Apr 10, 2019

Important Support of Families in Hard Situations

Today, we are going to share two stories how “Deti Nashi” (Our Children) Fund’s specialists help families with own and adopted children overcome difficult life circumstances and render professional support for the families to restore good relations and understanding.

Anya has a mom and dad, nevertheless, in Winter 2018, she found herself at an orphanage in Shatalovo village, Smolensk region. This was caused by troubles in her family: her parents had started getting into fights and drinking more often, and they both had lost their jobs. Things were really heating up. This left an indelible stamp on Anya, so her grades went down and she stated lagging behind in school.

After Anya got into the orphanage, our social workers Alina and Pavel went to see the family and find out about the root cause of the conflicts. Together, they worked out an algorithm to help the parents solve the problems that had piled up and get the girl back to the family. They worked together: social workers focused on the parents and the orphanage psychologist – on the girl. Their hard work let to great results – Anya got back into the family in summer, 2018, even earlier than expected. We are still keeping in touch with this family and continuing supervision.

Kira is 13. In Autumn 2018, she left Safonovo Children’s House – she got adopted.

Her foster mom really wants to raise her, but she has lots of fears and doubts. Kristina, the psychologist of “Deti Nashi” Fund helped her overcome those fears. She did not try to convince her, but helped her see the situation from different angles and evaluate her family’s resources.

It’s been a few months since Kira has been living in the family. The adaptation period is not always smooth for Kira and her foster mom, so Kristina is keeping in touch and ready to help. Most importantly, both Kira and her foster mom want the same – to be together. And we hope that they are going to make it!


“Deti Nashi” Fund pays for the support of psychologists and social workers that work in Stick Together project. The main goal of the program is to bring children back to their birth families, restore family ties of the children living in orphanages, support families finding themselves in hard situations, and help foster families.

We appreciate your support of “Family to every child” project.

Jan 15, 2019

Book of life

Artem and his friend with Books of life
Artem and his friend with Books of life

Artem’s mother was an alcoholic and her parental rights were terminated. The boy never saw his father. For the most of his life he was living under the care of his aunt. Unfortunately, the aunt divorced her husband and started an active love life. Many times the boy has witnessed the noisy quarrels between his aunt and her new boyfriends. During one of the scandals, neighbors called the police. The police informed child protective services and the care agreement was terminated. The boy was sent to the Safonovo orphanage. The aunt kept in touch with Artem but war reluctant to take him back home.

At the orphanage, Artem began to work with the psychologist from the charity fund “Our Children”. The boy took an interest in the “Book of life”- a methodology for rehabilitating children and reconstructing their family history. Due to this work, the boy found out and recorded a lot of important information about his parents and his family in general. A psychologist helped Artem to go through family loss, better adjust to orphanage life and accept the fact that he won’t live with his aunt in the near future. This work also helped him to see and accept the opportunity of getting into the foster family.

In the spring one foster family from Bryansk was interested in adopting Artem. Several times they took the boy to spend time with them during the holidays and then Artem agreed to move to their house.

We hope that Artem will never return to the orphanage and that he will feel loved and important in his new family.

The «Deti Nashi» (Our Children) Charity Fund pays for the work of psychologists and the “Homelike” project’s social counselors. They look for relatives and support children’s communication with them. Please support the project, and if possible, start a small regular donation.

Thank you.

Oct 4, 2018


Some people are born into a loving family, but others aren’t so lucky.

At only 13 years old, Karina has already experienced a lifetime’s worth of hardships: after her mother lost custody, Karina was temporarily taken in by her aunt, who then refused to raise her. She has since lived in foster family, two social rehabilitation centers, and one boarding school.

Two years ago, while she was living in a social rehabilitation center, Karina met a woman, Natalya. The two immediately bonded, and although Natalya wanted to adopt the young girl, Karina was unexpectedly transferred to the Safonovo orphanage. The potential foster mother lost all contact with the girl. Last year, Natalya reached out to the Department of Education in Smolensk region for help finding Karina. They suggested Natalya contact Kristina Yakusevich, who provided counseling services in Safonovo through our fund. Since then, both Natalya and Karina have spoken with the psychologist. Considering how much rejection and trauma Karina had experienced, we needed to know how serious the potential foster parents were. We just as importantly had to know how Karina felt about Natalya: was she ready to trust another adult and try to fit in with another family?

In separate counseling sessions with Karina and Natalya, it became clear that there was a mutual desire to build a family, but both the girl and potential parents were afraid of things not working out. The decision was made to start slowly, one step at a time. Natalya applied for monthly foster care, and Karina now lives with her and her family. The fund's psychologist is always available: Natalya and Karina discuss every little question, doubt, and worry with Kristina, because there is still a strong need for support. We hope Karina will not have to return to the boarding school, that she has finally found her loving home, and that Natalya's family will become her own.

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*the child's name has been changed

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