May 8, 2015

EFA Cameroon report,

Picture of some members of ASSYSGOD
Picture of some members of ASSYSGOD


It’s through the special program of help that started with the financing of Income Generating Activity (IGA) of community association belonging to AEFA.

 The community association known on the acronym ASSYSGOD from Godola village was selected among many others which subscribed for the occasion received an envelope of fifty thousand (50,000) from AEFA (Association for Education Fights Aids) Cameroon this Saturday. In the health center of the village, where the ceremony was presided over by Mr Amada Secretary General of AEFA and by Mr Pontoo Maina Gabriel the communication manager in which the donation package was given.

While receiving the help, the president of ASSYSGOD Mrs Mairamou expresses the satisfaction of the association for the help they received. In line with this, promising a good effectiveness in their Income Generating Activity. This IGA in which they will focus their attention is the selling of animals during different periodic markets of the village. In three months time, evaluation will be done in view to see the benefit produced.

According to the president of AEFA Cameroon Mr Alim, the help coming from Global Giving through AEFA is to enable members of associations to ameliorate their health status. An association will be chosen in two weeks for the same action.

                                     By Mr PONTOO MAINA GABRIEL

Communication manager of AEFA Cameroon

Feb 4, 2015

Celebrating World AIDS Day by toasting the work of AJUPS!

AJUPS Yagoua
AJUPS Yagoua

The EFA staff chose to celebrate World AIDS Day this year by visiting AJUPS (l’Association des Jeunes Unis pour la Promotion de la Sante, or the Association of Young People United for Health Promotion) in Yagoua, one of the newest members of the EFA Youth Network.

Throughout 2014, this vibrant new association has concentrated its efforts on sensitization events in the surrounding community and the establishment of a number of income generation activities. In terms of sensitization, the members of AJUPS have elected to conduct door-to-door visits, in order to identify young people who might benefit from participation in the association. This method has already proven to be successful, as a number of young people have joined the association as a result. The members of AJUPS have been similarly successful with their efforts to generate income to support their activities. The association’s first income generation strategy was the cultivation of a field of white beans (a project made possible by the support of the mayor of Yagoua, the local lamido). Thanks to the foresight of the association’s president, the funds generated from the bean harvest were partially reinvested in next year’s crop, as well as the association’s other income generation activity (the sale of condoms in the community). The remainder of the income from the harvest was used to support CD4 screening for those association members unable to pay for their own health care costs.

The bravery and dedication of the AJUPS members has earned them the respect of their community members, despite the stigma surrounding HIV. Members of the association now feel re-integrated into society, as evidenced by the fact that some have found work outside the association (doing sewing and other odd jobs).

The work of AJUPS has clearly affected many in the community of Yagoua. Some have spoken to EFA about how the association has helped them to understand the situation of young people living with HIV/AIDS:

I have a limited knowledge of AJUPS but I am aware of its activities, namely the community field, condom distribution and the series of educational talks…In my view, it is necessary that people understand that having HIV / AIDS is not the end of life. The members [of the association] offer a shining example of commendable behavior in our society. I now know that I can share water with them… As an external observer, I can say that they need even more support.

Everybody in the EFA family is very proud of the progress that AJUPS has made in the last year, and we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in 2015!

Nov 4, 2014

Progress for AJUBS Yagoua

AJUBS members working in their field
AJUBS members working in their field

It has been an exciting few months for AJUBS in Yagoua, one of the newest associations in EFA’s Youth Empowerment Network.

EFA has been working hard to reinforce the capacity of the association members, training them to conduct community sensitization activities about HIV/AIDS, manage their affairs, maintain a monitoring and evaluation system, and engage in advocacy work.

In recent months, the association members have completed an advocacy campaign by writing to all of the community leaders and NGOs working in Yagoua. The campaign yielded two important outcomes. First, both the Bishop and a representative of the local mosque responded by publicly encouraging the association members and promising their moral support. Second, the Mayor has given 100,000 CFA to the project and has also promised to allow the association to continue their work without paying any tax. This public support from local leaders sends an important message that vulnerable young people within the community are protected and signals the beginning of an end to discrimination and stigmatization against young people within HIV/AIDS in Yagoua.

AJUBS has also started a new income-generation activity - a field of beans. They hope the field will yield a substantial harvest even in its first year of operation. The field was donated by a family member of one of the members. The personal contributions of the members, plus the support of the Mayor, were used for start-up costs, such as purchasing seeds and spraying the fields against insects. The youth members now meet weekly in the field. In addition to working together towards a successful harvest, these weekly meetings serve as opportunities for the association members to discuss their situation and plan for their future work together. The members are hopeful that the income from the sale of the beans will help them to support their ongoing medical and nutrition costs.

Collectively, these projects have helped to bring the youth in the association together and to strengthen their hope in the future. One association member eloquently expressed this hope when she said: “For the last few weeks, all of us have been very busy working for ourselves in our field. This work has allowed us to see that we are supported. I would like to thank EFA for having opened our eyes.” (Dahaida Delphine, Treasurer of AJUBS).

Taking a break to pose for the camera
Taking a break to pose for the camera
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