Mar 17, 2021

Play City

Play City. The Children’s Scrappy News Service.


Making Mumbai a giant sustainable place to play for one million children to action their 21st Century Skills to take on and reverse Climate Change in the City.


Goal 4 – Quality Education

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Goal 15 – Life on Land


Geographic coverage: Mumbai, Maharashtra


The Children’s Scrappy News Service is a mass-media, on air, online and on the ground large-scale at school educational program, made in Mumbai, for a world of children. 


Scrappy: to make something out of nothing to change everything.


Play City, Season II of The Children’s Scrappy News Service, is 26 episodes that take place in the city of Mumbai. Scrappy is a news-talk-game-show program that runs on national television, online through an APP/mobile/digital channel and importantly, on the ground in 1,200 BMC schools in four languages.


  • 26 episodes, each 22 minutes, air on national television.
  • 26 skills, 21st Century Skills education for children in Grade 6-8 in 1,200 BMC schools are actioned at-school through scrapbooks of challenges made of repurposed materials. Children define their own problem-solving, design-thinking learning journey - they ask questions and find solutions.
  • 100 places to play in BMC schools or next to, are sustainably remade to be multi-format sports pitches where girls and boys play team sports together. Thousands of children who don’t have access to sports yet will be able to play football, cricket, volleyball in sustainably designed spaces, surrounded by vertical green gardens that are lush from rainwater harvesting, floodlights and schools powered by solar, with bamboo changing rooms and toilets for girls, bees, butterflies and children together play to learn and action a city-wide solution for the greatest challenge of our time.


Climate Change.


Play City - are you ready to play?


Scrappy’s theory of change is that if there’s one city in India that can do this, it’s Mumbai.


By the sea, with a long coast line, mass media and yearly floods, Mumbai is on the frontlines of Climate Change and because of that, with Going to School’s MOU to deliver 21st Century Design-Thinking skills at school and funding in place to make the TV series, this is the city that can create spaces for children to design, innovate, learn and action their solutions for a sustainable city at school and where they live. 


We, together with one million children and the city, want to make Mumbai a giant sustainable place to play for one million children to take on and reverse Climate Change, ward by ward, school by school, community by community and tell the story, share it widely, on national television.


Play City TV


The 26 part TV series is supported by the IKEA Foundation and is in the research and writing phase with the goal of going in air on Children’s Day, November 14th 2021. 


Play City Mobile/Digital: scrAPP


Scrappy’s digital channel for children will stream the TV series and child-created content they’ve created to find solutions for Climate Change there they live. 26 weeks of outside challenges that are completed at school in teams using a scrapbook as a guide have 26 challenges on the APP and Digital channel.


Individual children can sign up and build teams to play across the city.

BMC schools are GPS tagged and participate from offline to online completed challenges. Children can nominate their school to be a part of it and/or schools can sign up to play the game and pitch their own solutions actioning them where they are.


The Play City schools, skills challenge is open to all schools and children in the city with Going to School directly implementing and engaging children in 1,200 schools that are still largely offline.


When the challenge launches, the channel updates daily with leaderboards for schools and wards for how they’re doing. 


Play City Schools: Scrapbook


Designed scrapbooks made of recycled, up-cycled materials, brightly colored paper, leaves, colored pencils are all-in-one dynamic toolkits for kids to follow a design-thinking process to find solutions to Climate Change where they live, map and design sustainable places to play and action their 21st Century Skills while they play and learn.


Play City’s Places to Play


With access to 100 sports pitches in BMC schools or next door, Going to School is working with sustainability architects to transform the city’s sports pitches into sustainable places for children to play team sports - sustainably. 


Powered by clean energy (solar), installing rainwater harvesting, vertical gardens, vertical farms, composting toilets, bamboo changing rooms and toilets for girls, we want to create green places for children to play across the city.


We’re excited. 


There are so many hidden places that can be transformed sustainably.


Nov 18, 2020

Young Enterprise Skills TV Show

Learning skills on TV is fun
Learning skills on TV is fun

Schools closed earlier in the year and they are still closed, as of the time we are writing and sharing this report. In April we made School TV a series of over 200 masterclasses in Hindi that aired on TV in Bihar reaching 20 million children. Inspired by the success of School TV, and with schools still closed, we built a Young Enterprise Skills Chat Show around our graphic novel skills adventures. YESS TV aired on TV in Bihar, and this time it came with an IVR that young people could call to answer quiz questions about skills and win a graphic novel. It also was supported by a free-to-download and use APP called the Young Enterprise Skills APP or the YESS APP. On the YESS APP all of the TV shows are there, along with the videos of graphic novels, complete read-along graphic novels and project upload fields for young people’s complete skills project.


YESS TV was a hit. So much so that we’re making a new series in Marathi fro Maharashtra. Bu back to this story, YESS TV, a new reason to learn skills at home! An exciting learning adventure for students of Grades 9-12 with hosts Ketan Singh and Kavyal Sedani. Hot on the heels of the smash hit show #SchoolTV comes a brand new 26-part series, the . The show teaches 21st Century Entrepreneurial skills to students in Grades 9-12 – beekeeping, organic farming, coding, how to be a sustainable entrepreneur, starting an enterprise with no budget, meeting entrepreneurs who were once just like them, and lots more! There’s also a quiz to play, inspiring graphic novels to be won, and funding for students’, over the age of 18, big sustainable idea! 


The show premiered on DD Bihar on Tuesday, 15 September, 2020, airing daily at 11.05 am. It ran till 17 October, 2020. The show continues to be available on the YESS App, downloadable from Google Play Store, and on the Going to School Youtube channel. Students can watch the shows, answer the quiz, win the graphic novels, and do a lot more learning. 


Stay tuned for YESS TV coming to Maharashtra in Marathi!


See you soon.


Watch the trailer!



What do you want to do after Grade 12?
What do you want to do after Grade 12?
Starting an enterprise can be risky - be brave!
Starting an enterprise can be risky - be brave!
Do it yourself - be who you want to be!
Do it yourself - be who you want to be!


Jul 22, 2020

School TV

School TV artwork
School TV artwork

Schools closed in India in March. We then made what we used to do, delivering directly to schools into a TV show. School TV is lessons taught by leading experts in everything from how to make pasta to learning how to code, how to recycle, build a solar light, make a comic, write a Bollywood script, present the news to learning how to play football.

200 episodes have been made to date and same-language-subtitled in Hindi. They are airing on Public Service Television, Doordarshan (DD) in Bihar, India. Excitingly the series is reaching 20 million children.

Each episode asks children to complete a project and submit it by Whatsapp at the end of each episode.

As the conetnt is in Hindi, modern, of the moment and diverse, other state Governments in India are airing the series too, Rajasthan airs one hour of School TV every Saturday.

What's next for us is to make a new series in Marathi to be aired in Maharahstra and to integrate the content into the Government of Bihar's APP to reach 300,000 children and allow for impact assessment for skills acquistion.

Tune into School TV from wherever you are in the world. It's made in India for 50 million children who do not have access to internet or online learning.


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