Sep 2, 2020

2nd Corona Wave - and We're Still Giving out Meds!

Sometimes we deliver directly to a hospital bed..
Sometimes we deliver directly to a hospital bed..

At Haverim L'Refuah we share a goal for 'Tikun Olam'; to improve and repair our world.  

Our mission is to ensure that every person in Israel receives the medicines they need, regardless of their economic situation, so that nobody no longer need choose between medicine – and food - ever again. 

Our Free Pharmacy project is a unique and ground-breaking initiative worldwide, providing over 5,500 people with life-saving medication every month, free of charge. The medicine is collected from over 800 medicine collection points throughout the country. For example: all SuperPharm branches throughout Israel are now drop off points, as well as organizations such as Zakah and United Hatzalah and companies such as Bank Mizrahi and El Al. We receive and gather the medicine from many sources: from private people, from companies and also from over 30 pharmaceutical companies - which send us nearly expired medicines. 

By close cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies, we are able to send both chronic, and rare and expensive medicine directly to our list of patients. This initiative enables us to provide even more chronic and ill patients with the medicine they simply cannot afford. Overall, we help over 40,000 people a year. This year we signed an agreement with the IDF, where the stockpiles of unused medicine (for both soldiers and civilians) are now sent to Haverim.

After rigorous sorting by professional pharmacists, the medicines are then delivered to the patient via volunteer couriers or registered mail. Expired drugs are sent to professional (‘green’) disposal, ensuring that the medicines never reach and pollute our ground and water. Over 350 packages of free medicine are delivered every day to patients throughout Israel.

During the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, we have been submerged with thousands of additional requests for help. From 5,500 packages a month - we suddenly were called to supply nearly 9,000 people with free medicines, part of the nearly one million people who found themselves unemployed.

For our nearly 18 years of existence, we have always been proud of our responsible financial management, but for the first time ever, we decided that this could not be a deterrant. Within weeks we extended the butget by millions of shekels, largely spent on personnel (most of our elderly volunteers were in lock down) and on deliveries to locked-down elderly.

A short video about how we do what we do can be viewed here:
Channel 11 came by as well:

Thanks to your support, we can extend a helping hand to nearly anyone asking for our help. Together we make sure that nobody need choose between medicine and food every again.

Thank you.

Usually we deliver directly to the elderly's home
Usually we deliver directly to the elderly's home


May 7, 2020

With 25% unemployment: EVERYONE calls us for free meds!

Our vision, of “Making sure no people in Israel will have to choose between medicine – and food” has never, in our 17 years of existence, been more urgent.

We wanted to share with you the extraordinary demands we have been encountering in these last two months since the Covid-19 crisis hit Israel.

As over one million Israelis suddenly became unemployed in this crisis, Haverim received an avalanche of requests for medicine. We now supply some 9,000 packages of free medicine monthly compared to 5,000 a month before Covid-19.

Haverim is now part of the Israeli Defense Force home front command center. This means that municipalities, social workers, all the Health Maintenance Organizations and pharmacies send patients to our hotline. These are Israelis who are sent to Haverim because they no longer have the means with which to pay for their medicines. Of course, there are various government subsidies available none of which is sufficient for Haverim or for those in dire need.

Haverim has also made appeals to all the pharmaceutical companies with which we work requesting more free medicine. It is gratifying that they have all responded positively and are sending additional medicines every day.

The pressure and strain on Haverim’s resources are enormous and unrelenting.

Our inbound call rate is virtually unmanageable. The logistics department is overstretched. The staff is working overtime and we have recruited additional pharmacists, as all our volunteer pharmacists – retirees - have been isolated in their homes.

I am reaching out for you to give to Haverim to help these people who now, more than ever need our support.

Let’s try to ensure that no family needs to choose between medicine – and food.


Jan 8, 2020

New Mobile Pharmacy Van!

Mobile Pharmacy Van: Providing Free Meds
Mobile Pharmacy Van: Providing Free Meds

How do you make sure that even the most remote city, the most destitute patient, the elderly, handicapped and infirm – all receive life-saving and pain-relieving medication, for free?

For the last 16 years, Haverim's Free Pharmacy has been supplying more and more poor, needy, handicapped and elderly people with the medicine they simply cannot afford. We have been making sure they no longer have to choose between medicine – and food.

However, mailing out 5,000 packages a month still doesn't address all the needs of our community: we must extend our reach and make sure every person in need receives the medication they need.

Haverim extends the reach of our existing Free Pharmacy project by use of mobile vans. The vans reach patients throughout the country, providing life-saving medicine to the people who urgently and desperately need it. Our monthly delivery of free meds ensure that they no longer must choose between medicine - and food.

From February 2020 we will be launching our FOURTH Mobile Pharmacy van. 

As a result, even more people will be able to enjoy our services, delivered directly to them.

The vans are custom-built to meet the strict criteria of the Ministry of Health, regarding pharmaceutical transport, refrigeration and storage.

In addition, we use state of the art 'Cool Meds Boxes' to transport the medicine from the van to the patients, with specially-designed GPS-monitored and temperature-controlled systems that ensure we know the status and location of each package at each time.


And your ongoing support enables us to strive to reach even more people, and to serve the hundreds of people on our waiting list. 


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