Feb 20, 2020

Final Report 2019

Congenital Heart Difects (CHD) is the most common cause of major congenital anomalies, representing a major global health problemAn estimated 1 million children is born every year affected by heart diseases .

Regarding this big issue, the project goals are: To save children with serious heart defects, born in developingCountries and to enablelocal hospitals to be autonomous, through capacity building and training by volunteer doctors who work alongside local doctors.  Mission Bambini identifies and assesses the Countries and hospitals with whomdevelop a multi-year partnership, involvingGovernmentalInstitutions;

verifies the feasibility of paediatriccardiacsurgerycamps;
• ensuresmonitoring and evaluationphases;
• realizesfundraisinge communicationactivities;
• plans, organizes and manages the campslogistics.

The main results obtained during the past years are: 

2,268 children surgically treated and saved (202 in 2019)

20,1314childrenseen and diagnosed

497localprofessionalsinvolved in training

The project has involved 8 countries: Cambodia, Eritrea; Myanmar; Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Romania and Italy.

Feb 7, 2020

Pink Bags 2019 - Report of activities

‘Literacy program for marginalized community’ was a rich, multi-faceted project of the
year 2019. The project has played a significant role to develop children’s potential
through quality education, character building lessons and awareness building on their
rights and duties, improving women education and social awareness in 2 Upazila areas
(Tala and Paikgachha).
In this year’s program, emphasis has been placed on raising social awareness by
targeting youth groups through motivating them. In addition, competent students are
being trained to enhance their skills on English spoken by providing training. Various
programs are being implemented to increase the self-confident of adolescent girls by
arranging special events for them. distributed exercise books, pens, pencils, scales, slates, nursery books, etc to
school students during 2019. Distributed materials were as follows: Nursery books 114
pieces, Slate 114 pieces,
Exercise books (large) 6,541
pieces, Exercise books (small)
8,582 pieces, Pen 6,518, Pencil
815, Scale 815, Chalk 280
boxes to 938 students. Dalit
also distributed stationary
materials to all schools.
In the month of June and
December, Dalit has paid
monthly tuition fees to 559
students to guarantee their
attending classes in other
schools. Students from grade IV
to X were received BDT
3,79,550 (Girls 2,52,440 taka,
Boys 1,27,110 taka) as monthly stipend. Dalit also provided 1,04,040 Taka as medical
support to 82 sick students. arranged a guidance seminar to the SSC examinee (of 2020) on November 20th
2019, providing them guidelines to achieve good result. 58 examinees were participated
in the seminar, where facilitators and invited guests guidelines to them. At the end of
motivational session Chief Guest of the program handed over 92,884 Taka to them. 

Inspiring gathering of S.S.C and H.S.C passed dalit students
With the aim of encouraging students to pursue higher education, Dalit arranged a
guidance seminar on May 23 for SSC passed dalit students and on July 31 for HSC

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passed dalit students at Dalit Hospital Auditorium (Chuknagar, Khulna) providing them
guidelines to prepare their future study plan and information to get admission in local
and national institutions. It is noted that, 54 students participated in the SSC examination and rate of pass was
96.30%. Facilitators and invited guests provided guidelines to achieve success in future
life. At the end of motivational session Chief Guest of the program handed over some
gifts to the most meritorious students. 

Higher education support to girl students
This activity has responded very well in the project areas for providing financial support
to young girls for higher education. However, Dalit’s main purpose behind this
assistance is to eliminate child marriage and women empowerment. So every month

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Dalit arranged motivational seminar with college and university going girl students to
raise-up their voice against early marriage and establish women rights in the society.
During the reporting period; Dalit arranged 12 seminars and distributed 4,26,785 Taka to
60 girl students. Drawing & cultural competition
Drawing and cultural competition was organized to increase the confidence of dalit
children and develop their talents to
survive in competition with the other
community children. Dalit organized
the competitions at Tala Shilpakala
Academy on December 24 th , 2019 with
35 students of 12 schools under this
project. They participated in 4
categories of events, such as Drawing,
Music playing, Dance and Performing
arts. Our invited guests enjoyed the
competitions and handed over the
prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed
participants in each category.Training on English spoken
Fear and inertia works among secondary and higher secondary level students
(especially at the village level) when speaking English. As a result, they always lag
behind in the field of
education and
professional work. To
overcome this problem,
the project has provided
training on English
spoken to 4 students of
higher secondary level.
The duration of this
training was 6 months
(August 2019 to January
2020). Currently the
students' English fears
have subsided and they
continued to practice
Skill development training for Teachers
In order to update the teachers with the changing education system, a qualitative
training was organized to develop teacher's skill with 12 full time teachers under this
project. Through the training, teachers were oriented on teaching strategy, question
making strategy, proper use of school register, reporting, case study writing, arranging
meeting, creative education system etc. The training was held from 17 th to 19 th
September 2019. Upazila Education Officer along with Govt. school teacher were
facilitated the training. Training on Advocacy
Three days long training was organized by Dalit to enhance advocacy skills among
teachers, club members and project staff. With this training participants have trained up
how to do advocacy with the stakeholders on various types of problems in the village.
The training was held during June 25 th to 27 th 2019 at Chuknagar Dalit Hospital
Auditorium. Monthly orientation for Teachers
Dalit has been arranged monthly orientation session for the teachers to develop monthly
study plan, giving them motivational guidelines and review the progress. During the
reporting period Dalit arranged 12 orientation sessions for them, where 36 teachers (12
full-time & 24 part-time) under this project were participated.Observation of National girl child day
The people of the project areas are disadvantaged, socially and economically they are
left far behind the rest of other upazilas. They have no human dignity and access in
basic human rights,
especially for the women/
girl child. They are doubly
subject to discrimination.
To create awareness on
rights of girl child among
the civil society, members
of U.P, religious leaders,
local leaders and
teachers, Dalit has been
arranged a rally followed
by discussion meeting on
observance of National
Girl Child Day on
September 30 th 2019 at
Tala Shilpakala Academy
hall room, Tala, Satkhira.
Total 180 participants
including Upazila administration officer and Upazila Chairman were participated in the
Street theater on raising awareness
The villagers’ mentality can be touched very easily through street theatre. So the project
has been delivered motivational messages directly through entertainment. During the
period 6 street theatres have arranged in the month of April in different villages to alert
the audience on social obstacles/ taboos.Awareness raising meeting reducing early marriage
Child marriage is the most prevalent issue in dalit community. Because of poverty and
unconsciousness, parents in this community arrange their girl’s marriage before they
reach adulthood. For this reason, enhancing awareness reducing early marriage, Dalit
arranged 12 meetings during April to December 2019. Meeting with club committee members
Under sponsorship program, 6 adolescent clubs are being run in this project from this
year onwards to encourage adolescents to work for the betterment of the society and
eliminate wrong practices from the society. Each club has a committee
consisting of 5 men
and 5 women. Those
responsibilities are to
fight against child
marriage, eve
teasing, drug
addiction and
protesting against
social evils. Dalit
arranged 49
meetings with the
club committee
members during the
half year, where a total of 534 members participated in the meeting. Carrom boards and
chess boards have been provided to each club to make the members cultured and
playful through the adolescent clubs.we were able to complete the activities of the project within the stipulated period.
We have tried to ensure maximum participation in each program.

Feb 3, 2020

Children's heart final report of activities 2019

Patient and doctor
Patient and doctor


Congenital Heart Difects (CHD) is the most common cause of major congenital anomalies, representing a major global health problem. An estimated 1 million children is born every year affected by heart diseases .In developed countries, congenital heart disease is easily diagnosed (even prenatally) and successfully treated, with pediatric cardiac surgery if necessary. In developing countries are often lacking prepared medical staff and adequate health facilities. Years can go by just to obtain a correct diagnosis.

Significant Data 50% of children born with severe heart conditions are at a greater risk of death if not treated in the first years of their life; others face serious development problems. The differences in mortalityrate between the industrialized countries and developing countries are striking, from 3-7% to 20% respectively. Strong differences in the availability of congenital heart surgeons across the world: 1 for 3,500,000 individuals in North America and Europe, 1:25,000,000 in Asia and 1:38,000,000 in Africa 

The «Children’sHeart» Program aimsatreducing the mortality rate in developing countries of children affected by congenital or rheumatic heart diseases, with particular attention to the lessprivileged population.

Mission Bambini identifies and assesses the Countries and hospitals with whom develop a multi-year partnership, involving Governmental Institutions;
verifies the feasibility of paediatric cardiac surgery camps;
• ensures monitoring and evaluation phases;
• realizes fundraising e communication activities;
• plans, organizes and manages the camps logistics.

Overall results 2005-2019

  • 20,314 children screened since 2005, of which 12,936 for RHD prevention
  • 3,854 children screened in 2019
  • 497 local professionals involved
  • 6,051 hours of training on the job

How we have implemented the programm :

Surgery camps abroad have two different aims:

  • to operate on the most complex and urgent cases;
  • to train local medical staff during surgeries or with specific training sessions.

The medical professionals are all volunteers, from the best hospitals in Europe and USA

  • The team is usually composed by a heart surgeon, a cardiologist, an anesthethist, a perfusionist and one or more nurses for intensive care.

A significant aspect of the “Children’s Heart” Program is the training of local doctors and health personnnel. Every year, a local health professional selected among the partner hospitals, completes the «Cardiac surgery, cardio anesthesia and cardiology» Master, at Milano Bicocca University, in collaboration with the International Heart School in Bergamo.


The long term aim of the partnership with local hospitals is to reach the autonomy in treating heart diseases in children, raising the level and quality of the whole local sanitary system.

During surgery camps abroad, the selected local healthcare staff work alongside with the MB volunteer doctors for the transfer of skills and know-how.

To ensure continuity of the training activities, with the local hospitals the partnership is long-term and the surgery camps are carried out twice a year.

The Multidisciplinary Specialist Training Program in CHD designed and implemented by MB in collaboration with the local Univerities of Medicine aims to enhance theoretical and technical competences of local healthcare staff,training future professionals to treat heart diseases in children.

A team of volunteer international lecturers take part to periodical training camps, in accordance with the local Hospitals and Universities.

The team of volunteer international lecturers follow the students during the academic year through a digital platform.

The Multidisciplinary Specialist Training Program included in the local university curricula, is formalized by the issue of an academic certificate.

Prevention of Rheumatic Heart Disease

To avoid the onset or worsening of RHD (RHD (Rheumatic Heart Disease) children up to 10 years of age, timely care must be given to treat otorino-laryngeal infections.

For this reason, children between 6 and 10 years undergo to medical examinations and cardiological screening in schools and / or health points.

To prevent the onset of acquired cardiopathies, it is essential that adults adopt appropriate behaviors.

Mission Bambini finances hospitals and local organizations in organizing training/awareness-raising workshops for parents, teachers and health professionals on prevention, recognition and treatment of the symptoms of otolaryngeal laryngeal infections.

Equipe at job
Equipe at job
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