That evening Rachel received her first dose.

Rachel's situation has improved and her doctors are hopeful.

A day in the life of Haverim!

Every day we send out over 320 packages of free medicine to people who simply can't afford their meds. Sometimes even the dedictibles are too expensive for the chronically ill, the elderly, the Holocaust survivors.

When the patients can't pick up their meds in the post office, we send them their packages via the Mobile Pharmacy van, or with one of our Meds on Bike volunteers, who deliver the medicine door-to-door. 

Your support ensures that we can deliver medicines to even more patients. People who no longer have to choose between medicine - and food.

See a short video of our project: https://youtu.be/MlOOBcems6c.


May 22, 2017

New painting easels bought!Thanks to your support!

New easels!
New easels!

Just another sleepy Wednesday afternoon at the Tel Hashomer Rehabilitation Department.

People learning how to walk, talk, write again. Making unimaginable efforts to return to their lives - or learning to get used to a new life.

Suddenly everything changes: Friends for Health volunteers burst in, weighed down with (new!) easels, dozens of colorful tubes of paints, canvases of different sizes, paintbrushes for every type of grip ... and a lot of good cheer!

The room is set up in half an hour and the patients already start wandering in. Volunteers offer advice in perspective, color, technique, and the patients usually surprise us all - volunteers and staff - with their creativity and willpower.

Our supporters have enabled us to buy more easels, to be able to offer more patients an opportunity to paint, and for a couple of hours, to forget the treatments, the pain, the medication.

We initiated this project following the last war, when our soldiers filled the department and needed our care. 

We need your support to replenish the painting equipment and keep this vital project running!

Creativity in the most surprising places...
Creativity in the most surprising places...
Meir dedicated this to 'My Beautiful Wife'
Meir dedicated this to 'My Beautiful Wife'
Mar 16, 2017

Second Bike joins the Meds by Bike project!

Meds By Bike - Up and Running!
Meds By Bike - Up and Running!

Delivering Meds: Directly to the Patient's House!

During 2016, Haverim delivered over 3,800 packages of free medicine to people in need all over Israel. We send them out via registered mail, or deliver them in the Mobile Pharmacy van. But more and more bed-ridden, chronically-ill and elderly patients couldn't reach the post office of the distribution points to pick up their free meds.

We decided to take the project to the road, with a growing network of motorcycles, each  equipped with a ‘Cool Meds’ cooler box; special containers that meet the strictest Ministry of Health criteria for pharmaceutical storage and transfer. 

Every cooler box includes a GPS system for real-time tracking of each package of medication, the time it was delivered to the patient, and  a temperature gauge to maintain and monitor a fixed temperature, so vital in Israel's hot climate. The motorbikes then deliver personal packages of free medicine to the patients.

We're happy to announce that the second motorcyle has been delivered and is scheduled to hit the road next week.

Our goal? 3 more motorcycles for 2017 and 8 more during 2018. 

‘Meds Now’ Mobile Application

In order to enable real-time and urgent communications between the patient, Haverim and the motorcycles, Haverim will be developing a mobile application.  The application will be linked to the Mobile Pharmacy in order to update as to the location and delivery of every package of medicine, and in order to manage stock.

Meds By Bike - Bike Number 2!
Meds By Bike - Bike Number 2!
Real-Time Temp. and Location Monitoring System
Real-Time Temp. and Location Monitoring System
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