Apr 14, 2016

I saw a heart beating

Drin, drin, drin…Hello?

Everything has started with a phone call: the Volunteer Office of Mission Bambini chose me to join a mission for Children’s Heart. I couldn’t believe it!

In that moment my journey just begun. Since then, my wait was increasing, full of thoughts, expectations, anxiety, excitement, and happiness.

Lately, the Project Office told me the effective departure date and the destination: 11th of February 2016, Spitalul Monza in Bucharest.

Now my worries are really coming to light, but when I arrived to the hospital, at the Spitalul Monza, I fall in a spin cycle of emotions, which I cannot describe and that only Mission Bambini Foundation projects could transmit.

Not even the time to take off my jacket that a nurse from the pediatric department passes by holding the first child that will have a surgery.
He is all wrapped up in a white blanket, and I can only see his face, not even his hair. He has two lively eyes, curious, and a very funny expression!

Three are the children that need to get operated: Uenkli, one year old; Rijhani, seven years old; Esela, two years old. I met two of them, we spent some time together and also took some pictures, but it is already the time to go to the operating room to assist the surgery. My legs are shaking, but luckily Dr Marianeschi has the capacity to calm everyone down.  

The first thing that strikes me is the unconditioned serenity that Dr Marianeschi works with and the understanding that you find in the operating room. The whole equip works together in order to make the best of the operations, as each of them is fundamental and complementary with the tasks undertaken by the others.

The operation lasted around 4 hours and I cannot find the words to describe what I felt by looking at a heart beating, then stopping and then start again!

I was at the bottom of the bed, where the operation was taking place and I was supporting him, thinking again about his clever eyes and full of joy, that I saw few hours before.
Slowly slowly the electrocardiogram start again, up and down, the beats increase, the pressure of the child raises: the operation is over!

Now that I came back I want to say “Thank you” to all the volunteers of Mission Bambini Foundation, that are contributing to run the organization and this massive project with their efforts!

The most important thing that I will keep with me is the will to live and the strength that those three children conveyed me by their smiles!

The volunteers Chiara and Roberto
The volunteers Chiara and Roberto
Jun 30, 2015

Children's Heart Report

Children's Heart is a project with the aim of saving the lives of children with serious heart defects, born in poor countries, without access to treatment.

Children's Heart was launched in 2004, and ever since 1,373 children were operated and saved. Another 10,732 were visited and diagnosed.

How can you help us saving these children's lives?

  • with€ 1,000 we can fund a Journey of Hope to Italy for one sick child;
  • with €1,800 we can visit and diagnose 100 children;
  • with€ 7,000 we can cover the costs of 10 operations carried out by local medical staff;
  • with€15,000 we can fund an entire surgical missionabroad.

For more information, please refer to the presentation below.

Thank you for your support!

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