Nov 27, 2019

Children'Heart 2019 - november report

Team at wok
Team at wok

Every year in Uganda born average 1.6 millions of children. DATA say that 1% of them will be affected by heart congenital disease.

In reason of what MIssion Bambini Foundation's Children's  Heart  Programm cooperates to increase the number of children treated through regular mission of volunteer doctors in the Mulago Heart Institute of Kampala. 
Twice a year doctors reach the hospital and face the preselected more complicated cases.Complementary they train the local doctors and share experiences and knowledges which will benefit the entire hospital.
We are here from Italy during November to visit the Programm and to collect informations and requests for the next years to improve the quality of our job. 
We met the local team involved in the training at the Heart institute: thanks to our project they are now able to execute more than 100 surgery intervention. During this week the italian doctors are supposed to make 7 surgery operations to children affected with serious  hearth diseases
We interwieved Doc Muhoozi, who two years ago has received a scholarship from Mission Bambini Foundation and spent one year studying in Italy with specialist of cardiology and surgery. He had the great opportunity of improve not only his technique but even the approach and new method of working. 
Now he is back in Uganda trying to share what his colleagues what he has learnt 
Doc explained us that they have more than 250 children waiting for operations! : it means 2 year at least. It means that no every one could reach the goal and be saved. 
This is for us a great challenge that we want to face and possibly win
Thanks to our supporters and to all the volunteer doctors who participate to our surgical missions, we'll be able in the future to increase the number of children saved and to make stronger the training for local doctors. 
Cardiologic Unit
Cardiologic Unit
Nov 5, 2019

Children's heart report of activities

Congenital Heart Difects (CHD) is the most common cause of major congenital anomalies, representing a major global health problem. An estimated 1 million children is born every year affected by heart diseases. The «Children’sHeart» Program aimsatreducing the mortality rate in developing countries of children affected by congenital or rheumatic heart diseases, with particular attention to the less privileged population. The first two mission this year have taken place in Myanmar in Yankin Children Hospital (Yangon)  and Cambogia during the last week of October 

Myanmar: Mission Bambini's medical team consisted of four volunteer professionals from the United Kingdom: a cardiac surgeon, a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist and an intensive care doctor.In collaboration with local doctors, 9 children, between 2 and 10 years old with congenital heart disease, were treated and saved. During the week, the cardiologist visited 40 children to determine the stage of congenital heart disease in everyone.

Our great medical team is leaving in a few days to reach other children needing help and treatments!

Aug 2, 2019

Children's Heart results 2018


Project in brief: 8 country of intervention. 

Cambodia, Eritrea, Myanmar, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe: life-saving treatment, capacity building and training. 

Italy and Romania: life-saving treatment for children from abroad

Goals: To save children with serious heart defects, born in developingCountries and to enablelocal hospitals to be autonomous, through capacity building and training by volunteer doctors who work alongside local doctors.

Congenital Heart Difects (CHD) is the most common cause of major congenital anomalies, representing a major global health problem.

An estimated 1 million children is born every year affected by heart diseases .

In developed countries, congenital heart disease is easily diagnosed (even prenatally) and successfully treated, with pediatric cardiac surgery if necessary.

In developing countries are often lacking prepared medical staff and adequate health facilities. Years can go by just to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Significant Data

  • 50% of children born with severe heart conditions are at a greater risk of death if not treated in the first years of their life; others face serious development problems.
  • The differences in mortalityrate between the industrialized countries and developing countries are striking, from 3-7% to 20% respectively.
  • Strong differences in the availability of congenital heart surgeons across the world: 1 for 3,500,000 individuals in North America and Europe, 1:25,000,000 in Asia and 1:38,000,000 in Africa.

Overallresults 2005-2018 

  • 2.066children treated and saved since 2005
  • 205 children treated and saved in 2018
Doctors at work
Doctors at work
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